Chapter 76 The Traces of Stigmata Valley

Along the way, Glenn was tacit and stayed behind Lafite like he was her shadow.

He was not keeping quiet only trying to stay low-key. The other major reason was his infirmity after having gotten poisoned. And yet he was flipping through pages on water and radium elements.

“Am I being a little bit too quiet with Lafite on my side?”

Everyone in the team just let Glenn be in his solitude except for Robinson. He kept pestering him with petty talks, even mentioning the possibility of his marriage with Robin.

The scene reminded himself of Violent Bear, Iron Axe and Iron Hammer–All garrulous guys. Maybe Robinson could make friends with them.

Night fell.

Robin summoned her boar, and then she patted this bodyguard in the back, saying: “The aura he gives off is enough to scare off the predatory animals in this forest. Besides, my green-eyed monkey will be on watch. We all can have a good rest.”

Having said that, Robin entered the newly-pitched tent she and Robinson shared, and within seconds, the sounds of Robinson yelping came out. He might have been under her bullying again.

In Glenn tent, he was studying the water element under the light of the Inextinguishable Flame and was trying to inscribe the basic water element magical matrix in his mind using his mental strength. He looked serious and sedate. All of a sudden, Lafite pushed aside the tent flap and got in.

She ignored Glenn and stripped off her clothes–all of them.

Glenn eyed her, yet made no response.

Lafite pulled out a vial of liquid vibrating with life wave, and attentively sprayed some on where her smooth and damaged skin met to water a growing tender shoot. After it was done, Lafite looked at Glenn whose eyes were fixed on her, and grunted: “Am I a log to you?”

She said that in a sorrowful tone.

A puffing sound followed.

Glenn sniggered. “Lafite, my queen. You’re not a log. I am. Even I’m touched by your beauty, as numb as a log I am.”

“Hmm.” Lafite shot a glance at Glenn, half smiled. “Forget it. You won’t have any interest in me with my face looking like this. Get out of the way and I’m going to bed.” Her voice was a mixture of nonchalance and yearning.

Glenn walked to her and pecked her in the forehead, saying lightly: “You have a good sleep. I’ll join you soon.”


The Traces of Stigmata Valley.

The school that was closest to the great valley was the Ivory Castle School of Sorcerers, and next in line was the Black Isotta and the Hourglass School. The Bone Bell Tower School, the Umbra School, and the Compass School were located farther.

As Glenn and his teammates stepped onto the land of the Ivory Castle School, a crack troop of the Ivory Castle had already arrived at the Traces of Stigmata Valley, followed by an elite squad formed by students from the Black Isotta and the Hourglass. The majority of participants from the Ivory Castle would be mobilized.

Lafite gathered intelligence from an Ivory Castle student. Actually, it was more than a list of the nine schools of the 19th section.

There was the Lilith’s, the school Glenn was supposed to be learning magic at, and the South Ridge School, Tibetan Eye School, Glasswago School, Thunder Sawtooth Shaman School, Chiba Gate School, Kwong Ching House School, Avasaiakira Parterre School, and the Big Ben School.

Generally, these nine schools carried a brighter image, while the names of the 12th section schools were gloomy, depressing, cruel and mysterious.

However, Glenn cared was only interested in whether it belonged to one from the 19th section. That was what mattered.

The majestic mountain range trek was an arduous activity for students who couldn’t fly, and even more so when they carried a large bag of interjections.

Since the mission was to occupy resource points, then defending them would also be an issue when they succeeded in taking them down. With these interjections, the resource points would then be better protected. Besides, only a small part of the follow-up force who had weaker combat capabilities would be required to stay for the defense.

Otherwise, the resources captured by the enemy immediately occupied again; what would be the point in that?

Of course, taking advantage of the interjections was not the only approach in terms of guarding the resource points.


Trudging on Daqipeng mountain for a long time, Anna had been gasping from the exhaustion. She clenched her teeth and forged ahead step by step in her crawl on the range, because she did not wish to be a burden of the team.

Green, on the contrary, had almost recovered his physical stamina and was not feeling any discomfort. Catching Anna having trouble hauling in this mountain road, Glenn discontinued the basic inscription of the water elements magic matrix.

Glenn walked down to Anna and rapped the bag on her back. As he touched it, a repulsive force was produced from Glenn’s body, and the next second, the bag slowly floated up, hovering.

“What a wondrous magic! Thanks, Glenn.” Anna exclaimed to Glenn joyously, showing an admiring expression.

Glenn motioned to catch up with the other team members. And the group continued wading through the snow-covered range in big strides.


Three days later, the team had crossed the snow mountain and arrived at an expansive grassland. The mountain snow melted into a stream flowing from their side. Above them was the blue sky and white clouds, as well as a flock of geese with pointed beaks flying as high as several thousand meters, towering the mountains that surrounded the team.

This is the Traces of Stigmata Valley.

Lafite spread the map on the ground, studied it for a while, and then she chanted a spell silently. Soon a life energy was infused into the land at her feet, and a blade of grass on the land seemingly “awakened”.

“What sorcery is this?” Glenn wondered.

The blade of grass before Lafite then rose to the waist height of a human in a short period of time. Its leaves unfolded and revealed a bud within it, and in the next second, an unnamed creature flew out of it. Upon closer observation, it was actually a translucent, near invisible fist-sized baby bee; only, it had human facial features, albeit somewhat disfigured.

This strange, little creature flapped her pair of transparent wings, fanning a little bit of the wind elements, and flew around Lafite.

Lafite held out her hand, letting this weird little creature slowly fall on her palm and asked. “Where is the center of this Traces of Stigmata Valley?”

The little thing was just a thin film of element and after showing a thoughtful expression, its arm pointed to one direction.

Lafite smiled, and transferred some life energy into its body. This small creature suddenly became happy as if it had been fed to satisfaction and soon fell asleep in her palm. From time to time, it unconsciously kicked its two hind legs, like a child in shallow sleep.

Lafite gently placed this translucent little thing into the bud, and then this large grass slowly shrunk to its original form.

“Let’s move. Our mission is in there. Do not let the 19th students get there before us.” Lafite pointed in one direction.

The team galloped. Although students from their side–the Ivory Castle, the Black Isotta, the Hourglass–had sent first troops to the resource points, but they would target 15 ones at the very center of the valley, leaving the 35 resource points scattered in the front line uncovered. If occupied by the 19th students, there would be trouble.

At least by far, Glenn had subconsciously taken them as opponents at his own level…

“Glenn, do you know why Traces of Stigmata Valley is named as such?” Robinson asked Glenn proudly as he kept running. Even in his dash to the destination, Robinson couldn’t stop talking.

Glenn shook his head and asked: “What’s the story?”

Seeing Glenn didn’t know the answer, his proud look became even more apparent, his face beaming with joy. “It’s said that in ancient times, a Stigmata sorcerer died and fell to this place. When he landed, it caused a huge impact, destroyed a large part of the Bramble Forest and formed this valley. As a result of this sorcerer’s dead body, this valley became a treasure trove of resources and had been developed jointly by the sorcerers from both of the 12th and the 19th.”

Glenn was stunned!

“Taking the impact of a Stigmata sorcerer’s dead body, and a valley this huge was shaped? I am afraid to say an ordinary Stigmata sorcerer would not have such a powerful force!”

Robinson catching sight of Glenn’s stunned face, his proud was indescribably palpable.


Soon, Glenn’s originally shocked expression slowly transformed into a sad and painful one…

A Stigmata sorcerer seldom appeared in the sorcerer world, the place which bred the sorcerer civilization, not to mention to be engaged in a fight. Of course they would face conflicts and the irreconcilable conflicts would then lead to war, as the sorcerer world is a competing world.

However, fights that involved Stigmata sorcerers would usually occur outside of the sorcerer world. And in this place, it would commonly be level three sorcerers fighting each other with the purpose of dismantling the sorcerer tower and thus reducing their opponents power amplification.

To kill a Stigmata sorcerer in this sorcerer world?

All that Glenn could think of was the second world war where the sorcerer civilization was at its the lowest point, where people died in droves and blood ran like rivers. It was the darkest time. Stigmata sorcerers and Necromancy sorcerers in countless numbers died in defense of the sorcerer land and its civilization…

Seeing Glenn’s sadness, Robinson thought he was disappointed at his own ignorance. Thus, he sped up and ran to the head of the team.