Chapter 260 If you don’t want to work, I’ll support you

“Bella, I’m curious, like how you judged that the murderer is not alone? Moreover, how did you judge their family conditions? Above all, how did you guess that the woman who did this was Tony’s girlfriend?”

“Tony’s height is 6 feet 2 inches and his weight is approximately 85 kg. Do you think one person can carry his body?

In addition, they threw the corpse in a public toilet in the old community. The location of the public toilet is also very remote, and cars can’t come in.

It showed that the murderers were very familiar with the terrain. It can be possible that he went to that place when there was no one. However, at that place even if they met with some other people, others may not doubt their presence.

Do you think rich people can come to such public toilets?

Tony’s demand was very high. Only diamond members can order him. His women were not only rich but also as beautiful as Anna Wilson. His very bullet worth a lot of money. He can’t waste it on hunting.

But as per scene, there is another kind of woman that made him willingly waste his bullets, it can be because of love, or because she abandoned him, anyway, it must be the woman he has been with.

As for cutting equipment? If it’s someone else’s, they can’t use it with such a daring attitude how they did.

In addition, the body is packed in ordinary black plastic bags. This kind of plastic bag is not available to other people unless it is for buying fish or selling meat. Only such shops have it.” Bella’s explained her methodical analysis.

“You said there were two people, is it possible that it can be more than two?” Paul Watson guessed.

“It’s impossible. First of all, it’s hard for the infected person to tell this reality to anyone. Secondly, she was her ex-girlfriend. Her circle is actually a little far away from Tony’s, and it’s unlikely to contact Tony’s diamond customers. Therefore, she has no possibility to join hands with diamond customers.”

After hearing Bella’s words, Paul Watson had a sudden flash of insight and everything was clear.

“Bella, is this criminal psychology? Did you even learn this? You are so awesome, no wonder you are so famous in the circle.” Paul Watson praised.

“Please mind your own business.” James Grayson reminded Paul Watson.

Paul Watson looked at James Grayson and suddenly remembered what he has to do.

He said to Bella, “The relevant department has sent a document to Bella this morning. I haven’t seen what it is.”

“Relevant department?” Bella looked at James Grayson.

“I’ll see it now. I was so busy with Tony’s case that I haven’t thought about it.” Paul Watson turned over the document.

James Grayson, “…”

When Paul Watson saw the seal of the special military region under the document, he was afraid to say anything. He looked at James Grayson and handed the document to Bella.

“Go ahead, thank you for this case, ha ha.” Paul Watson smiled.

“Stay in touch.” Bella took the document and put it in her bag.

“Let’s go back.” James Grayson said in a deep voice, turned around and walked out of Paul Watson’s office elegantly.

Paul Watson waved to Bella.

“You can call me if you have anything. I promised you, and I never break my promises. I’ll give the soldiers psychological tests in the military area. I still have time to help you.” Bella said.

“Well, thanks, Bella.”

Bella followed James Grayson out of the Research Institute and sat in his car.

“What have you promised to Paul Watson?” James Grayson asked.

Bella took a deep breath and said, “More than three years ago I wanted to go to a famous university abroad to study psychology, and I asked Paul Watson to help me. He paid for all the expenses. I agreed at the beginning that I would work for him for several years after coming back.

Paul Watson is kind-hearted and doesn’t need me to help him. But I can’t forget my roots and the things I have promised. I have made an agreement with him to help him with 20 cases.

Paul Watson is so famous that many police stations ask him for help. In fact, psychological research is divided into many kinds. Criminal psychology is a subject that is clearly distinguished. I just learned it when I was abroad, and I can help him.”

“He should hire such experts.” James Grayson suggested.

“In our country, people who specialize in this field usually go to the police station. Nowadays, many psychological problems are breaking out and many departments started to give great importance to it. Basically, there are such people in the police station. If the police station finds Paul Watson, it means that they can’t solve it with their current ability.

Therefore, as the president of the graduate school, Paul Watson must find experts in the industry, otherwise, it is meaningless.” Bella explained.

James Grayson paused for a while. “What you are going to do after 20 tasks?”

“I want to open a psychological clinic and to see one or two patients a day is enough to maintain my bright life. My counseling fee is very high.” Bella said lightly.

“You and Paul Watson are a person of the same profession. He agreed to it?” James Grayson was surprised.

Bella said, “He is mainly aimed at enterprises, institutions, and civilians. His research institute has a lot of state subsidies, so he must give them to the important people in the police station.

I’m not the same. People who come to see a doctor are always rich and wealthy. Ordinary people can’t think of it. So, I don’t have any competition with him. Of course, what he can’t see there, will also be transferred to me. They need my help, and I’m bound to do it.”

“Do you have a business? If there is no business, I can employ you under the name of the military region.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“I don’t like to be bounded. I want to be free. I think it’s best to do whatever I want.”

James Grayson looked at her deeply. “If you like it, then do it. If you don’t want to work, it doesn’t matter. I will support you.”

Bella smiled.

A woman should have the ability to independently support her own life. She must have something else to do, and she shouldn’t put her 100% heart on her husband.

Husband will feel suffocated and unhappy. He will start ignoring little things. The relationship will be too intense, but it will break soon.

If a woman has her own personality and reputation, even if one day, the relationship broke, she will lose her husband, but at least, she still has her work and career.

They went back to the military area. The attendant brought shredded pork with shredded pork, sweet and sour ribs, tomato and eggs, and chicken soup.

“At 3 p.m., I’ll call some people to help you with the psychological data plan. Is that ok?” James Grayson asked.

“Well, sure.”

“You need to know something about the structure of our army. I’ll give you the information later.”

Bella nodded.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker came forward nervously.

James Grayson looked at him. “What’s the matter?”

“Chief, I have something important to tell you.” Lieutenant Colonel Walker said and looked down.

James Grayson walked with him.

Bella didn’t want to listen to their military affairs. She ate with her head down.

James Grayson heard the report from Lieutenant Colonel Walker. He was shocked and his hands were shaking because he panicked.

He turned to Bella and tried to make himself look calm. “Bella, I have something to do. I need to go out first.”