Chapter 259 I’m a man and I feel jealous

Bella was startled. She turned back and looked at James Grayson.

With one hand in his pocket, he stepped up step by step. He cast a firm and powerful look at David Wilson, and his body was shrouded with an unmatchable strong aura.

David Wilson narrowed his eyes and looked at him with hatred.

“You can’t give Bella happiness.” David Wilson said directly.

James Grayson went to Bella’s side, hugged Bella’s waist, pulled Bella to his side, and announced his ownership. “I can give her happiness or not, it’s not what you can decide. Don’t you think you just can’t eat grapes, so you are saying grapes are sour?”

David Wilson bit his teeth, “I don’t want to fight with you.”

He passed by James Grayson and walked downstairs.

James Grayson turned around and looked at him. “Mr. Wilson, I don’t interfere with my wife’s right to make friends, but there is a degree in everything. If some people are ambitious and have some other thoughts, I can only use emergency measures.”

When James Grayson said this, his arm around Bella’s waist tightened its grip.

“Emergency measures?” David Wilson smiled, he didn’t seem afraid of anything, on the contrary, the eyes burst out a sarcastic laugh, “Emphatic!”

David Wilson looked at Bella. “Don’t forget that you promised to eat with me at noon. I’ll contact you at noon.”

James Grayson looked at Bella with cold eyes and frowned, “You promised to have lunch with him at noon? When you promised, why I didn’t know?”

Bella’s eyes flickered, she was thinking an appropriate way to say but David Wilson answered for her, “Exactly, she agreed last night.”

James Grayson’s eyebrows tightened. “You promised to eat with him, before or after my proposal?”

Bella knew that James Grayson’s was just overthinking.

He can think that she wanted to be with David Wilson before and agreed to eat with him.

She had no such intentions.

Bella explained, “I have some things to tell him, so I made an appointment. Actually he used Paul Watson as a card. He blocked his case. I just agree to eat in a compromising way.” Bella told the truth and looked at David Wilson.

David Wilson left.

James Grayson’s expression was a little relaxed than before.

“He is your ex-husband. He is chasing you and asking you and me to cancel the marriage. If I am not married to you, then you have the right to be pursued. Now you are my wife, don’t you think you should deliberately avoid it?

Bella, I am a man, not a God.

I have seven emotional states and six desires, and I am just an ordinary man.

If you eat with other men on my back like this, especially your ex-husband, and want to meet your ex-husband, I would feel jealous.” James Grayson taught Bella a lesson and also made it clear that he felt jealous.

She felt embarrassed.

“I got it. Next time if he asks, I’ll refuse.” Bella promised.

“Is there any next time?” James Grayson’s voice shrieked.

But Bella’s heart was warm. She liked to feel valued and cared about by him.

“He asked me at that time. I can’t help it, but now I will refuse. I think what I have told him has made things clear.” Bella explained.

James Grayson nodded and didn’t stare at her all the time.

“Go to Paul Watson and get the documents. Let’s go to the military region now. You don’t have to stay outside to eat. There is food in the military region.” James Grayson said.

“I understand.” Bella went to Paul Watson’s office.

She knocked and walked in.

When Paul Watson saw Bella, he seemed to see a savior. “Bella, you’ve come in time. Please help me. I can’t do anything about this case. The time given by vice President Wilson to solve the case is till tomorrow.”

Bella sat opposite Paul Watson, and asked, “What’s the information you’ve got from the forensic department and the police station?”

Paul Watson handed all the information to Bella.

“Unbelievable.” Paul Watson sighed repeatedly. “At the time of collection, the evidence was severely damaged, there was little useful information, and the time of death could not be determined.

One thing is that Tony’s body has been cut very neatly with sharp tools. The cut is hideous. It’s not like human beings. It’s more like machines.

However, the surveillance did not take a video of Tony going out of Anna Wilson’s room.

Anna Wilson said that at that time, she was very angry and wanted to kill Tony, but she didn’t have the courage to start. She asked Tony to get lost. Tony still had the audacity not to leave. He wanted to have a relationship with Anna Wilson. So, Anna Wilson left.” Paul Watson took off his glasses and scratched his head.

“You said Anna Wilson went out before Tony?” Bella heard a strange place, “did she come back after she went out?”

Paul Watson shook his head. “The video shows Anna Wilson going out, but it doesn’t show her coming back. You say it’s weird.”

“It’s not weird. It’s very simple.” James Grayson’s voice sounded.

Bella looked behind her and James Grayson came in.

“Why are you here?” Bella asked.

“You’ve been taking a document for too long,” James Grayson said bluntly.

Bella, “…”

When Paul Watson saw another big man coming, he immediately nodded.

There were two big people here in a day. It was really surprising.

“What does the chief mean? Why do you think it’s not weird?” Paul Watson asked respectfully.

“Tony is a strong man. Before, he was a diehard sports fan. He often took part in activities like parkour and others. Anna Wilson rented a house on the third floor. The height of the third floor is easy for an extreme athlete. So, he can jump out of the window and go anywhere.” James Grayson explained.

Paul Watson suddenly realized and soon fell into pessimism again, “Then how there is no direction at all?”

“There is, dismembered the body. First, for the convenience of throwing the body. Second, someone has a deep hatred for Tony…”

Before James Grayson finished speaking, Paul Watson intervened, “Yes, not only did he throw it into the toilet, but also put Tony’s dick into Tony’s mouth.”

“It’s very easy to find out. Tony has syphilis. He infected many people. His killer must be a patient. I think Bella’s answers it in a much clearer way than I can.” James Grayson looked at Bella.

Paul Watson also looked at Bella.

“The murderer is not a person, but a couple. The family conditions must be ordinary, and the person with the ordinary family conditions cannot afford to be Tony’s client. The woman can be Tony’s woman. They must have cutting equipment in their home. It’s probably something like a slaughterhouse.

If you look for the murderer according to these conditions, you will find the murderer soon.” Bella analyzed.