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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 257 Be serious

“I’ve noted it. Don’t say anything like that again.” James Grayson used the tone of command.

Now that she has decided to get married, she forgot all the factors that made her unhappy today.

Bella nodded and smiled. “Let’s go, dear Mr. Grayson.”

“Is it still Mr. Grayson?” James Grayson was not satisfied with the title. It seemed as if she was not willing to marry him.

“How about husband?” Bella asked tentatively.

James Grayson slightly pulled up the corner of his mouth. “This is better.”

“Let’s go.”

James Grayson led her to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

In the morning, the sun was not strong its rays fell on the two of them and the shadows folded together.

Bella noticed that James Grayson was actually nervous. The palm of his hand was sweaty, and her palm was sticky. He went in, looked around, and went to the staff personnel.

“Hello, we are here to get married.” James Grayson said to the staff personnel.

“ID card, household booklet, and the photos will be taken. No make-up is allowed. The fee is nine yuan. The woman is pregnant? If she is not pregnant, she will have a routine gynecological examination. In addition, is there a prenuptial agreement? Is there any need for property appraisal?” The staff personnel asked a lot of things.

“She is not pregnant. There is no need for prenuptial agreement and property appraisal.” James Grayson said.

The staff took off her black frame glasses and looked at James Grayson.

Bella said nothing and handed her ID card and household booklet to the staff.

James Grayson also handed it over.

In fact, he could hand in the officer’s card but he didn’t want to be too conspicuous, so he directly gave the ordinary ID card and account household booklet.

The staff personnel looked at the handsome man. She stared at him for long and thought as if any star has come here to get married.

“What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

“Nothing.” The staff personnel lowered her head.

She checked whether the computer has their record as unmarried and whether the number on the ID card is consistent with the number on the account book.

Bella craned her neck to see the photo on James Grayson’s ID card.

“Ordinary people’s ID cards are ugly. Yours is not bad. You have done something to it?” Bella asked jokingly.

James Grayson cleared his throat and lowered his voice. “Be serious.”

Bella, “…”

She wasn’t unserious, just, James Grayson was more than serious.

He was marrying but it seemed like he was facing the biggest enemy of his life. His face had no expressions. It seemed meticulous, and there was no smile at all.

“Smile while taking pictures.” Bella reminded him.

James Grayson hasn’t spoken yet. The staff personnel immediately warned, “Don’t show your teeth while taking photos.”

Bella was amused by the staff and giggled.

The staff personnel gave Bella a strict look, “you go inside for the wedding check-up. The man pays.”

“Okay.” Bella walked in the room, with the words of marriage check written on the door frame.

James Grayson took out ten yuan from his wallet and handed it to the staff.

“We have a 999 package, do you want it?” The staff personnel recommended.

“What’s the 999 package?” James Grayson didn’t understand.

He was getting married for the first time in his life and didn’t know anything about this thing.

“In 999 package, you can have your hands impression on, and then you can take it back to be a memorial. It’s very memorable.” The staff personnel explained.

“Okay.” James Grayson’s accent was very good. He took out ten notes of 100 yuan from his wallet and handed it to the staff personnel.

The staff personnel took the money and gave James Grayson one yuan. James Grayson then put it into the box beside.

“Are you a star?” the staff personnel finally asked.

“No.” James Grayson’s serious reply.

“Oh, you’re going to be a star. You are really good-looking.” The staff personnel exclaimed.

James Grayson, “…”

Bella came out of the examination room and saw James Grayson sitting on the sofa. He was looking at a specific position without blinking his eyes.

Bella followed his eyes and saw a man and a woman standing at the window.

“What’s up?” Bella asked.

“They both came here to divorce. You see, there is no smile on their faces, which means that divorce is not a happy thing for them.” James Grayson said in a deep voice and looked at Bella, “don’t mention divorce to me later.”

Bella, “…”

“Let’s go in and take a picture.” James Grayson took Bella to the photo studio.

The photo studio was very simple. There were two chairs directly opposite the camera.

Bella and James Grayson sat down.

“Get closer, please.” The cameraman said.

Bella leaned towards James Grayson.

“A little more.” The cameraman added.

Bella leaned towards James Grayson a little more.

“Madam, a little more.” The cameraman was adjusting the spacing.

James Grayson held Bella’s head and pulled her closer.

“Okay, all right, man’s hands-off.” The cameraman said with a good temper.

Bella smiled.

James Grayson also smiled, which was the most beautiful smile of his life.

“Okay, do you want to make a hand impression? Go ahead and get a marriage certificate after that.” The cameraman said.

Bella and James Grayson went out. The staff personnel was waiting at the door and took them to another room.

The model of the hand film was a finished product. It was a heart-shaped pink board and on the edges there were roses.

The staff personnel tore off a toughened film on the surface of the model, and said, “You just put your hands on it.”

James Grayson and Bella printed them together.

“It’s going to dry in the dryer. It will take about five minutes. You just wait here.” The staff went out with the model.

Five minutes later, the staff came over, handed a red gift bag to James Grayson and said, “Marriage certificate, household booklet, your ID card, as well as a gift from the Civil Affairs Bureau, all are in it.

We wish you a happy married life. The way for couples to get along is to be humble and considerate to each other. As long as there is no cheating, gambling, drug-taking, there’s nothing that two people can’t get through.”

“Thank you.”

The staff took a look at Bella and left.

Bella took out the marriage certificate from it.

On the photo of the marriage certificate, she and James Grayson were smiling. They both looked very happy.

She thought of her last marriage certificate.

At that time, she forced David Wilson to marry her. David Wilson looked at the camera angrily with disdain on his face. She was also unhappy, and she pursed her lips down. The cameraman at that time probably observed the situation between them and didn’t ask them to be closer.