Chapter 256 Being strong was the only choice

“Have you forgotten about your previous lesson?” Sierra Walker reminded her.

Before that, Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson kidnapped her. They cut off her finger. With that, they threatened James Grayson to marry Anna Wilson.

Just this thought made her heart ached.

Bella said coldly, “That matter, how can I forget? I have already noted it down. This matter refers to the period more than three years ago when you kidnapped me. The reason for kidnapping me involves Governor Trammell. I have a record of every person.

I put this material in a black box in the United States that is kept by my friend. With my current reputation in the industry, many foreign professionals will believe my autobiography even if it is fake, it will be written and covered up by many people. However, this is true and has a factual basis.”

“Are you crazy? You know how many people will suffer if you go out of the way, which may shake the foundation.” Sierra Walker said.

“It’s not up to me. It’s up to you! As long as you don’t harm my interests and life, I certainly hope to be safe, but if my life is threatened, I’m sorry, I don’t have time and mind to worry about others, I just know who can kill me.” Bella said coldly, a fierce light burst out from her eyes.

“You are so insidious and cunning, James knows it?” Sierra Walker asked with a pale face.

“Many people, when questioning others, often forget what they have done. You are calling me insidious and cunning, Madam have you ever looked at yourself?” Bella said calmly.

“You are so clever. I won’t allow you to marry my son.” Sierra Walker said angrily.

Bella smiled. “Even if you agree or disagree, you cannot change reality. If you treat me as your daughter-in-law, I will also be filial to you and treat you as my mother-in-law.”

“Come on, I don’t want a daughter-in-law like you.” Sierra Walker denied it directly.

Bella understood. “No problem. I’ll hang up now.”

“Bella, don’t you think your attitude with me right now is very wrong as a daughter-in-law? If James marries you, I will be your husband’s mother. Your attitude will make things difficult for your husband.” Sierra Walker used the posture of an elder to teach.

“You threatened me at the beginning. Please don’t forget what happened three years ago. I’m very polite that’s why I am talking to you now.

You just said, I am not your daughter-in-law, if you don’t recognize me, why should I recognize you?

What’s more, it’s not up to me it’s up to you. You and I both know that you are full of disgust, contempt, and disdain for me. These things will not change because of my submissiveness, it can only change because of my compromise. In that way, I have to live my life in the shadow.

If I can’t even treat myself well, how can I treat others well? I’m sorry, I don’t have the strength to struggle on whilst at death’s door, and to bow and bend knee to get what I desire.” Bella said coldly.

At this time, she knew the importance of rights more than three years ago.

To weep endlessly, to sympathize with pity, and to be controlled in the hands of others.

Sometimes when others want to target you, they will not stop because you are miserable.

So, she just protected herself.

Three years ago, Bella had no power to bind a chicken. Even if she was killed by Sierra Walker and Oscar Grayson, there was no way. But now, she was not as wimpy as she was three years ago.

“No matter what, you will marry my son, right?” Sierra Walker was also angry.

“What do you think?” Bella just asked.

“Three years ago, I thought you are a good girl. It seems that I had lost sight of you at the beginning. If I knew you were such a person, I would not be so merciful.” Sierra Walker said with hatred.

“I don’t care if your vision wasn’t right. If you have anything else, I will hang up now.” Bella didn’t wait for Sierra Walker to speak. She hung up.

Although the mouth said she didn’t care, the heart still cared. After all, that woman was James’s mother, the mother of the man she loved.

Bella looked at James Grayson.

James Grayson looked at the front with no expression. “I’m sorry, you and my mother can’t get along well.”

James Grayson had a deep vision. When he tried to find Bella, he couldn’t find Bella’s past information, it was deliberately eliminated, and his parents tried their best to prevent him from finding out the past, so he guessed what his parents had done.

“Three years ago, my parents kidnapped you and forced me to marry Anna Wilson, is it?” James Grayson asked in a cold voice.

“Your parents think you should marry someone better, maybe because they love you,” Bella said and looked out of the window.

She didn’t want to spoil James Grayson’s relationship with his parents.

“They cut off your little finger, and I cut off my own little finger to force my parents to compromise with self-harm. In the end, I was engaged with Anna Wilson.” James Grayson guessed.

Bella looked at James Grayson.

At that time, Oscar Grayson forced James Grayson to marry Anna Wilson. Because Oscar Grayson’s weakness was in George Wilson’s hands.

However, no one in this world wants to listen to anything bad about their parents.

With this thought, Bella kept it in her mind. It was not that she was very good. It was just she didn’t want to make the man she loved feel sad.

“It’s all over and a thing of the past. We should get ready for a new day.” Bella said with a smile, shifting the topic smartly.

James Grayson held Bella’s hand and stared at her without speaking. He had a few words, but there were thousands of words in his eyes.

They arrived at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Before our marriage, you can tell me your requirements and demands” James Grayson took her hand and said.

“I have only one request.” Bella has considered it carefully.

James Grayson looked at her. “What is it?”

“I know that military marriage can’t be divorced. If one day If I want a divorce, I can’t ask for a divorce, you can help me. Will you do it? Do you agree?” Bella looked at him and asked.

James Grayson screwed up his eyebrows, his heart was tightened, his eyes were dark, and he seemed to fall into the ice lake. He was not comfortable. “You are thinking of divorce before our marriage?”

“Everyone who is going to get married doesn’t want to divorce, but when they want to divorce, they don’t want to remarry.

Because in marriage, most people think of each other’s good. In a divorce, most people think of each other’s bad.

I think before marriage, being more rational and a little bit more helpful led to the stability of marriage, don’t you think?” Bella tried to persuade James Grayson.

“I think you become too indifferent sometimes.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

The word indifference came out of his mouth. She didn’t like it. Perhaps she was cold enough.

The people who don’t get love in return became so cold and stone-hearted.

Bella pulled the corners of her mouth, “what about…”

“I get it.” James Grayson interrupted what she wanted to say.