Chapter 357 Otherwise, I would be jealous

There were only two people in the huge hall.

It seemed that everyone else had gone.

Lester also saw Sean.

Lester happily opened his arms and ran to Sean, “uncle, you’re here!”

“Yes.” Sean hugged Lester.

I glanced at Ming. His eyes didn’t seem to change. He didn’t seem to have any reaction to it.

But I was a little anxious.

“Let’s go.” To appease him, I took Ming’s arm.

He looked at me and smiled and nodded.

He came downstairs with me.

James got up. “Grandpa bought a lot of fireworks. I’ve asked the servants to move them out. Let’s go.”


Lester was so happy that he ignored us.

He ran to James and pulled him out.

Ming broke away from me and went to James. “Dad, we will be with Lester. You’re old.”

As a doctor, Ming worried about James.

He was in the emergency room not long ago. Fireworks had a bad effect on his heart.

James waved. “It’s OK. Once in a while.”

Ming couldn’t say more.

I dressed Lester. He just woke up and had some sweat on his head. I wiped his sweat and put on his hat and scarf to let him out.

After I went out, I saw the fireworks that James had prepared.

I was surprised.

These fireworks were novel and beautiful.

Sean was in the front, and Ming and I were in the back.

“Uncle, let’s set off fireworks!” Lester ignored Ming and me and let Sean play with him.

Sean agreed happily.

There were no lights outside, but fireworks were blooming and loud in the air.

In the light of fireworks, I looked at Ming. This time he frowned but he still didn’t speak.

My heart was inexplicably tense.

I thought Ming cared about it.

After all, Lester was nominally his son.

There was a small square in front of James’s house, where fireworks could be set off.

Sean chose a fireworks with Lester, and then Sean brought it in his arms. After lighting it, he pulled Lester and ran to the side.

He covered Lester’s ears and looked up with Lester!

The firework shot up into the sky and exploded!

I could see Lester jump happily and point to the fireworks in the sky and say something to Sean.

They laughed.

They were really a father and son.

I looked up at Ming. He seemed to realize at last that I was looking at him. He said with his head down.

Although the firecrackers were loud, I could see that he was saying, “what’s the matter?”

I shook my head and said nothing.

The fireworks were loud and exploded in the sky and were very beautiful.

Then they fell and turned to ashes.

They went to choose another one.

I watched them. When the fireworks flied up to the sky, I only felt that something was covering my ears. I looked up and saw Ming standing behind me and blocking my ears with his hands.

When I froze, he bent down and said in my ear, “it’s not good for eardrum.”

It was just a little movement, but my heart was a little warm.

We stood outside for about half an hour. James had a lot of fireworks left.

At this time, Ming suddenly took out his cell phone behind me. I turned around and saw that his mobile screen was on and someone called him.

Ming looked at the phone seriously and hesitated. He picked up the phone and turned into the room.

I stood outside for a while and saw that Ming had not come out. I was worried that he had something to do, so I went in.

When I came in, Ming had already hung up. He saw me and said, “there are several emergency patients in the hospital. There are not enough doctors on duty. I’m going there.”

“OK.” I nodded and looked at the door. “I’ll take Lester home later. Don’t worry.”

“OK.” Ming put on his shoes.

He went out with me.

Lester and Sean were still setting off fireworks at the door.

Seeing them, Ming suddenly pulled me into his arms and put his thin lips on mine.

I was stunned.

In order not to let me escape, he hugged me. In front of Lester, I was a little embarrassed and a little resistant.

At last Ming didn’t go too far, but his thin lips stuck to my ears and he said in a slightly hoarse voice, “take Lester away. Don’t get in touch with him, or I’ll be jealous.”


I knew who he was.

Ming finished and looked up at Sean.

Sean just looked in our direction.

It was dark, but I could feel Ming staring at me.

Ming patted me on the shoulder and left.

When he left, Lester, who had been following Sean, suddenly ran over. “Mom, let’s set off fireworks!”

“OK.” I nodded.

James, who had been standing outside, turned around and entered the room.

There were only three of us outside.

We set off most of the fireworks. By one o’clock, Lester was too sleepy to open his eyes, so we went back to the house.

The servant took the fireworks in. I held Lester in my arms and said to Sean, “then we’ll go back.”

With that, I turned around and wanted the driver to drive us back, but my arm was suddenly pulled. Then I heard Sean’s magnetic voice, “live here tonight.”

My heart was pounding.

If I lived here and Ming was not here, he…

I didn’t want to go home in the middle of the night, but Sean was here and Ming was not. I could think of what would happen.

“No, I’ll take Lester back.” I declined.

At this time, James stood at the corner of the second floor and said, “let Lester live here. We have a lot of rooms and I have something to tell you.”

I knew what James just did. He turned a blind eye to everything.

I couldn’t refuse him and could only agree.

I put Lester in the room just now, and the servant took a set of children’s pajamas. I changed his clothes and came out of the room.

When I came out, a servant was waiting at the door and told me, “master is waiting for you in the study.”