Chapter 354 Within an hour they had to apologize

“Ming and Sean?”

Hearing this, I even thought if there was something wrong with my ears.

Linda said mysteriously, “it’s true. My husband just sent me a message.”


I was a little speechless.

Soon, Linda added, “my husband sent another message that if any media doesn’t apologize within an hour, they will join hands to let them go bankrupt.”


It was too exaggerated. I didn’t believe it.

“I don’t know either.”

I hung up and started searching the Internet.

After about half an hour, almost all the media apologized.

There were many apology statements.

Then the server crashed.

I couldn’t browse the web so I went to have a rest.

The smell of the bedroom dissipated.

I threw away my old bedding and replaced it with a new one before I lay down.

The next day, everything was normal. What was different was that Erin, under my threat and warning, was not as arrogant as before.

She did what a servant should do.

In the morning, I sent Lester and browsed the web in the car to the studio. After all, last night’s incident was too exaggerated. I wanted to see the results.

But I saw a more exaggerated news.

Lewis Group announced that Cindy had divorced Sean two weeks ago.

It brought the news that Sean and Ming had withdrawn to a climax.

Lewis Group’s news was not allowed to be commented, but you could comment when you forwarded it.

Most people thought Lewis Group was ashamed. They had to make the announcement.

What made me helpless most was that Lester was the key figure in the news, but also the most innocent.

When I arrived at the studio, Linda was very serious. “Lewis Group’s announcement basically wasted yesterday’s efforts.”

“I’m mainly afraid Lester will be bullied in kindergarten.” I said helplessly.

After all, children in kindergartens were not sensible. Children learned what adults said.

If adults talked about it, children would certainly talk about it.

It was still on holiday. But it was going to start soon. Lester couldn’t avoid it.

“Or you can ask a teacher to teach him at home.” Linda suggested.

“No.” I shook my head. “Kids have to go back to school with their peers.”

I was more helpless.

Lester, in particular, was in a private school where parents knew Sean and Ming.

But if he went to an ordinary kindergarten, he may meet people who hated the rich.

I was in a dilemma.

But to my surprise, Lewis Group’s news didn’t seem to get much attention.

AI projects of the Giant group were becoming more and more stable. Its share price only fluctuated for a few days and soon adjusted back.

The matter gradually fell into peace.

The new year was coming.

Because there was not much work in the studio, we let Chloe off in advance.

The new year was expected.

However, I did not have any psychological fluctuations.

After all, it was a family reunion festival, but Sherry was dead and I had no family.

I knew that Jessop Family didn’t welcome me.

Now this festival made me feel a little embarrassed.

There were many presidents who invited Ming to dinner. Ming rejected most of them. But he couldn’t refuse some so he had to go.

As long as he went, he would take me with him.

It seemed that he was trying to get people to recognize my relationship with him.

Today was the last day and it was the last meal before the new year.

I changed after work and took Haley’s car.

I was used to it these days.

When I got there, I didn’t get out of the car but tried to smile and push the door open.

When I got off, Ming and a man were talking at the door. I took a look.

It was Brady.

Today we had dinner with Well Family?

Brady saw me and naturally smiled, “Mrs. Jessop, long time no see.”

“President Well, long time no see.” I said hello to Brady.

I thought subconsciously of what happened before. I asked him about my mother and he was not very happy.

But today I still wanted to ask.

Ming was there. Was he going to say something?

After saying hello, the three of us went into the restaurant together.

The box was on the third floor. I saw that all but Brady and Justin were strangers.

Business meals were the same. Everyone praised each other.

I didn’t like such occasions very much, but Ming asked me to go, and I had to.

After dinner, someone suggested playing cards.

I didn’t want to go, but Ming was going.

So many people went from the restaurant to a club box.

There were cigars in this club, so everyone in the room was smoking them.

Only two people did not smoke. One was Ming and the other was Justin.

I couldn’t stand it and wanted to go out.

Justin was out, too. I stopped him and asked, “Justin, can you tell me more about your aunt?”

Justin was embarrassed when I asked, “Miss Jones, actually that day my father told me that my aunt was dead, and he said that my aunt was a disgrace to Well Family. She did something shameful. He told me not to talk about her again.”


Although we had never met before, I didn’t believe that my mother had done bad things.

“Well, I really don’t know.” Justin waved to go.

I was after him. Justin walked fast and I was after him.

Until Justin went into the men’s room.

I couldn’t get in and could only come back dejected.

As soon as I got to the corridor, I saw Ming looking at his cell phone outside. He saw me and frowned, “what’s the matter? Did you chase Mr. Well to the bathroom?”

Ming was joking but he was gentle.

The embarrassment between me and him had eased a lot these days.

I went over and thought about it and told him about my mother.

Ming put a hand behind me and put me in his arms. He looked down at me and said dejectedly, “I found it, so you told me such an important thing. Don’t I deserve your trust?”

His voice was not loud, but I could hear Ming really angry.