Chapter 353 I couldn’t be bullied by a maid

“Get up.” As soon as she sat down, I said.

Briana and Doris didn’t expect Erin to be so bold. They both said, “Erin, you’re rude! Get up!”

“No.” Erin didn’t want to stand up. She touched her thigh with her hand and said, “master is really very powerful. His penis is big and we have sex for a long time. I’m satisfied.”

I frowned.

I couldn’t believe it was said by a 20-year-old girl if I didn’t hear it in person.

Doris couldn’t stand it. “Erin, what are you talking about! Shame on you!”

“Come on,” Erin said happily, “you don’t know how powerful master was. Look at my leg. I can’t even stand. I’ve been so happy for a long time. My leg is cramped.”

“Get up from the sofa.” I looked up at her.

“Get up? You want to order me?” Erin listened and said proudly, “Becky, you won’t be Mrs. Jessop for a while. I will be Mrs. Jessop soon.”

“Really?” I looked at Erin and put my phone down. I walked over and grabbed her hair and looked at her, “then you have to be Mrs. Jessop first. Now I’m still Mrs. Jessop.”

Then I grabbed her hair tightly!

I was not weak, but I was afraid of many things. Anyway, I couldn’t be bullied by a maid!

“Ah!” Erin yelled, “how dare you do this to me? Are you crazy? I will tell master when he comes back!”


Erin waved to hit me and I stepped back.

Erin hurt and could only get up. I shook her hair off and gave her a kick. She fell directly to the ground.

I looked at Doris and Briana. “Press her. I have something to say.”

They came up and pressed Erin from both sides!

“Becky, you.”

She wanted to talk. I stepped on her mouth!

Erin stared and looked at me. She wanted to talk but couldn’t. In fact, she could talk. She could only rub her mouth against the bottom of my slippers.

She didn’t want to move and could only sob.

I looked down at her. “You’d better keep your voice down. If Lester wakes up, I won’t let you go.”

Erin was not convinced.

But she couldn’t talk.

Doris said, “you are so arrogant! You seduce master. You take yourself seriously!”

Erin struggled but she was held down by Doris and couldn’t move.

I looked at her and said, “Erin, listen up. I don’t care about your affair with Ming. You can have sex and have children.

But first, you can’t have sex in the master bedroom. Second, don’t feel arrogant when you are about to be Mrs. Jessop. As long as you are not, you are nothing. I can get rid of you at any time and keep you out of York for the rest of your life!”

I didn’t speak much, but I had authority.

Erin looked at me and was suddenly upset.

She didn’t struggle. I took the shoes off her mouth.

Erin didn’t talk and just looked at me.

I looked at her and said, “Erin, if you can get Ming’s favor and succeed in becoming Mrs. Jessop, I will naturally give way to you, and I am willing to do so, but if I know you bully Doris and Briana and even hurt Lester, even if Ming protects you, I will kill you before you marry him!”

Erin looked at me and nodded in horror.

Briana squatted and sighed, “you should be a good servant. Don’t be delusional. If you can be Mrs. Jessop, no one will take your things. You don’t have to worry.”

Briana had been in Jessop Family for decades and saw clearly.

“Let her go.”

When I finished, Doris and Briana let go.

Erin sat up and wiped her mouth as hard as he can. After a long time she said, “you don’t have sex with master. He is a man. Can he have no desire? Don’t think we don’t watch TV. You have an affair with the little President Jessop of the Giant group!”

“Erin!” Briana stopped her.

“Master is a good man and treats you well, but you can’t satisfy him. You’d better make way!” Erin was not convinced. “He likes me. He said I could satisfy him and have sex with me was comfortable. I’m comfortable, too. I should be Mrs. Jessop.”

I looked at Erin and listened to her vulgar words and couldn’t help but feel funny. I asked her, “harmony in sexuality is really one of the necessary conditions to be a couple, but do you think that as long as this meets, you can become a couple?”

“If you don’t want to have sex, why do you want to be a couple? What qualifications do you have to be Mrs. Jessop!” Erin asked.

Her question made me sneer.

Yeah, I didn’t want to have sex with Ming, but Ming still imprisoned me.

But he had an affair with Erin. All this was really ridiculous.

I looked at Erin and said, “well, I wish you to be Mrs. Jessop as soon as possible, but before that, if you dare to do something in advance, I won’t let you go.”

With that, I took my cell phone and went upstairs.

When I got to the bedroom, I saw that it was all in order.

But the window was closed. The whole room was full of the smell of having sex. I felt sick.

I opened the window and turned to my study.

There were two desks in the study. One was mine and the other was Ming’s.

There were computers on both desks, but mine hadn’t been used.

I turned on the computer. While I waited, I browsed my cell phone.

I found out Linda told me that her husband was working overtime again, because someone broke the news about Lester’s father.

I opened the news page but couldn’t find anything.

When I was going to ask Linda, she called me.

“You know what? What I told you just now has been withdrawn, and you will soon see all the media that forwarded the news publicly apologizing.” As soon as the phone was connected, Linda told me.

I was stunned. “Why?”

It was not groundless, and I was sure someone could find the evidence.

Linda sighed. “Your son really has the ability to turn things around. My husband just told me that Ming and Sean withdrew the news together.”