Chapter 352 I was going to be bullied by Erin

Ming said he would pick me up when we finished eating.

I firmly said Linda would send me. He didn’t insist at last.

We should play late that night, but because there were children, so we went back at 9:00.

Lester and Summer were tired after playing all day.

When Linda sent us to the door, Lester was asleep. I carried him into the house. There was only a small light in the big house.

Ming was not in the house. There were only Doris and Briana in the house.

Both of them were full of anger. I knew they were angry with those two people.

I held Lester so no one spoke. I put Lester in his room.

He was too tired. When I changed his clothes, he just reached out.

When I came out, I heard some noise coming from the master bedroom.

And there was a woman’s voice.

I was suddenly nervous.

But I didn’t go to see it and went downstairs.

As soon as I went downstairs, Doris came over. “Madam, you are too kind. If you go on like this, you will be bullied by Erin!”

“Doris, don’t say that.” Briana advised her.

“I’m so angry!” Doris said, “Ma’am, you know what? In your absence, Erin treated herself as a hostess and entered your room. She used your makeup and bathed in the bathtub! She said the shower in the maid’s room didn’t match her.”

Doris was angry. At last she was shaking all over.

“Are they having sex in the master bedroom now?” I looked at Briana.

Briana looked embarrassed but nodded.

I was in a bad mood. In fact, I turned a blind eye to the affair between Ming and Erin. But now they had sex in the master bedroom. I was very upset at once.

I asked, “when did they start in the master bedroom?”

Last time they were in Erin’s maid’s room.

Couldn’t the smaller bed satisfy them?

“Today is the first time.” Briana replied.

Doris said, “it will happen again. Erin must be very complacent after today!”

She was right.

Actually, I didn’t feel much about it. After all, men needed to vent their sexual desire. But I was really shocked that Ming was gentle to me while doing so.

I looked upstairs. “When did they start? How could Ming fall in love with Erin?”

“Who knows!” Doris said unconvinced, “maybe she’s young. I don’t think Erin is different.”

In fact, I thought so.

Erin didn’t have a good figure or face. Ming was handsome and rich. He could get a lot of stars, not to mention Erin.

If he wanted to cheat, I didn’t care. He could make any excuse to come back late or not.

Briana looked at me and hesitated for a moment. “Ma’am, does master want to make you angry?”

“Make me angry?”

“Yes.” Briana nodded. “It’s clear what happened to him and Erin. You must have noticed and even knew that it was true. Does master want you to be angry to prove that you care about him?”

Briana’s words seemed to explain my doubts.

Ming made no secret that he was cheating.

Was it true?

Even so, I didn’t want to expose it because I didn’t want those things to happen.

“If she provokes you, you can teach her directly. If she beats you, I will support you.” I said to Briana and Doris and sat on the sofa.

I took out my cell phone and began to read the news.

When I read the news, it seemed that the news about Jessop Family and me had been withdrawn.

Only a few people were asking about it.

I didn’t want to read the content.

I received a message. I found Linda talking to Chloe and me on Facebook.

Chloe started talking.

Linda and I watched and occasionally replied. Chloe didn’t seem to mind.

I used to think Chloe was nagging. It had been years but her character hadn’t changed.

By contrast, I seemed to have changed a lot.

I thought I would be better if everything started again, but after so many things, I became timid.

I was downstairs looking at Chloe’s message. Time flied.

Towards eleven o’clock, there were footsteps upstairs.

I looked up and saw Ming coming down in a casual suit.

When he saw me, he said softly, “you are back. Are you happy tonight?”

“Yes.” I suppressed my unhappiness and smiled, “I’m happy. We haven’t talked enough so we’re talking on Facebook now.”

“Really? It seems that your new colleague is not bad.” Ming came over and sat on the sofa with his arms around me.

Light perfume came into my nasal cavity.

The smell was very familiar, and I could tell at once that this was my perfume, but I seldom used perfume besides formal occasions.

I knew who the fragrance came from.

Ming must know what I heard just now. He said nothing.

Perhaps Briana’s guess was right.

I didn’t say much to Ming, but I bowed my head and chatted attentively.

There was no secret in it. Even though Ming saw it, I was not afraid.

Ten minutes later, Erin went downstairs. She was wearing ordinary servants’ clothes.

When she came downstairs, she held the stairs with her hands and limped.

I knew why she was like that.

They had too much sex and were too intense and innovative.

It seemed that Ming was not too bad in this respect, as he said.

Erin was complacent when she went downstairs, but when she saw me sitting on the sofa side by side with Ming, there was anger in her eyes.

I saw it and didn’t talk.

Erin said deliberately, “master, I’ve made the bed.”

Ming heard what she said and didn’t feel anything wrong. He didn’t look up and just answered lightly.

At this time, Ming’s cell phone rang. He answered the phone and said he was going to the hospital and then he left.

Erin handed his clothes and shoes at the door.

As soon as Ming left, Erin, who was just standing at the door, went straight to the sofa and sat down.