Chapter 351 I was seen by reporters

I frowned. Sure enough, these reporters were smart. They surrounded the Giant group.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, I’d better leave as soon as possible.

I turned around and wanted to take a taxi back to the studio.

But when I stood at the intersection and wanted to take a taxi, a car came. It backed up and a man with a camera suddenly got out of the car and photographed me.

He photographed and shouted, “Becky! Becky!”

It was far from the Giant group and they couldn’t hear it.

But in this sensitive place, my appearance was too topical.

The reporters there seemed to recognize me very quickly and all of them came running.

I was scared and running!

The reporters followed me.

But fortunately, I only took a bag and didn’t wear shoes with too high heels, and these reporters held cameras or cameras.

They didn’t run as fast as I do.

I had sent coffee around here so I was familiar with it. I quickly entered an alley.

The reporters all thought that I was running forward, so they ran forward quickly.

I had a long lack of exercise. I squatted in the corner and panted and rested.

It was getting quiet outside.

I squatted to rest. After a while, suddenly a figure blocked all the sunshine in front of me.

It cast a shadow over me.

I looked up.

I saw Ming standing in front of me in a gray coat. He was standing in the light and gentle.

But this tenderness only made me feel colder in this cold winter.

My heart was empty.

Of course I knew who I was expecting.

But I knew better that Ming, not Sean, knew everything about me.

Ming reached out to me and tried to pull me up.

I hesitated and reached for him and stood up.

Ming’s car was parked by the side. The driver was Haley.

We sat in the back seat together. Ming took my hand and asked, “where are you going?”


I replied.

Haley heard my answer. He started the car and turned to the studio.

It was very quiet. After a long time, Ming asked me, “what did you talk to my sister-in-law?”

He didn’t ask me where I was or who I was meeting.

He asked me what I talked to Monica about.

A lot of things happened so I was not surprised. I said, “nothing, but she knows who I am and keeps me away from her son.” I said and added, “actually she thinks too much. I’m not going to see him again.”


Ming said lightly and never spoke again.

But his hand was always on mine.

The car arrived at the studio soon. Ming knew my studio was here before. I explained about it, and he didn’t say anything.

He just sent me to the door and said, “I’ll pick you up in the evening.”

He left.

I went into the studio. As soon as I opened the door, I heard someone talking inside.

“Linda, you know what? I really adore you and Becky. I saw your works a long time ago, especially the restaurant Tang Time. I know it was designed by you, and I spent a lot of money to eat there several times!”

I knew it was Chloe.

She was very enthusiastic.

She was in the conference room with Linda. We didn’t use that meeting room before. I was not going in and I was just standing at the door.

The door of the meeting room was not closed.

Linda saw me and raised her hand to say, “you’re back.”

“Yes.” I nodded and watched them chat face to face and said, “she…”

“She’s interviewing.” Linda laughed.

Chloe turned around and saw me and her eyes shone, “Becky!”

She ran up to me and said, “Hello, Becky, I’m your fan, too!”

“Hello.” I was going to confess to her, but now I decided to wait.

Linda got up at once. “There are only two people in our studio. Let’s vote. Everyone is 50 percent. I agree. The rest is up to Becky.”

Chloe took me to the conference room and said, “Becky, do you have any questions for me? I will answer them all.”

I didn’t want to go into that conference room, so I said, “I’ll ask you outside.”


Chloe immediately let go of my hand.

I sat in my seat and asked only one question, “why did you quit?”

Chloe said calmly and helplessly, “I used to have a good friend. She was beautiful and capable, but then she left because of something. It was nothing. But I couldn’t stand one of my friend’s colleagues being smug and sarcastic. I couldn’t stay, so I quit.”

“Who is it?” Linda asked.

“You don’t know. Her name is Billie and she works for our company.”

Chloe said.

Although Linda and I belonged to the Giant group before, we didn’t know each other because we were not in the same company.

“I see.”

When I heard the name, I understood.

Chloe stared and asked me, “Becky, do you know her, too?”

“Yes.” I put my hand on my cheek and looked at Chloe. I smiled and said, “who do you think I look like?”

“Huh?” Chloe looked at me and blinked.

She seemed to think of something, but she didn’t say it. She looked at me carefully and seemed to think of something, but she still didn’t say it.

At last she shook her head. “Becky is unique. How can you be like any star?”

“Ha ha.” Linda chuckled.

I was helpless. I raised my hand and hit Chloe lightly on the forehead. “No, I’m June.”

“What?” Chloe froze.

She looked at me and blinked.

She stared at me and seemed to dig a hole in my face.

Then she stood up and looked at me carefully!

“It’s really you!” Chloe looked shocked, “but why do you look like this? And you’ve changed your name.”

“It’s a long story.” I roughly told Chloe my story.

We hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so we decided to have dinner together in the evening.

Of course, we needed to bring Lester and Summer.

After I made the decision, I took out my cell phone and called Ming to tell him that he didn’t have to pick me up at night.