Chapter 350 All he did was for me

I guessed on my way here that Monica was going to ask me this question.

Sean, after all, was her only son. He married Cindy for a few years and they wanted to have a grandson, but Cindy was not pregnant.

Now they suddenly had a grandson.

And this grandson was cute, sensible and loved by everyone.

Now all of a sudden they knew that this kid might be their grandson, so they must want to know.

But I hadn’t figured out how to answer.

I looked at Monica and Monica didn’t talk. She looked more nervous than me.

I hesitated and said, “Auntie, I can’t say it. At least it can’t come out of my mouth.”

I was sure she understood.

Monica was not stupid. She suddenly relaxed. “Is he really my grandson?”

I didn’t speak.

Monica looked at me and said reluctantly, “I heard that when the owner of Carter Family asked my son to marry you, my son didn’t agree and didn’t treat you well after you got married. Why do you love each other so much now? My son even divorced for you!”

Monica was confused.

In fact, it may be doomed.

I had a cup of coffee in front of me and asked Monica, “Auntie, do you remember Sean was kidnapped when he was a kid and almost died?”

“Of course.”

Monica admitted it.

She nodded and looked at me, “you…”

“Yes, I saved him, but we never got in touch. It wasn’t until I went back to Carter Family and he was going to marry Molly that I officially dated him for the first time.” I looked into the distance and recalled, “at that time, I didn’t know why Sean liked Molly. Later, I learned that Molly heard about what happened to me and Sean and pretended to be me.”

“Is that so?”


I said firmly.

Monica’s expression suddenly became much better. “It turns out that little girl was you.”

“Do you know about it?”

“Of course.” Monica’s tone changed. She took a sip of fruit tea and said, “I suddenly understand why my son is so attached to you.”

Monica looked like a mother who knew her son’s little secret.

I looked at her and suddenly wanted to know what happened when Sean was a kid.

I wasn’t around Sean at that time. I wanted to know what Sean looked like when he was a kid.

Or how Sean recalled me when he was a kid.

Monica looked at me and smiled and said, “actually, Sean had been looking for you, but he couldn’t find you. To find you, we post a notice in a missing persons column in the surrounding area. We specially let people go to the surrounding primary and secondary schools and even kindergartens. It was a pity we didn’t find you. I didn’t expect you to be in the orphanage.”

“People don’t usually go to orphanages.”

Or normal people would subconsciously ignore the option of orphanage.

“Yes.” Monica said, “we had been looking for you for months, but we didn’t finds you. In the end, we could only give up. Sean had been angry with us for a long time.”

“Is that so…”

Was he angry for me?

Knowing this, my heart was warm.

“Do you know why Sean’s father and I are both abroad but only Sean stays at home?”

Monica asked me and I seemed to understand something.

I looked at her and said, “is it because of me?”

Monica nodded. “Sean didn’t want to go. We didn’t understand and wanted to take him by force. After all, he was our only son. At that time he gave the real reason. I talked to his father and didn’t force him anymore.”

It turned out that everything was because of me.

All of a sudden I was relieved.

I forgave Sean for what he did to me for Molly.

He looked for me for a long time and knew Molly was me. Although he was unwilling, he could only accept it and be responsible for her.

My appearance broke his balance.

Monica was happy when she remembered the past, but when she looked at me, she pulled up all her expressions and said, “but it’s all in the past. You are Ming’s fiancee now. Please don’t pester Sean.”

I couldn’t adapt to her changes.

I was calm in the face of her rudeness just now, but I was very sad at this time.

But she was right.

Her words brought me back to reality.

Sean had been looking for me for a long time and had stayed in America for me, so what?

We didn’t meet at the right time.

We missed each other.

I lowered my eyes and put away my sadness. I raised my head again and looked at Monica. “I know.”

“I’m not trying to embarrass you or break you up. You and Ming have had an engagement dinner and…” Monica looked at me. “Do you know how much Ming has?”

“Pharmaceutical companies. In addition to the drugs that are already on the market and have patents, most of them are in the research stage or experimental stage. Once they succeed, he will get a lot of profits.” I replied.

I went to see it the other day.

These were not secrets.

Sunshine Inc was such a existence, but before everyone and I did not pay attention to it.

Monica wasn’t surprised that I knew that. She nodded. “Yeah, besides that, he has a lot of contacts and connections with the underworld. We only have one son. We don’t want to take risks.”

“What do you mean…”

Monica’s words made me nervous.

Monica looked at me and tried to say something several times, but in the end she just said, “anyway, whether you are June or Becky, please stay away from my son. If my son has an accident, I will not let you go.”

When it came to Ming, Monica’s attitude changed again.

With that, she took her bag and left.

I sat there alone and thought about what Monica said. Did Ming…

I didn’t think it was surprising that he was connected to the underworld.

I took my bag and hanged out. This cafe was not far from the Giant group.

I wanted to walk over and have a look.

But there were a lot of reporters at the gate of the Giant group!

Many bodyguards stopped the reporters at the door and kept them out.

I stood far away and heard the reporters shouting, “President Jessop, what do you want to say about today’s news?”