Chapter 160 She Really Sticks Up for Chris

He just hung up on Chris, and she was so nervous?

Ryan gave a sniff and sneered, “I can’t dictate who you send messages to. But his fan stabbed me, so I don’t want see him, got a problem?”

Jessica’s spirit drooped when she heard his words. “…No, I apologize for him. He is a fool who doesn’t think about the consequences. You’ll have to excuse him.”

“She really sticks up for Chris!”

Ryan clenched his fist and his voice was icy cold. “What if I don’t excuse him?”

According to the bully’s bad temper, If her brother didn’t excuse him and said something that made him unhappy, he would not have continued to pretend to be her boyfriend.

But in order to protect her, her brother was stabbed by the bully’s fan. If he hated the bully because of that, she couldn’t say anything.

Jessica was struggling. “The idol shouldn’t be blame because of the behavior of his fans. It wasn’t thoughtful of Chris to do that, but he didn’t expect that he had such a fan.”

“I’ll tell you what to do. When you saw him, you scolded him, and then let the matter be settled, OK?”

Jessica tried not to take sides, but in Ryan’s eyes, she was defending Chris between the lines.

If he had not protected her from the stab, it might have killed her. Even if the idol shouldn’t be blame because of the behavior of his fans, did she not blame Chris who had caused the trouble?

Or did she like Chris so much that she didn’t even care about her own life?

Jessica waited for a long time but she didn’t get a response. Instead, she saw her brother’s face fell, which looked particularly horrible. She swallowed in fear and said nothing more.

She just chuckled obsequiously. It seemed that her brother was holding a grudge against the bully. The bully should fend for himself. She wouldn’t be able to keep him company.

Neither of them spoke again. There was a deafening silence.

Soon, the cruise ship set sail.

The blue sky and the sea enhanced each other’s beauty. That kind of unworldly quietness calmed her restless heart.

Leaning against the railing, she saw several dolphins running after each other, which contrasted finely with the seabirds flying nearby.

Everything was incredibly beautiful.

“Ryan…” Jessica turned around and wanted to ask Ryan to take a picture of her, but when she saw him, she froze.

He was standing two or three metres away from her, leaning against the railing, not knowing what he was thinking, but he looked very absorbed.

The sea breeze stirred his clothes, showing his tall and perfect figure. And the golden sun was cast on his face, setting off his fine and beautiful features, making him not like a real person.

Jessica seemed to be enchanted. She took out her phone and took a few pictures of him spontaneously.

Without using Beautycam and filter, the picture was already breathtakingly beautiful.


Click, click, click.

The sound of the camera was especially clear on the quiet sea.

“…” Oh, no! She forgot to turn off the sound!

When Ryan heard the sound, he frowned and turned his head, looking at her evasive eyes. His eyes rested on the phone in her hand. “What are you doing?”

“I…I…The scenery here is so beautiful. I just take some pictures!” Jessica had a guilty conscience. She smirked and dodged his eyes.

Fortunately, Ryan did not ask anything again. She heaved a sigh of relief and felt relaxed.

They spent most of the day on the cruise and returned after lunch.

There was no emotion on Ryan’s face, and he did not seem to be in a better mood because of the beautiful scenery. Jessica followed him carefully, not daring to utter a word.

The environment and climate here were all good, quite suitable for hanging out. It was that her brother kept a straight face all day long, which made her heart throb and affected the sightseeing experience.

Jessica frowned and held her shoes, stepping on the fine soft sand. She lowered her head and murmured, “Is it possible that he is moody because he reached the menopause? That’s not right. He is only in his twenties. That’s Impossible!”

Jessica was thinking about something, so she didn’t see that Ryan, who was walking in front of her, had stopped and bumped into him.

Oh, my god, it’s hard. It hurts!

Jessica covered her painful nose and tried to look up, but Ryan, who was hit by her, happened to turn around. She raised her head suddenly and just hit on Ryan’s jaw.

Jessica hit him so hard that with a pain in his jaw, he staggered back, frowning.

At the sight of his sullen face, Jessica had her heart in her mouth.

She didn’t know how long they were going to stay on the island. If she offended him, could she have an easy life? It’s definitely not.

So she must not let him fall!

Quick as a flash, Jessica grabbed Ryan’s hand with one hand and hugged his waist with the other according to the idol TV series she had shot.

According to the TV series plot development, the next step should be spin around, and then she hugged him.

But when Jessica hugged Ryan’s waist, she happened to touch the wound in the back of his waist.

A burst of pain came from the wound. A thin and dense sweat broke out on his forehead. His handsome face was drained of colour immediately.

And in confusion she tripped over his foot.


The two people fell to the beach with one on top of another and their lips pressed together.

Blue sky and white clouds, beach and sunshine, everything seemed very romantic. But when the man who was kissing her was her brother, it became a horror movie!

When Jessica looked at Ryan’s eyes which were darkened suddenly, she turned pale with fear. “I’m…I’m sorry, Ryan.”

She swallowed hard and climbed up with a strong desire for survival. But she was so flustered that her hands and feet were limp. Before she could get up, she fell onto Ryan’s body again.

Ryan’s hand was on her slender waist. His eyes fixed on her red lips, trying to ignore the two soft parts clinging to the front of his chest. But the body’s instinct was far faster than the thought, and a fire rushed down his belly, and his breathing quickened almost instantly.

He swallowed. Before he could think, he rolled over with Jessica in his arms and pressed her under him.

He had dreamed of her countless times, but in reality it was the first time he had had such close contact with her.

Her body was far softer than he had imagined. Even though his hand on her waist had lost as much strength as possible, he still felt as if her soft body were about to melt.

The flames started where he touched her, encroaching on him. He stared at her with his sharp eyes, and he refrained from doing anything else with all his will.

Jessica looked at his eyes in which two flames were burning, and her tender lips were quivering fearfully.

Her brother looked horrible now, as if he was going to tear her into pieces and eat her.

She was done. Did he think that she had sullied his chastity and he had an intention to kill her?

Seeing his handsome face come closer and closer, Jessica’s eyelashes quivered and almost unconsciously she closed her eyes.

If there was no choice, she would pretend to be in a coma! So she could avoid for a while. When she “woke up”, she would try to escape from his wrath!

Ryan watched her close her eyes, and his breathing became heavier. There was some suppressed disbelief in his eyes. Did she… agree to his touch?

He swallowed, stared at her lips, and kissed her.