Chapter 159 It Would Only Make Her Dislike Him Even More

Ryan’s eyes were bloodshot. He pressed his lips together and bent forward to put his hands on her sides. “If you don’t get out of my bed, you’ll be held responsible for your action.”

His voice was huskier than usual, which was already full of sexual passion.

But Jessica was a heavy sleeper. Now she was so sleepy that she was annoyed by the constant nagging in her ear and pushed his face away directly with her hand.

And it was so hot in the room that she kicked the covers off completely, while she was smacking her lips.

Ryan stared at her delicate and charming red lips. Desire was screaming for her in his body. Blue veins stood out on his temples.

But now she had a crush on other people, and if he took the chance to come on to her, it would only make her dislike him even more!

Ryan straightened up, forcibly repressed the wild desire, and raised his voice, “Jessica, get up!”

Why did she dream of her brother calling her? It was so annoying.

No…No, it seemed that her brother was really calling her!

Jessica opened her eyes immediately. When she saw Ryan whose waist was naked, she was fully awake. “Ryan!”

“This is my room. Put on your clothes and go out.” Trying not to look at her naked body, Ryan turned into the bathroom.

God! She was in the wrong room.

Jessica tore her hair nervously, then put on her clothes quickly, and shouted to the bathroom. “Good night, Ryan! See you tomorrow!”

Then she slipped away in a hurry.

When she went back to her room, it suddenly occurred to her, “We just came here today, and every room is the same. Since I slept in the wrong room, wouldn’t he just change it?”

Why did he have to wake her up?

But her brother was moody and had a lot of weird habits. So it was normal that she did not understand.

Jessica put the question behind her readily. She yawned, undressed and went to sleep.

After hearing the sound of the door closing, Ryan walked out of the bathroom after a short while. He lay down on the bed, and there seemed to be her scent all around him.

It was obviously the same shower gel, and the same shampoo. But when it was used on her, it felt different from his.

He sniffed at the quilt which she was covered with, and the red which hadn’t faded in his eyes grew stronger.


Ryan closed his eyes and murmured. He swallowed and stretched his hand towards the lower part of his body.

Probably because she had seen Ryan before going to bed, Jessica unexpectedly had a vague erotic dream. When she woke up, she had forgotten what exactly the dream was, but she clearly remembered it was an erotic dream, and the man in the erotic dream was her brother.

“What the hell!”

Jessica was freaked out and gave a hit on her head. It was grandma who always said that they had an improper relationship, so that she even had such a dream!

Covered with the quilt, Jessica was rolling on the bed. She was struggling whether to get up or not when someone knocked at the door several times.

“Get up and eat.”

When she heard Ryan’s cold voice suddenly, she nearly fell out of bed with fear. “Com…coming!”

Jessica’s mind was in a mess. She simply cleaned up and went downstairs for breakfast.

She dared not even look up during the breakfast, feeling guilty.

She wanted to slip away after breakfast, but was stopped by Ryan’s cool voice. “A friend rented a cruise ship, but he can’t come at the moment. It’s a waste to leave it there. You will go with me.”

Unbelievably, her brother actually said he was afraid of waste?

Jessica didn’t want to go. She really didn’t want to go at all.

But looking at his expressionless handsome face, she finally said obsequiously, “OK, OK. It’s so enjoyable to watch the sea on a cruise ship!”

“Then hurry and change now.”


When Jessica turned around, her face fell. Her brother did not force her to go, why did she dare not refuse? How could she be such a wuss?

She changed clothes with a heavy heart and went on the cruise ship with Ryan.

As soon as she was on board, she found that the whole deck was covered with red roses.

How many roses were there? And how much did it cost?

But it looked really nice.

And there were ribbon balloons hanging all over the ship. It looked so romantic.

“Ryan, did your friend prepare all this? Is he going to make a confession or proposal?” She had been in love with Alex for several years and had only received a bunch of red roses after breaking up with him. It was so sad.

Not his friend. He prepared it for her.

Ryan didn’t answer the question, but just looked at her with affectionateness in his eyes. “Do you like it?”

As long as she was a woman, she would certainly like things like that! Jessica was about to answer when the mobile phone suddenly rang.

Fortunately, the cruise ship had not moved from the shore, otherwise it was hard to say whether it would receive the signal.

Jessica connected to the video call. Chris’s rebellious and handsome face was showed on the screen. He seemed to have just woken up with a lock of hair standing on his head, and was looking at her with hatred.

Ryan saw Chris’s disgusting face at a glance. He frowned imperceptibly and his face fell.

But Jessica didn’t notice that. Chris’s stare made her blood run cold. “Chris, it seems that I didn’t do anything wrong to you.”

“I gave you a dozen phone calls last night, but you phone was power off. I sent dozens of messages and you didn’t reply!!” Chris complained angrily, like a dissatisfied housewife.

She turned the phone off before boarding yesterday and just turned it on this morning.

And as soon as she had just finished eating, she was rushed to the cruise ship by her brother. So she didn’t have time to check her phone.

Jessica touched her nose embarrassedly and chuckled, “I…”

She said just one word and the phone was snatched by someone from behind.

“Ryan?” Jessica turned around and looked up at the man who had taken her phone. Why did he grab her phone?

Ryan ignored her. He just held the phone, and looked coldly at Chris on the screen. “You have screwed things up. How do you have the nerve to question her?”

If Chris hadn’t messed around, his crazy fans wouldn’t have attacked Jessica.

Ryan didn’t give Chris a chance to speak. He directly hung up the phone, and then put Chris’s number on the blacklist, and threw the phone to Jessica.

“I haven’t finished talking to the bully. Why did you hang up…”

Under Ryan’s sullen gaze, her voice faded into silence.

Well, she’d better send a message to the bully so that he didn’t get the idea that she was blaming him.

However, Jessica had just turned on her phone when Ryan’s voice rang out again. “Do not contact him.”

If she annoyed him because she didn’t contact the bully, what if he didn’t pretend to be her boyfriend?

Jessica was so anxious that she forgot to be afraid for a moment. “Why do you still control if I send messages to my boyfriend?”

Once the words were out of her mouth, she regretted it when she looked at Ryan’s handsome face which was expressionless.

“I don’t blame you, but after all, Chris is my boyfriend. It’s not too much for me to send a message to my boyfriend, is it?” Jessica muttered.