Chapter 158 Jessica Had Lingering Fears

“I’ll tell mom and dad you’re awake.” Jessica went downstairs and called her father and mother. The two of them went upstairs hurriedly and asked about his health. After making sure that Ryan was fine, they were completely relieved.

The mother complained, “Now these people are too aggressive. They turned violent just because of some false information on the Internet. I think you’ll both have to bring some bodyguards with you.”

Beside them, the father nodded. Jessica also had lingering fears.

Only Ryan who struggled to sit up by holding the bed did not agree with it. “Jessica and I can hire two bodyguards, or five bodyguards, but the bodyguards are heavily outnumbered by netizens.”

“What do you mean?” The father asked.

Jessica liked Chris and both families supported it. If she stayed here and the two of them developed a relationship, he could only watch them get engaged and married helplessly.

Ryan’s eyes flashed, “It is not safe to stay at home at present, so let Jessica and I go to the island to live for some time, and we’ll come back after the storm.”

The father and mother thought this was a good idea, so they decided instantly and arranged for someone to prepare the helicopter.

Jessica was the only one who had some misgivings. If the accident of the explosion had anything to do with her brother, it might be dangerous for her to be alone with him on the island.

But this was only speculation. There was no proof and even she couldn’t believe that her brother would harm her. Of course, she wouldn’t tell her parents.

So she had to agree in the end.

Originally, their parents had intended to let Ryan go with Jessica when he was almost well. However, it was refuted by Ryan, who said, “I have been trained to defend myself. People can’t hurt me normally. But I’m hurt now, and if someone came into my room and tried to hurt me, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have a chance to fight back. It would be better for Jessica and me to go now.”

The mother was afraid and suspicious. “After…After all, this is a society ruled by law. How dare they come into your room and commit a crime? If you’re really worried, we can have a few more men on patrol.”

“It’s easy to commit crime but it’s hard to prevent crime. The security guards of our complex are already strict enough, but someone still came in and wanted to kill Jessica.”

Because the wound was pulled repeatedly, Ryan’s forehead was sweating with pain. The pain was unbearable, but he did not show it at all.

“Yes, that’s true.” The mother was persuaded.

That afternoon, Jessica and Ryan got on a helicopter and flew to the private island of the Howards.

Before boarding the plane, Ryan received a message.

“Ryan, I took all the videos of Amy and Alex discussing things and sorted them out.

Besides, these two idiots treated me as a fool and said a lot of disgusting things, which just match what they were secretly talking about. If you make a comparison video, I’m sure it will clear the name for you and my sister-in-law Jessica.

When will it be exposed? Shall I do it myself, or shall you arrange it?”

“Ryan, why don’t you get on?” After Jessica got on and didn’t see Ryan for a long time, she popped her head out and looked down.

Why her brother was still on his phone when it was time to go on board?

“Work.” Ryan lowered his head and replied, “Don’t expose it now, wait for my message.” and then he put his phone away.

Jessica thought he would casually say that he was coming or something else, but she didn’t expect he actually answered her question seriously… It was not his way.

She murmured, not taking the matter to heart.

The Howards owned more than twenty private islands. Ryan chose one that was livable and like spring all the year round.

The plane arrived at its destination at one o ‘clock in the morning. When Jessica was woken, she stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

Ryan caught her just in time, but the blanket she was covered with fell to the ground. He frowned. She could sleep like this. She was really something.

Seeing his displeasure, Jessica sobered up immediately. She glanced at the blanket on the floor and said embarrassedly, “Did you get it for me?”

“Is there anyone else here?” He looked sidelong at her.

Yes. Wasn’t the pilot human? But she could imagine that the pilot couldn’t cover her with a blanket.

Jessica gave him an ingratiating smile. “Thank you, Ryan, for the blanket you gave me so that I could sleep so well.”

“That’s because you keep seizing it from me.”


After seven or eight hours on the plane, they were tired, so they went back to their residence after they got off.

There was a small two-story villa on the island, which had been cleaned up under orders of their parents. And the parents had arranged for servants.

“Would you like some supper?” A servant asked, as soon as they entered.

Jessica had eaten a lot of snacks on the plane, so she was not hungry now. She shook her head and said, “No, thanks. Which is my room? I want to go to bed.”

She squeezed her sore neck, and vaguely heard the servant say it was the first room on the second floor. She nodded, and went upstairs.

The first one was on the left or on the right? It seemed it was on the left.

Jessica was so tired and sleepy that she didn’t bother to ask again. She turned left and entered the first room. Without a shower, she undressed and got into bed.

Ryan ate something before he went back to his room.

The climate was much warmer here than at home. He didn’t wear too much clothes, but he had already broken out in a sweat. Plus there was blood oozing from the wound, which was sticky and made him feel uncomfortable.

He frowned, took off his suit jacket and blood-stained white shirt, revealing a perfectly tan V-shape figure. His hands were on his belt and he was about to take off his pants when there were smacks from the bed.

Ryan buckled his belt again and looked at the bed with a cold face. Then he found that there was an inconspicuous bump under the quilt, and a little head appeared on the outside.

Was this…the woman, mom and dad arranged for him? Or grandma?

Ryan’s face fell, and his eyebrows and eyes were filled with anger. He strode over to the bed, and was about to throw the woman off the bed, when the woman in the bed suddenly turned around, revealing a face that had appeared in his dream countless times.

— Jessica?

Ryan’s rage subsided, but he still looked sullen.

Obviously, she was not throwing herself at him. It was just that she was in the wrong room.

There were only a few rooms in here, how could she go in the wrong room? If it wasn’t him today, but some other man…

Ryan looked down at her charming and fine face, suppressed his anger and said in a cold voice, “Get up!”

Jessica who was lying on the bed didn’t open her eyes, and seemed to be displeased with him. Her shapely eyebrows furrowed and she rolled over holding the quilt with groan and moan, who laid her slender white right leg on the quilt.

She did not even wear a nightgown. Her curvy body was vaguely exposed in front of Ryan.

He never thought of himself as a lustful person, but his body reacted almost uncontrollably as his eyes inadvertently fell on her rounded hips.

A wave of fire ran down his lower abdomen, reaching the very top of it, hard and uncomfortable.