Chapter 157 Do You Think It’s a Coincidence?

Mark was unhappy to be questioned about his profession. “A simple wound like that, even a bad doctor can handle it, ok? Let alone an excellent doctor like me.”

When he finished, he sighed with emotion, “Ryan’s lucky. If the knife had been tilted a little more, he would have died.”

Hearing his words, Jessica felt pangs of fear. She had mixed feelings.

If her brother had not come and saved her, she might have died today!

So, that explosion probably wasn’t arranged by her brother…right? If he wanted her to die, why did he save her in the explosion, and why did he save her this time?

Mark had an international meeting to attend, so after giving his instructions, he packed up to leave. Before he left, he asked, “Why was Ryan stabbed?”

The father and the mother also looked at them.

“Someone tried to kill me. Ryan was wounded because he saved me.” Jessica hung her head in shame.

But the parents did not blame her as she thought. They just told her to take care repeatedly after they saw Mark off.

An hour later, the two servants who had taken the woman to the police station returned.

Jessica asked, “Did the police find out what happened?”

“Yes, this woman is Chris’s crazy fan who considers herself as Chris’s girlfriend. She has been a fan of Chris for several years. When she saw him admit his love on Twitter, she insulted you. She was blacklisted, expelled from his fan roll, and warned by Chris in a private message that she was not allowed to insult you by making comment below his tweet.”

“She thought it was all because of you. She found your address and waited for you outside. Then she just saw you running alone.”

It was inconceivable to the two servants that the woman wanted to kill Jessica because of such a trivial matter. What was wrong with her?

Jessica was also speechless about it.

At this time, a servant came in and said Jeffrey had come.

With his arm around a female star who was quite popular recently, Jeffrey was charming and uninhibited, and he looked like he had moved on from his mother’s suicide.

When he heard that Ryan had almost died, the curve of his mouth dropped a little.

For some reason, Jessica felt his look was regretful and glad. She could not tell more.

But she soon dropped the idea.

Jeffrey was her brother’s great buddy. How could he want her brother to die? She must be out of her head to think that.

“When things went wrong in the explosion scene, Ryan just happened to be fine, and it was the same this time. God was kind to him.” Jeffrey half narrowed his eyes languidly and played with the little star’s hair casually.

What he said was quite normal, but it seemed to her that he was hinting at something.

“Do you know about the explosion?” She said with some hesitation.

“Yes, I have heard. Two close calls. If those were not special arrangements, he had great luck. But how could he arrange such things? He was just lucky.”

Jeffrey spoke carelessly, but it caused a stir in Jessica’s mind.

Two close calls were hardly likely… No, these couldn’t have been arranged by Ryan! It was an impromptu decision for her to go for a run in the morning. Ryan couldn’t have predicted it in advance.

And… He had no motive to do so. If he wanted to kill her, he couldn’t have come to save her. He didn’t have to do this.

Jessica racked her brains, but she still tried to look calm. “Ryan won’t do that.”

“Of course he wouldn’t. You’re his sister. How could he hurt you?” Jeffrey smiled and turned to kiss the little star on the cheek.

“Do you think the sweetie is stupid? She actually thinks seriously about it. How could Ryan hurt her?”

The star chuckled, “It’s hard to say. I heard that Jessica and Ryan are not biological brother and sister. Perhaps he likes you, and wants to save you from danger a few times, so you will fall in love him?”

How could Ryan like her? Wasn’t that nonsense?

Jessica was particularly disgusted with people putting her and her brother together recently. She frowned and was about to retort when Jeffrey scolded her, “Who let you joke with the sweetie about this kind of thing? Apologize to her.”

“I’m sorry, Jessica. I’m just guessing. I don’t mean anything.”

“…That’s all right.”

She only did it as a joke and she apologized, so it would be improper for Jessica to continue to say anything.

Jeffrey was sure that Ryan was ok, so he was ready to leave. “I promised my baby to go out for a ride, so I won’t accompany you.”

“I don’t want your company. Get out!” Jessica curled her lip.

Jeffrey smiled and scraped her nose with his finger. “Yes. Oh, by the way, that Carol who harmed you on the explosion scene before. Would you like me to fix her for you? Ryan has compassion for womanhood, but I don’t.”

At the mention of Carol, Jessica’s doubts rose again inside her.

This could not be arranged by Ryan.

But about the accident on the explosion scene, the way he handled it was too suspicious.

She paused for a moment, and then she pretended not to care and said, “You have it backwards. It’s always you who has compassion for womanhood.”

Jeffrey laughed, went out of the Howards’ house with his arm around the little star’s waist

When they went outside, the little star asked in a sweet voice, “Dear, why did you let me talk to Jessica about Ryan saved her?”

A touch of gloom flashed across Jeffrey’s eyes and then returned to normal. “After all, she is the girl who I’ve known since she was a child. I can’t let her be tricked by men.”

“I see…” It was still weird.

Ryan woke up at five o ‘clock in the afternoon. Jessica was so happy that she stood up quickly, and asked, “Ryan, how about the wound? Does it still hurt?”

The pain in the back of his waist was almost numb, but Ryan’s expression did not even change. After his eyes swept over her body and he was sure that she was fine, he said indifferently, “No.”

Jessica finally breathed a sigh of relief after she heard what he said, but she could not help saying, “Ryan, if… If this happens again, you don’t have to help me. It’s all right if something happens to me, but if anything happens to you because you’re trying to help me, I…”

Ryan didn’t like what she said. He couldn’t imagine what would have happened if the knife had been stuck into her body. His brow furrowed slightly, and interrupted in a cold voice, “Is that enough?”

He wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

Seeing that he was angry, Jessica stopped talking embarrassedly and said in a low voice, “Thank you, Ryan.”

She could fit it with Mark and Jeffrey, but she only treated him with respect, and had to distinguish everything.

Ryan pressed his lips and sneered, “If you really want to thank me, You should see a doctor about your eyes. Don’t make any brainless man your boyfriend next time.”


The overwhelming amounts of scandals were due to Alex, her ex-boyfriend, and the attack was due to Chris, her current ‘boyfriend’. So it seemed to be right that Ryan said they were brainless.

Jessica said nothing and acquiesced.