Chapter 156 Go to Hell, Bitch

Jessica had a messy dream all night. It was only when the phone rang that the nightmare was interrupted.

Half awake, she reached for the phone and answered, “Hello?”

“Oh, my goddess. It’s the most urgent situation. Are you still asleep?” Clara spluttered on the other end of the phone. “The fact that you are in love with Chris was exposed on the Internet.”

Jessica was fully awake all of a sudden. She pressed the middle of the brows, and sat up with a rush. “What?”

“What? I mean, why do you get together with the bully? Didn’t you say you didn’t like his type? And you were exposed that you’re having a relationship in this situation. What are you thinking?”

“Well, it’s hard to explain. You should go and have a look on the Internet.”

Jessica hung up the phone quickly and logged on the Twitter.

She had become a trending topic on Twitter.

#Jessica and Chris’s amour#, #Jessica and Ryan#, #Jessica and Mr. Johnson#, #Jessica bullied the people and dates different guys#…

After Jessica checked out those trending topics, she became agitated. She clicked on the topic # Jessica and Chris’s amour # directly.

The first was Chris’s tweet.

[Chris] Trolls always come to ask me for answer. So I’d like to announce, @Jessica is my girlfriend. Don’t ask me if I’m in a relationship with her any more. Plus, those are defamatory news on the Internet. I believe her. I don’t care if you believe or not, but do not insult her here. Otherwise I’ll blacklist you, and you should take the consequences.

“The idiot!”

The bully always called her silly, but was he an idiot? In this case, the exposure of their “relationship”, was not a suicide?

Jessica checked out the comments in a hurry, and the situation was exactly the same as she expected.

“My god, why do you like such a wanton woman who abused her power and bullied the people? You’re so good and you can be with anyone. Why do you want to be with such disreputable woman?”

“Well, the one who made the last comment doesn’t need to persuade again. I am his big fan. I said some unpleasant things about Jessica with my commonly used account and I was put on the blacklist directly. I’ve been following him for so many years, but he just blacklisted me. I’m not his fan anymore.”

“Agree. Is it not us fans who spoil him that make him so popular? But he just put us on the blacklist without caring our feelings at all. I’m not his fan, either.”

“There is no doubt that Jessica is an immoral person. I don’t believe Chris doesn’t know. I guess her family background caught his fancy.”

“Jessica is Jessica, Chris is Chris, don’t lump them together, ok? Our Chris is just deceived by a wicked woman temporarily. Those people who scold him are psycho!”

Different people had different comment, but their consistent view was Jessica was not worthy of Chris, and two people should break up quickly. Especially Chris’s faithful fan, they used a lot of offensive words when they swore at Jessica.

“What a mess he’s making…” Jessica wiped her face fretfully. She put down the phone, wanted to sleep again to forget these problems, but she could not fall asleep.

“What did you think when you exposed our fake romance at this time? ! ”

Jessica poked the phone keyboard hard. She completely regarded the phone as Chris.

It was only five o ‘clock and there was no reply.

Distraught, Jessica rolled over a few times in bed and went out for a run. Even in a bad mood, exercise could calm you down.

Just as she was running around the house for the second time, a woman in a hat and a mask suddenly rushed at her.

“Go to hell, bitch!”

With a knife in her hand, the woman rushed madly at Jessica.

She was so shocked that she could not move at all as if her feet had rooted. When the knife was thrown to stab her, a hand wrapped around her waist.

Before she knew what was happening, her body spun a hundred and eighty degrees and fell into a wide and familiar embrace.


Jessica heard the sound of the knife piercing the body, which made her blood freeze.

She hastily looked up, only to find that it was Ryan who saved her, and the fruit knife was stuck into the back of his waist. The blood stained his sportswear red.

“Ry…Ryan?” As soon as Jessica spoke, the tears came down.

Lots, lots of blood. Was he going to die?

But the look on Ryan’s face did not change at all. “What are you crying? I’m not dead.”

He pulled the fruit knife out with a slight frown and threw it aside, looking at the woman who had been petrified with cold face.

At this point, the woman probably regained her senses and turned to run, but she was stopped by Ryan. He called two servants to tie her up, get the surveillance video and take them to the police station.

After all this was done, Ryan just looked coldly at Jessica with anger on his face which could not be suppressed. “You knew there is a great disturbance on the Internet and still came out. Do you think you live too long?”

He shuddered at the thought that the knife would have been stuck into her body if he had not come.

Jessica also knew that she was careless this time. She kept her head down and didn’t dare to look at him. She just explained under her breath, “I just didn’t expect that these crazy netizens would dare to do it outside our house…”

Before she could finish, there was a muffled sound of a heavy weight falling to the ground.

She subconsciously looked up and saw Ryan covering the wound in the back of his waist and lying on the ground. His eyes were tightly closed and his lips were drained of colour.

Jessica panicked instantly.

“Ryan, Ryan…” Jessica crouched down to hold him, but she could not hold him up. His blood was on her body and her hands. The strong smell of blood made her mind go blank.

He would be fine.

Nothing could happen to him!

She took out the phone with trembling hands and called her mother with the hand which was stained with blood. “Mom, Ryan was stabbed, hurry…hurry and arrange for a driver to take him to the hospital.”

It caused quite a stir on the Internet, so they didn’t know how many reporters and fans were watching for the Howards. Their parents eventually didn’t let Jessica take Ryan to the hospital, but informed Mark.

Jessica had been crying since Ryan went into a coma. She found it useless to cry, but she couldn’t stop.

She was afraid.

“Mom, dad, Ryan has shed so much blood. Will he be all right if he doesn’t go to the hospital?” Jessica’s mind was in a mess and she couldn’t think at all.

Naturally, it was better going to the hospital. But in the circumstances, it was not suitable to go to the hospital. If they were stopped on the road by those crazy netizens, they might as well stay at home.

The mother took her hand and comforted her. “Jessica, calm down. Mark is as good as the doctors in the hospital.”

“I know he’s very good, better than the doctors in the hospital. But we don’t have anything at home. If Ryan loses too much blood and needs a blood transfusion, or if Mark forgets to bring something, by then… by then…”

Jessica didn’t want to think negative, but she couldn’t help it.

The mother kept comforting her, but she wouldn’t listen at all.

Fortunately, Mark came soon. He examined Ryan and treated his wound quickly.

“Is that all? Will it be any sequela?” Jessica asked anxiously, whose eyes were red.