Chapter 160 The So-Called Fulfillment Was Selfish

With her skeptical eyes now, Benjamin was anxious to immediately punish her on the spot.

When Benjamin had a clever idea, he thought, anyway, she would know sooner or later. It would be better to take advantage of the opportunity to pave the way to a sunny avenue for a happy life.

He pretended to have an embarrassing look that couldn’t be hidden, he couldn’t laugh, and it wasn’t appropriate to cry as a man, so he kept silent.

Originally, Alice also asked casually, just to anger him at that time. So, he really can’t…?

In this case, it was really embarrassing.

Alice smiled horribly, and quickly comforted his little heart that was easy to hurt. “It would be alright if you…you can’t do it. Anyway, you have a son, so don’t think too much. Besides, medicine is so developed now; maybe it will cure you one day. ”

The current Benjamin was dumbfounding, and his wife was indeed a wired woman.

Benjamin looked at Alice, “What about your happy life in the future?”

Alice patted his shoulder vigorously, “I won’t bother you with this. I won’t treat myself badly. There is so much young and handsome man for me, as long as I have money.”

Benjamin was angry with her words, thinking that she would say something warm to comfort him, but she…

“Then you don’t have to do everything to prevent me in the future, anyway, I can’t do anything to you.” This was the ultimate purpose of this Mr. Benjamin.

Alice looked at him poorly, he was so man in the past, now…

“Yeah, you should be considered helpless now.” After that, she took the snacks in his hands, “Let’s watch TV together.”

After that, she really didn’t take him as the opposite sex at all, and clung to him without any precaution. Her soft body was like a lazy kitten.

Unconsciously, she fell asleep.

With the constantly changing colored light on the screen, Benjamin stared down at Alice, who used his thigh as a pillow. Now she was really defenseless.

He couldn’t help tilting his lips, thinking that it would be great if it was so quiet, simple, and happy for the rest of his life.

Bending over and kissing her like a dragonfly on her forehead, he looked like a kid who did something wrong, and he was much panicked. He just lied to her just now, and he felt guilty. He even kissed her secretly, like it’s like a heinous crime.

She fell asleep very well, without notice being secretly kissed by him, which made Benjamin feel ecstatic. There was a sense of good luck that she did bad things and was not found. He couldn’t help bending over again, and his lips fell gently on her tip of the nose.

The breath she exhaled was hot on his cheek, and his heart trembled.

Seeing that she was sleeping well, his courage was getting bigger and bigger. This time, he was going to kiss her little mouth. She used to slightly open her mouth when she slept. This caused his lips to fall on her lips once. Now, he can’t help but want a little more.

No, “Crap!” A clear sound spread in the silent room, nothing else. It was Alice who gave this insane guy a slap.

Just give her a kiss, she didn’t care about it. But he should be so shameless and asked for more..

She didn’t expose the lie he had just self-destructed just now, and she had given him a lot of face. He really thought she was an ignorant and beautiful girl. Wouldn’t she know whether his words were true or false?

Alice pretended to pat a mosquito in her sleep, and turned over, and continued to sleep.

Benjamin covered his hurt face with one hand. This woman was really cruel. With such great strength, she really succeeded and hurt him.

However, just now he tasted a little sweetness in her lips and it was worth it.

This time he kissed her cheek lightly, in case he was hit again, and quickly flew away, leaning straight on the back of the sofa, staring at her who seemed sleepless, waiting for her response.

Benjamin slowed her breathing and waited for more than a minute. Alice was lying on his lap with a restless side, motionless.

He can’t help ridiculing himself. How naive he looked like.

In the early morning of the next day, the Pippi hugged his Winnie the Pooh and wore the same version of the Winnie the Pooh pajamas. He barely had two fat little feet and stood on the beige carpet in front of the sofa. Mom and dad were hugging and sleeping on the sofa.

Why did they sleep on the sofa in the living room? Was the bed in the room broken?

Joan came out later, and the scene in front of them made her laugh like flowers, which was really gratifying.

Alice dazzledly heard Pippi’s laughter, opened her eyes, and saw nothing. She saw the meat wall blocking all her sights directly. She had just dreamed, her brain was still blank, and she forgot where she was. She didn’t even notice him when she pushed him aside.

As a result…

“Ah!” With a scream, the man was really pushed from the sofa to the ground by Alice. Fortunately, there was a thick, long-haired carpet; otherwise he would be really miserable.

Alice bowed her waist, with one hand stretching out to try to hold him, but he rolled down too fast, and she failed.

The little guy Pippi didn’t know if it hurt or not, just felt that this action was funny, covered his little mouth, and giggled.

Seeing his son smile so happily, Alice couldn’t help laughing, and Benjamin, who was bitter, could not help rolling his eyes. “Don’t you show sympathy for me?”

Complaining as he, the expression on his face can hardly conceal his delicate happiness. Joan didn’t give his son a face, and said straightforwardly, “You just hide your happiness.”

Benjamin snickered, Alice glared at him, “You are not allowed to hold me to sleep in the future.”

Benjamin expressed his grievances, “It was you who hugged me last night. I just did what you wanted.”

Pippi ran to Alice holding pooh, “Mum, Pippi also wants mommy to hug me to sleep. Pippi wants Mum to hug Pippi.”

Alice stooped and leaned her forehead against his forehead. “Alright, drive away the big wolf, Pippi, grandma, and mommy will hug you to sleep together.”

Pippi still couldn’t understand his mother’s words, but just understood that she would drive away the wolf, and nodded obediently, “Well, drive away the wolf.”

After breakfast, Alice asked Benjamin, “You really don’t want me to go to the company?”‘

Afraid to hurt his self-esteem, she had to ask gently.

Benjamin smiled, “Your husband can deal with that. Just be your full-time wife at home.”

Alice couldn’t help humming, “Cut, who is your wife?”

Benjamin’s face was close to Alice, and a deep, thick voice spread into her ears. “It doesn’t matter if you admit it; you are my Benjamin’s woman anyway.”

Alice feigned a disdainful glance at the position below his waist, “Are you sure?”

With a sore throat, Benjamin couldn’t slap his face to expose his lies now, “I will actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment.”

Alice said queerly, “I’m afraid I can’t wait.”

Benjamin stared at her with wide eyes, how could she be so shameless to say these words?

The driver Joe came to pick up Benjamin. Alice remembered what Amy had said when she was drunk that night, and said to Joe with a bad attitude, “If you can’t give her happiness, please stay away from her. ”

Joe smiled bitterly, Benjamin helped with Joe, “You won’t be noticing me, right?”

None of them were good things. Alice’s expression was indifferent. “It is good you know yourself.”

Before someone got into the car, she was still cheeky and clenched Alice’s neck, letting her head rest on his shoulder. He said loudly in her ear, “But I found that without me, you are always unhappy. ”

Then, without Alice’s consent, he gave a deep kiss on her forehead, just like the general on the battlefield, turned around and turned on the car.

In the car, Joe was envious of Benjamin and Alice who had reconciled with each other. “When you are back, Alice is like coming alive again.”

Benjamin pouted and smiled, silent, and he had fallen into the memories of him and Alice.

Although Alice still wouldn’t forgive him for a while, but he was willing to wait, even if she had been with him for a lifetime, he would stay with her and wait.

Just as Alice said, ‘I f you can’t give her happiness, the farther away you stayed with her, the better. ‘Because he was taken aback by this sentence, he thought that as long as he was far away from her, she would be happy.

Later, he discovered that he was wrong. True love will defeat distance.

The love of mutual affection, the so-called fulfillment was selfish.

Fortunately, Benjamin was not too late for him to figure it out. If he still stubbornly thought that leaving him, Alice will also be happy, then he will really regret it.

If you love someone, no matter he was good or bad, you still love him.