Chapter 159 from Now On, I Will Support You

Alice and Amy refused to separate. In the end, Benjamin and Joe had no choice but to send them to Amy’s apartment together.

The two of them woke up the next day with a hangover. That feeling made them swear, and they will definitely not drink alcohol in the future, but it is useless to swear, and they will drink every time.

Alice asked Amy to rest at home for half a day, and then went to the company in the afternoon. Amy was distressed by Alice, “I will go to the company, and you can rest at home.”

“No, I’m good.”

When she arrived at the company, she felt that many employees looked at her with different eyes today, and smiled more mysteriously than usual. Alice thought that she was wearing Amy’s clothes and did not fit today. She stood in the elevator and took a serious look at herself. She didn’t think there was anything wrong.

She pushed open the door of the office. Who was the man sitting in her office chair? Was it true that he looked at her with affection and regret?

Alice walked back again and glanced at the doorplate on the glass door, then shook her head. He had not yet woke up and had an illusion.

Alice closed the door and walked in, looking indifferently at Benjamin who occupied her seat. “Who are you?”

Benjamin put down the pen in his hand, and seriously answered her, “Your husband.”

Alice seemed to have heard a big joke, “My husband died early, are you a man or a ghost?”

She admitted that she angered him directly.

Benjamin was not angry at all. Instead, he didn’t pout and smiled. “Fortunately, he is alive again.”

Alice sneered, “That should be my misfortune.”

Seeing her angry was also a kind of enjoyment. He smiled tenderly, stood up with a cane, and walked step by step in front of Alice. His warm and dry hands petted her waxy yellow face, warmly blame her, “Don’t drink in the future. Have you heard?”

Alice politely gave him a wink, “I don’t drink, and then you drink.”

“Yes, I’ll drink.”

Waiting for her here.

Alice opened her hand with anger, “Are you ready to take back the ‘throne’?”

Benjamin nodded, “Yes.”

Alice smiled and said, “It’s great. Later, you can ask the finance department to settle my salary for more than one year. I want to travel around the world with money.”

This Benjamin disagreed, “This won’t work, you just stay at home obediently, go shopping, yoga, stay with your son …”

Alice waited patiently for him to finish, looked at him, expressionless, “What on earth do you want to say?”

Benjamin smiled warmly, “I will support you in the future.”

Alice snorted, “Forget it. I will feel safer if I support myself.”

Benjamin actively reached out and held her in his arms. Alice originally intended to push him away, but when he thought that his legs might be unstable, she didn’t dare to push too hard, but she seemed to refuse but welcome.

“Then you support me. Anyway, I will be stick to you.”.

How could she be so easy to comfort, even if she didn’t push him away, she wasn’t like a block of wood that allowed him to hold her. “How strange you are, I’m not familiar with you, please don’t be so shameless?”

He laughed. “Don’t say so. You can do anything you want, as long as you don’t leave me.”

“Bro, you made a mistake, don’t you want me to get away from you the better?”.

Benjamin let go of her, raised her hand and pinched her small nose, “Call me your husband.”

This man was really shameless.

Alice stepped back and said, “You can play yourself, I will not be with you, let Amy make some arrangement for you in the afternoon.”

She was not a twenty-year-old girl. She can’t be complacent just with a sweet word into her heart.

She had been crazy about love, but now she needed more practicality, just that practicality, she can’t find it in Benjamin.

She didn’t know when he would suddenly disappear again, and she had deep fear of losing him again.

If she was destined to lose it, she would rather not to have him.

Alice didn’t go out. She hadn’t had a leisure time for a long time. After returning home, Pippi and her grandmother were enjoying themselves. Joan was surprised to see her return at this time.

“Don’t go to the company? What about Ben? Didn’t come back with you?”

Alice shook her head. “He may have decided to go to work in the company, and I won’t have to go to work in the future.”

“This is the best way to rest you at home and give Pippi a brother and sister.”

Was it like every mother-in-law? On the first day she just rested. Joan had asked her to continue the line of the family.

Where the future was for her and Benjamin was still unknown. To have children? Oh, that’s long way to go.

But she can’t disappoint Joan, so she just smiled, “Goddam, I was drunk last night and got a headache. I went back to my room to sleep.”

“Go, go to sleep, you can’t drink anymore in the future, Ben went out to look for you last night…..”

The words behind Joan were almost self-murmured, Alice could still hear, but the point was, Benjamin went out to find her last night?

Why didn’t she know? It seemed that there was such a person, but it shouldn’t be Benjamin, right? What did she say when she got drunk last night and let him go to work this morning?

Ah, just forget it. She had a headache.

She slept for a long time, and when she opened her eyes, a handsome face will almost stick to her face.

Maybe her sudden opening of eyes also scared him, his eyes widened, and then he narrowed his eyes and smiled.

Alice frowned and pushed him away. “You are a pervert, you are a hooligan. Why watch someone sleeping.”

Lying on the other side of the big bed, Benjamin smiled, “You haven’t let me get it. If you sleep for three more seconds, and I have successfully kissed you.”

Alice reached out and turned on the bedside lamp. “What time is it?”

“More than nine in the evening.” Benjamin also sat up with her, leaned on the bedside, and handed her a cup of warm water.

Alice glanced at the water and did not drink. She slept for almost twelve hours. No wonder she felt sore all over. She slept too long.

“Drink some water. You must be hungry. I’ll go get some food for you.”

Alice looked at him suspiciously, thinking to herself, he ran upstairs with a cane, and went down to help her get food and come up again, forget it, she didn’t want to bother him.

“I’m afraid of poison you put in this water. I’ll drink it myself.”

What? Benjamin drank the whole glass of water into his stomach as he looked up.

Benjamin found a crutch to prepare to go downstairs with her, but was stopped by Alice who had walked to the door. “Stop, you can sleep here tonight. I don’t want to say it twice.”

After that, Alice turned around and left.

Benjamin carefully thought about her words, wasn’t that clear enough? He can stay in her room and sleep together.

What’s her room, here was obviously their room, he can return to be a master.

With bright eyes, he went to the stairs and asked Alice, who was looking for food in the kitchen, “Do you want to eat?”

“Yes” Alice’s perfunctory answer, she only focused on finding food.

Benjamin returned to the room and was going to take a bath to relax himself, and prepare for a big fight later.

But he may be disappointed a lot. He lay in the bed and waited for a long time without seeing beauty come back.

Benjamin felt that he was about to fall asleep. When going out to call her, she was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, eating snacks while watching variety shows, laughing.

“Alice, what are you doing?” Benjamin stood in front of her with a cane, intentionally blocking the TV screen.

Alice stretched out her hand and pushed him away, “Don’t block me.”

Benjamin asked her again, “What are you doing?”

“Watching TV.” Can’t he see that she was watching TV very intently?

“Aren’t you sleeping?” Benjamin asked her again, feeling that she had hope for a better life tonight.

“What? I have slept for a whole day, but you, why don’t you sleep, you stop walking up and down, just sleep in my room.”

Benjamin sat down beside her, “You don’t sleep, I don’t sleep.”

A big man was so naive and not shameful.

Alice stared down at his empty hand. The snack in her hand had been snatched by him. She turned her head and looked at him, who staring at the side of the TV screen.

Alice regained the snack and looked at him very disdainfully, “Benjamin, wouldn’t you misunderstand what I just said?”

Benjamin pretended he didn’t understand her, “What did you just say?”

Alice looked at his lewd eyes. “You still have a bath?”

Ben retorted her with a straightforward attitude, “You think everyone is as dirty as you are, and of course you have to take a bath before going to bed.”

Alice was not convinced, and she turned around and faced him with a formal look. “Benjamin, in fact, I always have a question to ask you, can you answer me? ”

“You don’t ask, how I know if I can answer.”

Alice’s mysterious eyes stared at an unnamed organ of his body, “Can you still …?”