Chapter 158 Have you heard? I don’t want you

He forgot that she was afraid of being alone in the dark; she was afraid of being noisy when there were more people, and she was even afraid of height.

Benjamin stood alone at the street, he didn’t know where to find her, and she couldn’t answer his phone.

He was anxious, but found that he was really useless. He wanted to search the whole city, as long as he could get his Alice back, but he overestimated himself after all.

Calling the former assistant, the other party had been unanswered, and Jim happened to call him and asked where Benjamin he was, Benjamin told him truthfully.

In exchange for Jim’s impolite sarcasm, “Now you are anxious. Why did you go to before? For more than a year you were away, she had been doing this all day.”

“She is a woman. In order to help you support the company and family, she has done her best and overdraws her skills. In the eyes of many people, she is a strong woman abandoned by her husband, but she has no complaints. But what about you? For your little pride, you put her life on the blade. ”

Jim’s words made Benjamin very ashamed. He saw everything clearly, but he was still vague.

Jim told the address of the two hotels to Benjamin, which were often visited by Alice, because sometimes she really had to keep a distance from the men at the wine table. When there was some troubles, she will give him or Chuck call for help.

In the end, Jim said, “Buddy, there is no need to think too much. You just need to take good care of her. She has the ability to get the life she wants.”

Benjamin found Alice in the first hotel. There was smoke in the large private room. She was almost drunk, and the assistant was still helping her to stop drinking. She was drunk, too.

And those men who had other attempts were still trying to fill them with wine for various reasons. A drunk man was drunk holding the wine glass and walked to Alice. The disgusting hand was about to be held in Alice. Benjamin hit him with the stick in his hand.

This man Benjamin also knew. He was the marketing manager of the supplier who he had cooperated with for a long time. The man felt a sudden pain, and he was about to scold. He took a closer look and never thought of it was Benjamin.

“Chief Benjamin …”

Many people in the room couldn’t help looking at Benjamin when they heard the claim. Benjamin smiled politely, “Look, everyone, long time no see.”

A lot of customers who had been complacent with Benjamin before, but now they were having trouble with Alice’s business trip, were silent for a while, and a few drunken people suddenly woke up.

“Mr. Ben, this is your wife.” One of them said with a smile.

Benjamin nodded, “Yeah, I called her and she hadn’t been able to get through, I’m really miss her so I come over.”

“Manager Alice has a good drink …”

“Yeah, Manager Alice has always been a strong-minded woman …”

“Or let’s get out tonight, and we’ll have a drink alone when we have time …”

Benjamin didn’t say a word, the sharp and mysterious smile at the corner of his mouth kept hanging. These people were obviously guilty.

Assistant of Alice saw that the boss was here, and felt that she could finally sleep, sitting in a nearby chair, directly slept on the sofa.

Stupid Alice saw the assistant also lie down, she reached out and patted her little face, “Hey, you can’t do it anymore. I called Jim and let him come to rescue us.”

She sat up straight and remembered something, “No, I just dropped my cell phone. Give me your cell phone and I’ll call.”

The assistant was drunk and uncomfortable, and hated someone to touch her. “No, the boss is here.”

“Boss? Who’s the boss?” Alice was so stupid that she couldn’t see the one standing in front of her.

“Your husband, Benjamin,” the assistant said loudly and clearly.

Alice smiled suddenly, and the smile was very sad. “You are drunk, how could he come over. Let me tell you, he just called me and asked me where I was , I didn’t tell him. ”

Assistant didn’t know if she was dazzled or maybe really drunk. Anyway, she was dizzy and turned around, feeling that the whole house was constantly moving around.

“Isn’t he your husband, Alice, I also want to marry a husband like President Ben, if you don’t want it, give him to me.”

Alice immediately tapped the table and agreed without hesitation. “I’ll give it to you. I don’t want him anymore.”

Assistant and Alice hit it off and clapped their hands. “Deal.”

She finally sent the bastard out, but her heart was uncomfortable. Tears rolled down on her face, and looked at the man in front of her, “Benjamin, did you hear me, I don’t want you, don’t …”

After speaking, tears were like dripping pearls, dripping down and down, Benjamin distressed to help her wipe the tears, but was pushed away by Alice, “Don’t touch me, who are you? I tell you, my man is Benjamin, you better stay away from me, or he will come back and kill you. ”

She was so stupid that she couldn’t even see if the person in front of her was Benjamin. She tried to stand up from the dining chair and helped her assistant, who was already on the table and was asleep, “Little baby , Go, we should go home. ”

Amy was uncomfortable in her stomach and didn’t want to go. “Let me sleep again, I’m uncomfortable.”

Alice had a serious expression. “No, there are bad guys here. Let’s go to book a room.”

Amy asked Alice to stand up, and the two of them walked unstably, and Benjamin, who was behind them, was also worried for the two of them.

He wanted to help them. The two of them really treated him like a bad gut, stepping on him with one foot.

In the lobby, a server came to the front desk, “Sir, you haven’t checked out yet.”

Benjamin took the card to her when the card was swiped. The two of them accidentally fell to the ground. A waiter helped them in the past. The two of them looked at each other with a smile.

Amy lowered her head and buried her face on Alice’s shoulder as much as possible. “It’s a shame. I am still single.”

Alice was suddenly sober, “No, isn’t your boyfriend the driver Joe? Don’t think that I didn’t see it, you secretly fell in love.”

Amy shook her head bitterly. “Alice, all you see are superficial phenomena, you don’t understand.”

Benjamin managed to persuade the two of them into the car, and their defense was still very strong. When they got on the car, they snapped the rear door and did not allow him to approach.

Benjamin was sitting in the front seat. He told the driver the address, and the two women behind were still talking mysteriously.

Amy leaned on Alice’s shoulder. “Alice, I’ll tell you a secret. You must not tell anyone.”

Alice nodded, “Well, I promise not to say.”

Amy whispered in Alice’s ear and whispered, “Although love is easy, marriage is not easy. I and that person are passionate and affectionate, but not love and cannot be married.”

Alice was puzzled. “Why? I think you are a good match. Several times when I found you were in troubles, he was more anxious than anyone else.”

Amy smiled bitterly. “No matter what, he was married and he has a two-year-old daughter.”

Alice felt that she had heard a big secret, and opened her mouth to look at Amy, and Amy nodded meaningfully.

“But his resume is unmarried?”

“It’s unmarried because they didn’t register, but the existence of that child cannot be ignored.”

Alice found that she suddenly understood a lot. She reached out and held Amy to comfort her. “It’s okay, we are so good, but I’m afraid we can’t find a good man. One day, a prince will ride a white horse to marry us into the castle of happiness. ”

Amy nodded vigorously and suddenly a hysterical roar, “Damn it. Wasn’t Joe just a driver? Without you, I Amy can have a bright future.”

The driver was helpless when he encountered such a drunken woman. He turned around and looked at Benjamin, who was sitting beside, “Is that your wife?”

Benjamin pointed to Alice, who couldn’t be better.

He hadn’t retracted his hands yet, and Alice had a deafening voice. “Go to hell Benjamin. If you have the skill, then you will never come back. You are a bitch.”

How fortunate the taxi driver was. They both spit out after getting off the car. The driver who was scolded just now. Joe showed up, and he was shocked when he saw Benjamin.

Benjamin asked him directly, “Why don’t you pick them up?”

Joe also thought, “A car just happened to be sent to check. Another car was hit by Alice last night.”


Joe nodded. “Yes, Alice had to drive out by herself and was slightly injured.”

“Where was she hurt?” He didn’t even notice that she was hurt!

Joe saw that he was too nervous and quickly explained, “No, it was the car that was injured, and my sister was fine.”

Benjamin glared at him, “Hurry to send Amy back, and, where do you come from, where are your wife and child?”

Joe closed his mouth tightly. “I can’t tell you this.”