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Chapter 157 Baby Was Bought Online

At the end of lunch, Pippi had to take a nap. Joan accompanied Pippi to take a walk in the small park, and then went upstairs for a lunch break.

When Alice cleaned up the kitchen, she asked Benjamin, “I’ll go out later and ask for care nurse for you. Do you have any requirements?”

Benjamin looked up at Alice, who was cold and distant, and his heart was stagnant. “No need.”

Alice directly stated her attitude, “The godmother’s waist is twisted, I have no time, you still …”

“I said, no.” Benjamin interrupted Alice’s words with anger. He controlled the wheelchair and turned around, no longer facing Alice.

Alice looked at the back of his back. She hurt his pride.

When she went back to the supermarket to buy food in the afternoon, she still came back with a professional care nurse. She briefly introduced Joan and Benjamin to the 23-year-old girl.

She thought to herself that Benjamin should be satisfied at her finding a young and beautiful girl to take care of him.

As a result, the little girl was fired by Benjamin before she did anything.

In the evening, Alice stood next to Benjamin, and had a cold war with him. He drove the care nurse away. Who cared for him?

Wasn’t he provoking her? If she just ignored him like that, what would he do with her?

Therefore, Alice turned her back on him blindly, and even if he slept in a wheelchair overnight, it had nothing to do with her.

Joan also relentlessly refused to take care of Benjamin, and watched their awkwardness. Pippi didn’t understand anything. He just felt that his mother was not very happy today. He was used to sleeping with her at night, so he didn’t accompany grandma.

Alice finished Pippi’s bedtime story, and Pippi blinked with good-looking big eyes without sleepiness, “Why don’t you sleep?”

Pippi asked slowly, “Mum, aren’t you happy?”

Alice smiled, “No, there is Pippi accompanying mommy, why isn’t mommy happy?”

Pippi asked again, “Don’t you like Dad?”

This question made Alice a little bit embarrassed. The answer inside her heart was, ‘Why do I like someone who doesn’t need you? ‘

Afraid of affecting Pippi’s physical and mental growth, she had to tell Pippi, “I like him.”

Pippi was very happy with mommy’s answer. He closed his eyes and held his arms around Alice. “Mom, did mommy and daddy choose me together in the online store and then bought me back online?”

Uh … “Yeah.”

The little guy often asked Alice, where did he come from? Alice will tell him, ‘I gave birth to you. ‘

The little guy said he didn’t understand and asked, “How?”

This … it was a bit difficult to answer. When Alice was thinking how to tell him simply, the little guy suddenly thought of the answer himself.

“Oh, Mommy, I know. I saw that everything can be bought online. So you must buy me online, right?”

“… Yes, I bought you online.”

Since then, in Pippi’s impression, he was bought online, haha.

“Mummy, good night.”

“Good night, darling.”

After Pippi fell asleep, Alice couldn’t sleep. She was going to ruthlessly ignore Benjamin, but when he really needed her, she couldn’t do it.

She got out of bed lightly, afraid of waking up Pippi who had just fallen asleep. When she reached the first floor, he was still sitting in a wheelchair alone, watching a financial program in the living room that could make people doze off.

The volume of the TV was very low. When hearing the sound of walking, Benjamin couldn’t help looking back, but Alice’s gaze was unwilling to look at him.

Alice took the remote control from his hand, said nothing and asked nothing. After turning off the TV, she pushed him towards his bedroom.

Benjamin lowered his eyes, and a sour smile arose from the corner of his mouth. Actually, if she didn’t come down to take care of him tonight, he would be in a wheelchair all night, but she came down after all, and he accepted it with peace of mind. .

In the bathroom, she looked like an angry adult and had a lot of movements, but she was afraid that she might hurt his hands or face, and her strength was not strong.

When she helped him wash well, Benjamin said something special, “I can do these things myself.”

Alice was angry, glared at him, and pushed him to the bed. “Electricity is very expensive. Please go to bed early in the future.” he can go to bed himself, right? Then he should go to bed by himself.

When Alice turned around, Benjamin grabbed her hand, because of her reaction in the afternoon, this time he clenched tighter.

Alice stared angrily at the hand he was holding, commanding sternly, “Let go of me.”

Benjamin slowly stood up, still standing tall in front of her, holding her hand and never let go. He looked at her, his eyes calmed, “Let’s talk.”

Alice refused, “Nothing to talk about, let go of me.”

“I won’t.” Instead of letting go, he squeezed her tightly into her arms. It was a familiar and warm feeling. He hugged her, his deep voice mixed with the thought of her, “Don’t fool around, okay? ”

His words made Alice sneer. In her opinion, she was fooling around.

She pushed him away, stepped back, and stood in front of him indifferently. “Benjamin, it’s not that I’m fooling around, it’s that I’m dead to you, and I won’t allow you enter in my world anymore. You think you could come and go freely, but I finally realized that in your heart, I am not important at all. You can go whenever you want to go, and come back whenever you want, but what about me? ”

Benjamin explained, “I just don’t want you to worry about me too much.”

“Worry about you? You are too self-righteous. In my eyes, you are dead long ago.” What else was there to worry about the dead?

Benjamin frowned, trying to approach her, but she took a step back, forbidding him to touch her, “Don’t be mad at me, is that OK?”

Alice actually saw that he could stand well, and walking should not be very difficult. It seemed to be much better than she imagined. She was not staying rigid with him, turning around, “go to bed early.”

Looking at her leaving figure, Benjamin could only sigh and slowly turned around to sit on the edge of the bed. She didn’t want to forgive him.

The rest can only take time to repair the gap between them.

The next day, Joan deliberately asked Pippi, “Let mom and dad give you another little brother and sister? Then you will have kid playing with you every day.”

Pippi didn’t even think about telling grandma, “Grandma, just ask mommy to go to the online shop and pick one. I was just bought online by my mom and dad.”

Joan couldn’t help laughing, but Benjamin’s face was very bad. “Alice, what are you teaching my son?”

Alice ignored Benjamin, “I raised him, and id you have the ability, you can teach him.”

Joan glared at his son, standing by Alice, “Yeah, you have the ability to teach him. When you were six years old, you thought that I had picked you up from the trash can.”

“…” Benjamin chose to remain silent. Anyway, he was now in this home, he had no status at all, and he had very little sense of existence.

Pippi listened to Grandma’s words, walked to his father, held his hand, and looked at him pitifully. “Dad, you were picked up in the trash can, it’s pitiful and smelly.”

“…” Benjamin smiled sadly at his baby boy. This little boy was his own son.

Alice grinned aside. Benjamin glanced at her, “What are you laughing at?”

Alice shrugged, it didn’t matter, “None of your business.”

Someone said shamelessly, “It doesn’t matter. I just think you smile well.”

Alice stretches her face and walked away, and then she heard the son behind her cheerfully saying, “Mummy, smiles, Mummy, smiles…”

If this continued, it was estimated that the cold war will not last long, so she will not easily forgive someone before he was not ready to formally apologize for her.

Pippi and his grandmother had become familiar with each other again these days. The magic of family was very great. Soon Pippi relied on his grandmother. Alice also found a reason to leave early and return late, or she will not return all night.

Every time she call home, there was only one reason. The company worked overtime.

Benjamin decided to go to the company to see how busy she was every day, wasn’t she just to not see him? Or she was living in the company every day.

When he got downstairs, he found that he was too naive, and thought that she would live in the company without going home, but he did not expect that she would not be in the company at all.

Holding the cane, Benjamin dialed Alice’s number and asked angrily, “Where are you?”

Alice, who heard his voice, glanced at the caller ID again and thought that she had heard it wrong. Since he came back, he had never dared to talk to her in such a tone.

It looked like she was drunk tonight. How could she hear his angry voice, so he might be drunk too?

Alice took the mobile phone and left the private room, leaning on the cold wall of the corridor, “None of your business. What the matter with you?”

Listening to her voice, he felt that she was not sober, and could not help asking, “Are you drunk?”

The anger just now had been replaced by anxiety, and he was a little surprised that he had lost his temper with her just now.

Alice didn’t conceal him, “Yeah, what? Who is to blame? You just left without saying a word. How do you think the company will survive for more than a year? ”

Benjamin felt painful in his heart. Of course he felt sorry for her, and he always knew her grievances, but he did not expect that she was so hard.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

Alice suddenly became furious. “Fuck you, Benjamin. Get away.”

After speaking, Alice smashed the phone directly on the wall and scolded him, but she was still not happy at all.

If he can’t give her a lifetime of protection, then don’t pamper her from the beginning. He pampered her to such an extent that he suddenly dumped her and left her alone.