Chapter 156 Don’t Mess With a Woman

Pippi looked at the mother who came over from the restaurant. She was probably scared by her grandma’s too closeness and even her voice was low, “Mum …”

Alice smiled softly at Pippi, “she is grandma, Pippi don’t you remember? When Pippi was very young, she took care of you.”

Joan put down Pippi, touched his face, measured her height, and squeezed his arms. “Grandma’s baby is so big. Oh, I miss you so much!”

Pippi blinked with big clear eyes, looked at his grandma who loved him very much, and cried sweetly, “Grandma.”

Joan’s smiling love was warm, “Good boy.”

At the entrance, there has been another person just now. Alice had seen him at first glance, but she ignored it deliberately.

He didn’t go in, and she thought he didn’t exist.

Joan held Pippi and looked at Alice, “Are you going to go out?”

Alice smiled and nodded, “Well, I want to take Pippi out and go around.”

Joan said, “Don’t go out. It’s been crowded everywhere these days. I ‘m still stuck in the traffic jam. How good is it to rest at home? You see how thin you are.”

Alice smiled, “I still think I’m thin and pretty.”

Joan expressed an unhappy expression. “Badly, it looks fatter and richer.”

The mother-in-law and wife who hadn’t seen each other for a long time talked very well. Joan winked at Alice, and asked her to greet the Benjamin who was still in the porch.

Alice smiled, didn’t speak, and didn’t say hello to that person.

Isn’t he unable to come in by himself, or would she have to go in person to invite him? It doesn’t matter if he wanted to enter the door, she didn’t ask him to come back.

But Pippi was walking with two short legs, step by step towards Benjamin, standing in front of him, two fat little hands on his lap, sweetly yelled, “Daddy …”

Thousands of words could not compare with such a call with thoughts.

Benjamin’s stiff expression had obvious movement. He smiled at the corner of his mouth and said in a low voice, “Hey.”

Pippi, who was only two years old, walked happily behind Benjamin. The handle of the wheelchair was almost the same height as the little one. He held the wheelchair handlebar in both hands and pushed Benjamin hard.

Alice looked at this scene with a frown. She couldn’t stop Pippi. The little guy even had a temper like him, and was very shy.

Pippi’s strength could not push Benjamin, who was sitting in a wheelchair, and Benjamin slowly controlled the speed with a remote control, as if Pippi was pushing him away.

Joan touched her tears, and when Pippi pushed Benjamin into the living room, Joan went to hold Pippi. “Good baby, you must bully this bad dad well in the future.”

Pippi didn’t like what Grandma said. Correct Grandma’s words, “Good dad.”

Alice put down the child’s insulated cup in her hand, and she had to cancel the travel plan. She told Joan, “I’ll call Janice and let them not wait for me and Pippi.”

Joan nodded, “Well, it’s okay to just let them come over here.”

Alice took the mobile phone and went to the other side to make a call. Janice on the other side of the phone heard Alice’s words. She sat up suddenly in the car, causing her head to hit directly on the car cover. It hurt. “Benjamin’s bastard, is he back without a word?”

“Yes.” Alice also thought that person was a bastard.

Janice was not a fuel-efficient lamp, and narrowed her eyes to help Alice make suggestions. “Alice, ignore him. You turn a blind eye to him and a deaf ear to his words. You have to punish him.. ”

Alice ignored him, and agreed with Janice very much, “I really do.”

After ending the call, Jim had a shudder. His woman was perfect, except that she was too extreme.

She was never soft-hearted to him or as she to men of her friends.

No matter how much he disagreed with her, he dare not mess with her now, stretch out his hand and touch her distressed head, “Does it hurt?”

Janice was still struggling with Alice. She shook her head angrily, “It doesn’t hurt.” Jim, who didn’t know what she thought of, suddenly ordered. “Turn around at the intersection, I have to go to Alice’s house. “Bastard Ben had come back.”

Jim was sweating and could only comfort her patiently. “Darling, in today’s society, beatings are against the law, we cannot know the law and break the law.”

Janice was already angry, and his remarks fueled the fire. “Jim, who is your darling? Don’t yell if you know I am not. You still know the law. In terms of law, illegal cohabitation is also against the law. ”

“…” Jim was speechless by the hot woman and could only turn back to the important question just now. “Don’t mess up with them. Let them sort out their feelings. Benjamin is back now. Then, there must be a reason and reason for his return. No matter what, the family is a family. When the door is closed, it should be scolded. That is a matter for both of them. Let’s not mix it up. Alice was willing to forgive him. Benjamin also came back for forgiveness. At that time, you just broke them apart, wouldn’t it be embarrassing? ”

Don’t mess with women in this world.

Joan asked Pippi to play in children’s room, in order to give Alice and Benjamin a little time and space to get along.

When there were only two of them left in the living room, Alice didn’t leave any thoughts, carrying the suitcase to the second floor.

Since she was not going to travel, she should take out the contents of the suitcase.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Benjamin looked at her back upstairs, moved his lips, and wanted to speak, but Alice’s alienation and strangeness to him made him wonder what to say.

She must be blaming him, she must be angry with him, and it took time for her to accept him again.

Alice didn’t come out again after going upstairs and entering the house. Even if the door of her room was open, he didn’t go up.

Joan quietly came out to observe the situation of the two of them, and returned to the children’s room with disappointment. Benjamin was sitting alone in the living room. He was in his own home, but he was at a loss what to do?

He laughed at the loneliness deep in his heart, and accepted the deliberate alienation so far.

Later, Alice cleaned up a room for him on the first floor, Benjamin was sitting and watching her busy, waiting for her to finish, and she left without saying a word to him.

Sitting in a wheelchair, Benjamin held her hands. Alice seemed to be stung by a bee, and suddenly pulled back her hands, looking back, looking at Benjamin expressionlessly, coldly. And asked lightly, “Is there anything else you need?”

Benjamin frowned, sighing softly, “I’m not a guest of this family.”

If he defended his identity, Alice laughed coldly, and she asked him, “you thought who you are in this family?”

Benjamin’s other words were stuck in his throat. He couldn’t speak because of her indifferent expression. He didn’t look back and said in a low voice, “Thank you for helping me clean up the room.”

There was a mocking smile on the corner of Alice’s mouth, “You’re welcome.”

As soon as she arrived in the living room, Pippi ran out on her own, shouting anxiously, “Mummy, Mummy …”

Alice stepped forward, “What’s the matter? Baby.”

Pippi stumbled, “Grandma was injured because she held Pippi in circles …”

Pippi took Alice’s small hands to the children’s room, and Joan supported the twisted waist with one hand. “Look at me. I thought I am still young and lifted Pippi in circles.”

“Would you like to go to the hospital?” Alice asked in fear of seriousness.

Joan immediately shook her head. “No, it is alright. Did you see Nanny when you came here? Did she go out to buy food? It seems that we have to bother her to take care of Ben at the moment.

Alice smiled forcefully, “Nanny’s son got married and she went home for a while.”

Joan nodded understandably. Actually, Joan was like a mirror in her heart. This year, she had always been in touch with Nanny, and called every day to ask about how about Alice and Pippi.

Joan tentatively asked Alice, “Can you help me take care of Ben temporarily? He can’t deal with things without people.”

Alice was not stupid. Joan knew that Benjamin needed someone to take care of him. The injury on her waist was also old hurt. How could she be twisted as soon as she returned?

She smiled, didn’t speak, nor did she promise or refused.

Alice went to find an apron for Joan. It was almost lunch time, and Nanny was not here. She was going to make lunch. They should get jet lag just after getting off the plane. Let Joan and Benjamin have a rest after eating.

She opened the refrigerator and found that she had emptied the refrigerator because she had planned a seven-day trip. She can’t make any other meals except egg noodles.

She had to order a takeaway, thinking about taking time to shop in the afternoon to buy some ingredients, since he had been back, she could not ignore him.