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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 80 He disappears

Karin runs all the way to Charlie’s Mansion, drags the crumpled newspaper in her hand, and rings the doorbell hard. She suddenly feels that she is sad.

The heavy door opens and appears housekeeper stands in front of her, “What did you do so early in the morning?”

“I want to see Charlie.”

“He is not here.”

With a bang, the housekeeper closes the door.

Impatiently, she continues to ring the doorbell. This time, her fingers are numb, but the door never opens again.

Charlie is not at home. If he is present, he will hear the outside movement. If he is present, he cannot let the housekeeper treat her so rudely.

Thinking of calling Charlie, she realizes that the mobile phone is still in Barry’s, so she runs back again.

Barry returns her mobile phone, but says nothing about the text message deleted in the morning.

She dials the familiar number in a mood, but in the next second, her face turns pale, and his cell phone turns off.

Karin is unwilling to give up. She rushes to Charlie’s company, but is relentlessly informed that he is away.

Standing under the sun, the whole person is somewhat unstable. Yesterday, he told her resolutely to rest assured, he would definitely terminate the marriage contract. After only one night, everything changes, and he disappears, and then he is about to get married.

Can anyone tell her what the hell is going on…

Charlie, where is he…

Back at school, when Billie sees her, she hurriedly asks, “Where did you go yesterday, and the phone turns off!”

She doesn’t want to say anything, she just wants to get a good night’s sleep until she couldn’t wake up.

“Well, what’s wrong?”

Billie sees that she is gloomy.

“Look at it yourself.”

She expressionlessly hands Billie the squared paper in her pocket.

Billie is startled, “No? How is this possible! He even came for you last night!”

Turning swiftly, Karin holds Billie’s shoulders together, “What did you say? You said Charlie came to me yesterday?”

“Yeah, he looked for you in the dormitory last night. I said you were away and he left.”

“Did you say nothing?”

“No.” Billie shakes her head.

Decadently falling to the bed, she bites her lips desperately to prevent tears from falling.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, this may be just a scandal, Charlie will come out to clarify.”

“But I can’t even see him.”

“What about Robert?”

“His phone is turns off, and everyone is gone.”

This matter is indeed depressing enough, and Billie is worried, “Then you will come to Charlie’s Mansion tomorrow to see it.”

Maybe it is really too tired and too distressing. She wakes up at noon the next day. Hurriedly getting changed, she rushes to Charlie’s Mansion again.

After ringing the doorbell for a long time, the housekeeper doesn’t open the door. If no one opens the door, she would press it like this.

Eventually the housekeeper could not bear the noise of the bell, she opens the door aggressively.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“I just ask, where is Charlie?”

“I do not know!”

“Then I’ll look in myself!”

Karin rushes out, she could not bear the torture of such waiting.

“What? Do you want to break into a private house?! Go out, or I’ll call the police!”

A car stops between the two.

A pretty woman comes down from the car, and asks softly, “What’s wrong?”

Karin turns around, and it is Mia who comes, their eyes crossed, and Mia’s eyes are obviously provocative and proud.

“It’s Miss Karin, what are you doing this early in the morning?”

When the housekeeper sees Mia, her attitude is immediately relaxed, “Miss Mia is like this. She is noisy to enter the house to find the young master.”

Mia sneers, “Then you let her enter, Nanny May, Miss Karin is but one of Charlie’s countless girlfriends, even she can’t change the abandoned end”

Her ridiculous words are in order to stimulate Karin, and Karin strives to maintain calmness, and tells herself that there is a difference between a human and a dog. If a dog bites you, will you bite back?

“Well, then you come in.”

The housekeeper steps aside, deliberately emphasizes, “Miss Mia is the future hostess of Charlie’s Mansion. She lets you in, and I have nothing to say.”

Charlie is really absent. The quilt is neatly folded in his room. There is no trace of temperature on the bed, and even the air is cold.

Going downstairs blankly, in the living room, Mia looks at her desperately at a loss.

“What? You don’t find the person you are looking for?” She asks knowingly.

“Where is he?”

“Do you mean my fiance?”

Deliberate emphasis the fiance, her fiance.

“Just tell me where he is. As for who he is, I’m not interested to know.”

Mia shrugs, “He is on a business trip. Doesn’t he tell you? Oh yes, he has so many beauties, how can he have time to inform them one by one.”

“I think you would say, your fiance’s whereabouts, I have no right to know.”

Since she likes to emphasize this point, then, let her help emphasize it.

Mia moves slowly, stands in front of her, and smiles ironically, “You, remember, never say “I thinks “. You think your men will be like you think, but their hearts are changing rapidly.”

Karin doesn’t want to stay here to listen to her chilling words, and as soon as she turns around, and is ready to leave.

“Wait.” She stops Karin, crouches down, opens the bag near her feet, and takes out a snow-white noble wedding dress shining with diamonds.

“Charlie sends me this from France today, designed by famous wedding designer SUZANNEERMANN. How about it? Isn’t it beautiful?”

Mia’s happiness and pride are in stark contrast to Karin’s frustration. However, Karin still wants to frustrate her spirit.

She reaches out her hand calmly, and touches the diamond inlaid on her wedding dress. She smiles, “It’s very beautiful, but…” She says in Mia’s ear, “It is not suitable for you at all.”