Chapter 79 Obstinately not returning to home

A short period of misunderstanding, Mike asks seriously, “Why?”

“I broke up with him.” She simply confesses, “I fall in love with another man.”

“What did you say? You say it again!” Mike snarls hard, almost breaking her eardrum.

“I said I broke up with him and I fell in love with another man.”

No matter whether her father can accept it or not, she bravely says something about falling in love with Charlie.

First it is deadly silence, and then comes the unexpected angry voice, “Come back immediately!”

“Dad, listen to me, Barry and I really can’t go on, he…”

“Don’t say anything! Come back!”

Seeing her father not giving her an opportunity to explain to her at all, Karin feels sad and aggrieved, and loses her temper, “I don’t want to go back!”

She knows that they cannot accept the news!

Dial the number again, but instead of calling home, she calls Charlie.

“Hey? Karin.”

He is always used to talking to her with such a soft voice, which makes her sad.

“Charlie, I will not return home with Barry.”

She is seriously and determinedly, talking about her decision.



“Then your parents…”

“I’ve made it clear to them that I love you. I don’t want to be tangled with Barry.”

Silence, he says, “Good.”

“Then you need to solve the problem as soon as possible…”

Now that her family already knows she has fallen in love with someone, if they know that the person she loves has a marriage contract, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Well, rest assured, I will definitely break the contact with Mia.”

At night, Barry call Karin. She hangs up the phone, and he calls again until she connects.

“What’s up?”

“Karin, I know you won’t go back with me tomorrow, but I have a wish. Can I see you again before I leave?”

“Just say what you want to say on the phone.”

Obviously, she doesn’t want to see him

“I don’t have much to say, just want to see you again. Can you promise me?”

Barry’s tone is rather humble, so humble that she could not bear it.

After some consideration, she reluctantly agrees, “Well, I’ll see you off tomorrow.”

Early the next morning, she rushes to the hotel where Barry lives, and he is packing in the bedroom.

“Karin, thank you for coming.”

“Nothing, are you ready?”


He continues to pack up his luggage, and after a while he gets up and says, “Can I borrow your mobile phone to make a call?”

“And yours?”

“Shut down.” He shrugs.

Karin doesn’t think too much, and passes her cell phone. However, something unexpected happens to her.

Barry gets her mobile phone, jumps out of the room, and closes the door heavily.

Before she responds to what has happened, she rushes forward and pulls the door hard, but the door is locked by Barry from the outside.

“Open the door, open the door, Barry, what do you want to do!” She questions angrily.

“Karin, don’t blame me. I can’t help it. Your dad called me last night and asked me not to let you go. He will come her tomorrow.” Behind the door, Barry explains.

“What is he here for? You give me the phone and I’ll tell him!”

“Of course it comes to take you back, so you don’t have to toss. With your dad’s temper, it will not help.”

“You don’t need to intervene in our family’s business! You open the door! What the hell are you doing!”

“Open the door, open the door!!!”

No matter how she protests, even shouts him with dirty words, Barry turns a deaf ear and cooperates with Mike.

After shouting for a day, Karin’s throat is almost hoarse. Gradually, she gives up the struggle. She always has to face it.

Barry couldn’t hear the sound of knocking on the door, so he lies down on the sofa with peace of mind, but after a while, the phone rings again.

He picks it up from the coffee table. It is Karin’s mobile phone, and the caller ID is Charlie.

He frowns and turns off the phone decisively.

One night, there are no more ring tones. The sky is bright, Barry gets up from the sofa, glances over Karin’s cell phone, thinking for a moment, and turns the phone on again.

As soon as he turns on the phone, he keeps receiving text messages flood in. He has no mood to check them. Most of them are reminders of unanswered calls, which is mixed with an unread text message.

The sender is Charlie, but the content of the text message makes Barry stunned…

Without any hesitation, he reaches out and cleared all the messages.

After doing all this, he goes out to buy breakfast. After passing the newsstand, he sees several people whispering around him.

“Oh my god, is this news true or false?”

“It must be true, the front page.”

“But rumors said that Charlie has been close to a female student before? Why did he do that?”

“Who knows. Cinderella’s story can only be found in fairy tales.”

Several student-like girls talk as they walk, and Barry is sober, “Give me a newspaper!”

He doesn’t buy breakfast, flies back to the hotel, and puts the newspaper in front of Karin.

Karin doesn’t close her eyes overnight, and doesn’t eat or drink for a day, and she is exhausted. Barry sneers, “Your Charlie is going to get married.”

She doesn’t believe what Barry says, she calmly picks up the newspaper, but is shocked by the deliberately enlarged headline.

“Charlie is to help a grand wedding banquet on the 15th of this month”

Beneath the title, there are pictures of Charlie and Mia.

“Not true, this cannot be true !”

She shakes her head, runs out, and Barry holds her firmly, “Accept the reality. How could this news published?”

“Let go of me!”

Her hysterical roar scares Barry quickly and he lets go of her, watching her rush out.