Chapter 78 Charlie is a bastard

Barry keeps calling her, and she turns off the phone in anger. At night, Billie puts the lunch in front of her, but she has no appetite.

“You broke up with him, why are you still angry with him?”

Billie is very puzzled.

“I’m not mad at him, I’m mad at myself, and I can’t stand thinking of his happy face when seas money. How can I be his girlfriend for so many years?!”

“Hey, it only shows that you were blind in the beginning, but now you meet your beloved, and just let the past go.”

“Well. Stop talking nonsense.”

“You and Charlie’s relationship has improved a bit, right?.”

“Where do you mean?”

“Do you want me to make it clear? We both sleep in the same room. You didn’t go home at night. Where did you go last night?”

She blushes, “No, he and I haven’t reached that point yet…”

“Well, who believes.”


Billie suddenly smiles strangely when she sees who is there at the door, and says, “If you dare to shout, Charlie is a bastard, I believe you.”

“Are you ill? Why should I scold him?”

“See. I am right.”

“What? You are too unreasonable.”

“You love your man, and you can’t bear to scold him.”

Karin is so angry that she is so excited, she simply wants to vent her anger shouts, “Charlie is a–”


The sudden sound behind her surprises her to jump up from the stool, and turns sharply, and sees the person leaning against the door. Suddenly, the egg is stuck in her throat stiffly, and she could not swallow it, almost choke her to death.

Billie laughs mischievously. She has already known Charlie is outside the door.


Karin’s tongue is knotted, and for a long time she doesn’t make it out.

Charlie slowly walks in, takes out her mobile phone from her pocket, and asks gently, “Why did you shut down?”

“She doesn’t want to answer the phone from her ex-boyfriend.”

Billie laughs and answers for her.

“What happened to Barry?”

“Your girlfriend knows about your giving him money.”

“Billie!” Karin shots her a glance, “You talk so much?”

“Okay. I don’t talk, and I am leaving…”

She closes the door, and within three seconds, the door is pushed open again, “Dears, anyway, this is dormitory. Don’t get so hot.”

“You friend is very cute.”

Charlie smiles and glances around, “Which is your bed?”


She is startled, her face getting hot for no apparent reason.

She gives a stool to him.

Charlie doesn’t sit on the stool she gives, but leans back slightly and sits on one of the beds.

It turns out that she is sitting on the right one.

“How did you get in?”

“I walk in.”

“A big sign at the door, girls’ dormitory, no man is allowed. Can’t you see?”


“Why still come in?”

“I invest one third of the money for this school. Where can’t I get in?”

“You know everything about Barry?”

Her eyes sink, and she is a little upset, “Yes.”

“You blamed me?”

“Shouldn’t I?”

He signs, “I just don’t want you to worry about this, you know.”

“Of course I know, but why don’t you tell me?”

“It’s Barry’s request.”

Karin is puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I called him out that night and told him plainly that as long as he doesn’t talk nonsense, he can get want he wants. Of course he knows what I mean. I think he would choose you, but he chose the money.

“It’s normal.”

“I give him the money, and he makes an additional request that I should not tell you because he loves you and does not want you to look down at him.”

Karin sneers. A man who can care nothing in front of money, she can only say that his love is cheap.

“Don’t be too distressed by such a trivial matter, if you are not happy, I will be unhappy.”

Charlie holds her hands, “Close your eyes and give you something good.”


“Close your eyes first.”

“Okay…” She closes her eyes with a smile.

“No peeking.”


He puts a cool thing in her hand, then closes her closes and says, “OK.”

“A necklace.”

She doesn’t open her hand, just guessing.


“If I don’t like it, I’ll strangle you.”

He smiles, “OK.”

She opens her eyes. A small, delicate crystal necklace appears in front of her eyes.

“Oh my God, dandelion? It’s purple !!!”

Karin opens her mouth in surprise. It is said that you can find perfect love when you can find purple dandelions. She just talked about it a few days ago. She doesn’t expect Charlie would remember, and he really gives her a purple dandelion.

“Where did you get it?”

“As long as you love. As for where it comes from, the process is more complicated, so I won’t go into details.”

Karin takes the necklace and looks at it with affection. Girls all love this. Sending her a favorite item is far happier and more fulfilling than giving her a car of jewelry, and Charlie did this, quite successful.

“Do you always do what girls like?”

He glares unhappily, “Nonsense, I told you a long time ago that not every woman deserves my attention.”

“My honor?”


She laughs, and smiles so sweetly.

He leans in her ear and whispers, forbearing the strong desire in his heart, and kisses her lips gently.

Before he loses his mind, he straightens up, hugs the woman who is being pressed by him, and gasps heavily, “If I continue, I can’t control myself.” He says ambiguously, and she understands and laughs, “Are you afraid? ”

“I’m not afraid.” Sorting out her messy hair, he says, “Your roommate has said, this is the dormitory. We can’t get too hot. If she comes back and sees what we are doing, I am not afraid because I am a man. But you aren’t.”

“Thank you. How nice of you.” She smiles and moves heartily.

When Charlie is leaving, Karin is holding his waist, and she is reluctant to let go.

“Why hold so tight? I am leaving without coming back.” He jokes with a smile.

“Though hugging so tightly, I still think you are far away from me.” She suddenly feels slightly sad.

“How about you pack up and follow me?”

Sucking her nose, “No.”

Watching him leave, she is at a loss, as if something has been emptied.

After thinking about it for a night, she decides not to return with Barry.

In the early morning of the next day, she summons the courage and calls home.

Her father answers the phone. He directly asks, “Are you coming back tomorrow?”

After thinking about the lines for a long time, she suddenly chokes up and couldn’t speak.

“Why do not you talk?”

“Dad…” She grits her teeth. “I can’t go back with Barry.”