Chapter 77 Strange changes

She clears her throat and leans on his shoulder and says, “What’s bad is that I will return to London with Barry three days later, and he has already booked a ticket.”


“How about your mood first?” She asks curiously.


“How complicated?”

“The kind of inexplicable.”

“Which one is unclear?”

Blinking her eyes, she has to ask him the answer.

“It’s the kind that I am dying if you don’t tell me the good news.”

She stuns, then laughs, leaning back and forth.


“Well, how could I let you die.” She hugs his arm, “The good news is I will definitely be back!!”


“How are you feeling?”


“By the way, I forget to tell you about Barry.” She glares, “You too, I don’t say, and you don’t ask.”

“What happened to him?” Charlie is innocent.

“He seems to have changed his personality overnight, not only he is not angry, but also said a lot of moving words.”

Until now, Karin still doesn’t believe Barry’s change.

“That’s good.”

Charlie says lightly, smiling a strange smile.

“Don’t you find it strange?”

“What’s strange. People will change.”

“But Barry has changed so much. I still know him well. I don’t say he is bad. He is not such a generous person.”

After a moment of frustration, she says with a lingering sorrow, “No, I always feel that this matter is too strange, and I have to find him.”

It is Karin’s habit to do whatever she thinks of. She waves her hand, “Goodbye.”

Goodbye without looking back.

He takes a taxi to the hotel, pats the door, and the door opens, but the person standing in the room is not Barry.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Sorry, this is my friend’s room. Is he here?”

“I don’t know. I just move in.”

With a slam, the door closes, and she stuns for a moment, rushing to ask the hotel owner.

“Your boyfriend moved away this afternoon.”

“Move away?” She is startled, “Where did he move?”

“I don’t know about this, but he says that he wants to change to a good environment.”

When she is out of the hotel, Karin is confused, and she stupidly thought for a while, patted her head, call him!

She hurriedly takes out her mobile phone and dials Barry’s phone. There is a noisy rock sound, “Hello?”

“Where are you?”


“I say where are you ?!”

“I can’t hear you, speak louder!”

She takes a deep breath and yelled at him, “I ask where you are !!”

At this point, Barry finally hears clearly, “Oh, I’m in the bar, is there something wrong?”

“Which bar?”

“It’s too noisy here, I’ll see you tomorrow!”

Barry hangs up the phone.

Karin returns to school angrily. She originally feels that his transformation is abnormal. This will make her more determined, and things must be strange!

The next day, Barry doesn’t come to her.

Karin calls him again, but he is prompted to shut down.

In desperation, she calls Robert, hoping that he could check it.

Robert agrees, and sends the checked information at noon.

According to the address, she finds a star hotel in the city center. Standing in front of the hotel, her feet are as heavy as lead, and she could not move for ten minutes.

She goes upstairs to the sixth floor in a hurry, and rings one of the doorbells. Barry stands beside the door with a sullen expression, muttering, “Who.”

Karin doesn’t say a word, and he is a bit awake, and he fixes his eyes with a little panic, “Karin…”

“How come you live here?”

She takes a step forward, and Barry may be guilty of guilty conscience and steps back and says, “I want to change the environment.”

“Changing the environment?” She sneers, and looks around, “The environment here is really good, luxurious, high-grade, and tasteful.”

Barry swallows awkwardly, “Karin, you haven’t told me yet. How did you find this place?”

“It doesn’t matter how I find it. What’s important is, how do you have the money to live in such a good place ?!”

Karin has probably guessed something, his eyes changed from the initial anger to irony.

“Not much money, but I always have the money to stay in a hotel…”

“Really?” She glances down at the pile of high-end clothing on the sofa. “Live in a star-level hotel, buy designer clothes. Barry, you changed quite a lot overnight, not only your thinking has changed, but even you have changed. You have become a upstart. Can I ask, how did you achieve such a successful transformation? ”

Barry turns his back, “What upstart, I originally saved money to marry you, now that you are not willing, then what’s the use can I have to keep the money? Of course, I spent it all!”

“Don’t lie, will you not know how I know you well?! Did you accept the benefits of Charlie, so you don’t tell me?”

Karin stares sharply at the man in front of her.

“I did not…”

He still doesn’t admit it.

“Okay, then I’ll call Charlie!”

She takes out her mobile phone and quickly turns up the number, but he reaches out to stop, “Okay, I admit that I receives Charlie’s money, what?”

A sneer smiles, “It’s enough to admit it, I can’t do anything, I’m just glad that I don’t choose you!”

Barry’s face sinks, apparently he is stimulated by her words.

“Do you think I want to collect his money? I have nothing now. In order to come to you, I spent half a year’s savings. As a result, you follow other man.”

“Don’t make excuses for your own greed. That night, if you don’t bow your head in front of the check, I don’t intend to give up on you at all. You ruined my only hope for you. Do you still complain?”

After finishing the scolding, Karin runs out without looking back. She doesn’t want to stay here for a moment, and she doesn’t want to face the hypocritical man.