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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 76 Playing jerk

Charlie walks in front of her, “What’s wrong? I don’t tell him anything.”

“He knows everything, he knows that I will not break up anymore, just to stabilize him. He also knows what happened two years ago, and he knows I stayed at your house last night. He says I am a woman who admires vanity. He says that I have no shame, and he will tell my parents about everything that happened to me! ”

Leaning against his chest, she lets tears wet his white shirt…

He frowns slightly and is very distressed. She cried so sadly, and he comforts her softly, “It’s okay, anyway, he will know it sooner or later.”

“I don’t worry about him. I worry that if my parents know, the consequences of this incident would be unthinkable. My father has such a bad temper, and my mother, the most unbearable thing for my mother is that I will follow the same path as my grandmother. What should I do? What should I do? If Barry says everything, they will come and take me away. My dad can’t take a plane. His heart is weak, and I can’t go back. If I go back, then I can never come again…”

Charlie hugs her tightly and says firmly, “Relax, leave these matters to me and I will solve them.”

He presses the intercom phone at the table and says in a deep voice, “Come here.”

After a while, Robert walks in.

“Mr. Charlie, what’s the matter?”

“Have you told anyone else what happened on board?”

He whispers, “Milan asked.”

“You tell her?”

“I can’t but I have to.”

Robert’s expression is calm and he doesn’t think he has done anything wrong.

Charlie’s handsome facial features sweep through a haze, but he doesn’t blame him, because he knows that this is the rule of the Robert’s family.

Decades ago, he does not know from which generation, the Robert family established such a rule, from generation to generation, be loyal to the Charlie family, loyal, honest, no betrayal, no lie.

“I see..”

After Robert leaves, Karin is extremely lost, “It is Milan…”

“Well, she went to the house last night, and it must be Nanny May who told her.”

“I will go to Barry again, as long as my application is approved, I will go back with him.”

“What did you apply for?”

“Doctor degrees.”

Charlie shows surprise and kisses her heavily, “Why don’t you tell me? I think you wouldn’t come when you return with him.”

“I want to surprise you…”

His sexy thin lips lightly say, “I am really surprised because you make plans to stay with me.”

“Don’t say it too early, I don’t know if my parents would approve!”

Thinking of this, she is slumped.

“I’ll call your principal and let your application be implemented now. Go back to your parents and tell them your plans.”

“No, no.”

Karin hurriedly stops, “Robert says, if you get involved in this matter, your elder sister will definitely work with your uncles to make things difficult for you.”

He smiles dismissively, “Anyway, for you, I don’t care about the enemies!”

“Then you’re not afraid I’ll never come back?”

He clamps her head with his arm, “If you don’t return, I’ll grab you.”

“Why? Are you a jerk?”

“I would do everything to take you back.”


After Karin comes out of Charlie’s company, she rushes to the hotel where Barry lives, but unfortunately, the hotel owner says that he has not returned.

After waiting for two hours she still doesn’t see him. She has to go back to school for a while. She looks at her cell phone for a while, for fear of receiving a call from her home.

Until dark, the cell phone never rings, and the hanging heart finally relaxed a little. If they don’t call her, it means that Barry hasn’t called back yet. As long as he doesn’t call back, there would be room for explanation.

Barry’s mobile phone has turned off. She couldn’t get through several times. She simply follows Billie’s suggestion and goes to him again tomorrow morning. She knows that he needs time to accept such a thing.

To her surprise, the next day, as soon as she leaves the school, she bumps into Barry.


He calls her softly, not as aggressive as he was yesterday, and more gentle than ever.


The two face to face. For a while, they are relatively speechless.

“We speak as we go.”

Along a neat row of trees, they walk side by side for a short while, and Karin takes the lead in breaking the silence.

“You don’t call back, did you?”

He says. “No.”

“Why?” It is really puzzling to think that he was so violent yesterday.

“I don’t want to do that, just for the sake of our past.”


Karin stares at him, not believing him that he could change so much.

“Well, really.”

There is another silence, and she couldn’t help asking, “Can you tell me why you suddenly change your mind?” She doesn’t believe him.

“I said it. I don’t want to do that.” He signs, “Thinking about it all night last night. It does me no good, but would make you hate me the more. That’s not what I want.”

He stops, turns around, and stares directly at the woman in front of him, “I know I haven’t been romantic, but today, I want to say something romantic, Karin, because I love you, I am willing to sacrifice my happiness…”

Karin is stunned, doesn’t respond to him for a long time, is this guy still Barry? This is not what Barry would say.

The application for the master’s degree program is finally implemented. She doesn’t know if Charlie asks the school to approve it or it is approved according to normal procedures. In short, it has become a fact that she can stay in Zurich.

That night, she asks Charlie to come out, and she says with joy, “I’ll tell you good news and bad news.”

He nods, “Well, okay.”

“Which one would you like to hear first?”


“Why?” She doesn’t want to say the bad news.

“If you listen to the bad, and then listen to the good, you will feel better. If you listen to the good, then listen to the bad, and you will be in a bad mood.”

“That makes sense.”