Chapter 190 Take an Initiative to Hold Him

The pocket on the inner side of her coat is on the side. When she touches his hand, there is a sense of warmth. It seems like a different world compared to the coldness outside.

He looks down at the woman’s small smiley face, revealing bright yet neat teeth. Her eyes form a line; two fan-like eyelashes can be seen on her eyelids.

Rex feels like he might have started to like to visit the night market again. For the reason, the woman he likes will take an initiative to hold his hand.

Lily drags him forward, passing an intersection. An old man in a cotton-padded jacket who is in his forty or fifty years old is selling toasted corn. She moves closer and buys one, “How much is it.”

“Five bucks.” The old man says it while handing one of it for her, “Is it enough?”

“Yes.” Lily quickly draws money from her pocket. But she needs to let her hand off if she draws it, the old arrogant man will be upset.

He then takes out a ten-dollar out from his pocket, “Here you go.”

The old man does not take it, but says in a smile, “This is too big, I have no change!”

“Keep the change.”

The old man waves his hand quickly, “That can’t be, I can’t take it.”

Lily quickly withdraws his hand and finds five bucks in her pocket, “Sir, don’t bother him. He likes to make a joke, ha-ha…”

After leaving the stall, they walk to another alley, and Lily could not help but scold him, “Why are you so generous, people just wanted five bucks and you give ten dollars.”

Rex follows her forward without saying anything. By looking at the corn in both of her hands, it is particularly unsightly.

Just because of them, Lily lets his hand go.

“I’m talking to you, did you hear me?” Lily pauses and looks up at him, “I know you’re rich, but you still can’t waste it.”

“Got it.” Rex nods obediently. For the first time in his life, he is educated by a woman to save money and be frugal. This feeling is not bad.

The two of them walk along the street. Lily’s half-eaten corn is thrown into the trash bin by Rex. Saying that it has gone cold, but in fact, he just wants to hold her hand.

Along the way, there is a hand-made art stall. The little girl is a college student, She comes out and sets on her own business. All the small ornaments are made by herself and many girls in surrounding are picking.

Lily glances at the little dinosaur-style headband. There is a green rhinestone embedded in a golden frame, which is very cute.

She points at it and asks her, “How much is this headband?”

“Thirty.” The little girl raises her head and smiles politely at her, but her eyes inadvertently sweep to Rex’s face and she instantly freezes.

This, isn’t he too handsome?

The forehead is shining, the socket eyes are deep, the nose is as sharp as a pen, but it is not too protruding. Even his lips are so sexy and excellent. And look at that suit and coat, is he a star?

The young girl is so young that she could not resist Rex’s eye contact for less than two seconds. The aura of his dark eyes is too strong, her heart trembles with more glances.

Lily hands the headband to him and asks his opinion, “Is it pretty?”

Rex glances at it. It is only a very common hand-made headband. The workmanship is not particularly meticulous, it can even say to be rough.

Everyone is watching her boyfriend, is she still in the mood to look for the headband?

Rex is suddenly in a bad mood. There is a feeling of being ignored. He then leans over to kiss her lips, “Pretty, you’re pretty with anything.”

His sudden praise makes Lily surprises yet happy. She then puts on the headband, “Then I’ll buy it?”


Seeing him standing indifferently, Lily elbows him gently and then whispers, “Pay it.”

Rex does not want to have much contact with the stall’s owner. Thus, for the first time, he takes out all the small change and hands it over to stop changing.

Upon seeing this, the little girl knows that he already has a girlfriend. She then takes it awkwardly and wraps the headband in a small bag and hands it to Lily.

The two stroll for a while. When the weather turns colder, and also it is quite late, they go home.

On the way back, Lily turns on the light on the roof of the car and places the headband under the light. By looking at the green ‘diamond’ blinking on the little dinosaur, she really likes it. Thus, she quickly wears it.

Rex glances at her, he does not really understand what this little girl is thinking, “I bought you so many jewelries but you didn’t wear them. This is only a headband and you really like it?”

Lily knows that he does not have a girlish heart and does not debate with him, “Does it suit me?”

“No.” Rex really could not appreciate it, “A bunch of fake diamonds and a childish dinosaur shape. Tell me, where does it look good?”

Lily stares at him, “You just said it was pretty.”

He also said that she is good in anything. It is only twenty minutes pass and he has changed his mind!

“Just now?” Speaking of it, Rex is mad again. His eyes narrow, “You just didn’t see that the eyes of that little girl almost stick on me, you only see this headband, right?”

Little girl?

Lily ponders for a while, “You said that stall’s owner?”

The man snorts coldly and ignores her.

“Is it? I really didn’t pay attention.” Lily was only thinking of buying it at that time, she had no time to take care of anything else. Besides, the light is quite dim, it is normal that she could not see clearly. However…. why is he so mad? Just because she didn’t notice?

“Wait a sec, it is supposed to be me who is mad, why are you mad?” Lily looks at him in puzzlement.

Rex sneers sarcastically, “Wait till the day when I’ve been seduced away by another woman, you won’t even realize.”

Lily’s complexion changes, “Say it again.”

The man becomes quiet.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly becomes excessively peaceful. Lily does not know why he is mad. Her vision catches a glimpse of his tight chin. He does not even care about her appearance. She then takes out her phone and confides to Abby.

Lily: Are you there, I’m so mad!

Within a few seconds, Abby replies–

Abby: What’s wrong?

Lily tells her what happened just now. In the end, she adds an angry sticker.

After the message is sent, it shows that the other party is typing. After a while, Abby sends a long list of messages directly–

Abby: You’re stupid. He obviously thinks you don’t pay enough attention to him and feels that you have neglected him. Think of it, if there is a man staring at you and Rex is standing beside him but doesn’t notice it. At that time, you’ll be awkward.

Lily thinks for a while. It indeed makes sense.

But isn’t it too exaggerated? It seems as if the girl has done something to him.

When Lily is lost in her thought, the car happens to drive into an intersection and the red light is on. The car stops with a sudden brake. Lily sways her body forward, and also from it, she recovers from her thought.