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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 189 Throbbing

“Rex…” She calls him, she has no idea about the flirtation in her tone, “Enough.”

“No. Now that Marina and Fanny are there. My eyes are too painful to see the two shining third wheels; I didn’t have any chance to be intimate with you.”


Lily almost spurts out, feeling pleasure under someone’s misfortune, “You invite all of them, who do you blame.”

“Why, are you happy?” The man pinches her thigh, “it’s useless to be happy, I’ll make it up during the day.”

The two make a fuss in the office for a while. When it is time to work, Rex lets her go and she walks to the door. Rex intends to send her to the door, but unexpectedly when he just gets up, his feet shake.

He supports his hand on the table and shouts at her thoughtfully. “Lily, are you getting fat lately?”

Lily who is walking to the door, pauses and turns around, then looks at him in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

The man points at his leg and says, “I’m numbed.”

“…” Lily bites her lips, “Who’s getting fat, it’s because too long that numbed you!”

“It’s okay, better-getting fat, you’ll….” Before he even finishes, the petite woman who is standing in front of him has already opened the door and storms out, as if a flood is chasing behind her.

Rex watches her disappear in his own eyes and turns around to walk to the huge windows of the office, looking at the ant-sized cars bustling underneath as usual.

Should he also… reflect on himself? Recently, he indeed acts indecently to bully her…

Lily slips back to the office, and the colleagues on her team have not returned yet. Only Crystal sits by the desk and eats some snacks. When she hears the sound, she quickly puts the snacks away from her hand.

Looking up at Lily, she immediately takes it back, “Oh my god, you scared me to death. I thought it is Kinsey…”

“What are you doing, did you steal something that this make you this guilty?” Lily pats her shoulder and takes the chips from the box and puts it in her mouth.

“Who steals something, it’s just that it is not good to eat in the office, I’m afraid to be scolded.” Crystal bites the chips, “What did you eat just now, how can I not meet you?”

“Upstairs.” Lily points up, she does not hide it. After all, now that they all knew it, concealing might not be the best.


“How can you come back so early, don’t you usually be the last to come back?” A cup of coffee after a meal is Crystal’s habit, why did she come back early and only have a snack?

Crystal’s movement of passing the chips to her mouth pauses, her face becomes a little unnatural, “Something’s up today….”

She has never lied, and even Lily can guess it. With this expression and obscure behavior, something’s fishy.

Lily senses an unusual atmosphere, “Did you have a boyfriend?”

“Cough….” Crystal is choked by her saliva and quickly waves her hand, “Don’t talk nonsense, where can I find a boyfriend, my life is simply between company and home.”

Lily suddenly realizes something, “Oh, this is weird. I remember you don’t like to eat snacks, and today, you suddenly eat some snacks, this is not like your style….”

She says while observing. When Crystal is not paying attention, she snatches the snack from her hand and observes the packaging. They are all in a foreign language, it is impossible for her to buy it.

“Say it, who gives it to you,” Lily smirks at her.

Crystal makes an ambiguous statement and still cannot say it out after a while. Maybe because of she is nervous, her face is blushing like a tomato, “Hmm, stop asking…”

“Why, can’t you say it?”

Crystal pushes her gently and simply rests on the desk, whispering, “You know it!”

“Me?” Lily is a little dumbfounded and points at herself, “You don’t say it, how can I know?”

“Think by yourself.”

Lily is puzzled by what she said. After thinking of a while, she still cannot find the reason, “Who the hell is it, tell me, I won’t tell other.”


“What?” Lily does not hear clearly, “What are you talking about?”

“Hmm, Joe!” Crystal could not stand her nagging and finally says it.

Now, Lily is surprised, “What?”

Even though she intentionally introduces him to Crystal, they do not speak after it. With this silence, when did they get close?

“Well, you’re so fast.”

“Huh!” Crystal glares with her red face, “Don’t talk nonsense, we’ve barely communicated.”

Lily raises her finger and shakes it, “You don’t understand. In my opinion, if Joe does not like you, he will not even talk with you.”

Perhaps, Rex has influenced him. Even though Joe looks like a gentleman, he has a dark heart too. He is the kind of man who has a dagger hidden in his smiles. You might think that he is quite friendly, but in fact, he has long forgotten who you are.

At this point, she understands quite well.

“How can he think of giving you a snack?”

Speaking of which, Crystal also wants to shed without tears. She moves her body, revealing a large black box under the desk, “Look.”

The whole box is stuffed with imported snacks.

Lily’s eyes are almost pop up. She does not expect that Joe who looks deadly serious, will have a soft heart. He unexpectedly gives a box of snacks…

Crystal quickly hides it again, and says in a funny yet helpless way, “I’m home alone last night, and there is nothing to eat. So I update a statement in my social media, saying that if someone buys me a box of snacks, I will let him be my boyfriend… you know, I was just kidding, who would have thought that he will buy it for me today….”

When it is a lunch break, Joe asks her to go to the basement parking lot. In the end, he takes out such a large box directly from the trunk of his Audi A8. Now that she thought of it, it is so funny.

“It is really unexpected that Joe is an activist.” Lily is in a good mood and feels that she has done a good thing, “The snacks are not important, he just wanted to be your boyfriend.”

“But…” Speaking of which, Crystal feels uncertain, “After all, we’re subordinate. His position is so much higher than mine. I’m afraid that people will gossip.”

Lily pats her shoulder comfortably, “You’re in a relationship for yourself, not for others. Don’t be afraid if you like it, or else you’ll regret it later.”

Crystal is stunned, she always feels that Lily is different from usual, she is brave. She then nods, “I know.”

After getting off the work in the evening, Lily goes to the office and waits for Rex. He still has a meeting until eight o’clock. On the way home, they pass a university district, which has a night market set up.

Lily looks at the small food trucks one after another, which makes her reminiscing of old memories and suddenly wants to stroll around, “Rex, let’s go to the night market.”

The man who is driving turns to the side to glance at the bustling crowd outside. There are a lot of humming crowds under the dim street lights. It does not seem fun at all, which makes him do not understand, “What’s good from it?”

“I’d knew you haven’t been before.” Lily raises her hand and pats his arms, blinking as sly as a fox at him, “Today, I’ll let you see the charm of the night market, I’m sure that you’ll want to visit again.”

Rex is not interested, but when he sees her high interest, he reluctantly agrees and parks the car on the parking yard at the intersection.

There are thousands of small, cheap cars in his luxury car’s vicinity. Even the security personnel stuns for a moment.

Lily drags him to the crowds. In the heavy streams of people on the street, all kinds of people are rubbing shoulders and following in each other’s footsteps. In the cold night, there is a little bit of fire and smoke. Various shows are shown along the street. There are also a bunch of food trucks. Many people stroll and eat at the same time. Most of the faces are young and happy, even the coldness fades a bit.

It has been a long time since the last time Lily comes, which makes her feel strange. After walking for a while, there is no reaction from the man on her side. When she looks up, most of his face is covered in his scarf, showing only his sharp nose and deep dark eyes. His brows are frowned, showing his discomfort.

Lily recalls that he has just finished a meeting and has been busying for a day. He is born with a dislike of being too crowded. However, even then, he is still willing to accompany her on such a street.

Thinking of this, there is a throb in her heart. Lily retreats her vision, her gaze falls on the big hand hanging in the air. She then smirks and grabs it. Just like a baby, she tucks it in her pocket, and smiles with gleaming eyes, “Aren’t you cold.”