Chapter 71 The Repulsive and Gravitational Forces Sorcery

Sunlight passed through the windows and poured itself on the testing table.

The air was filled with the fragrance of tea developed from Ilex–it was mellow yet slightly bitter, which was rather intoxicating.

“About the Repulsive and Gravitational Forces Sorcery, you aren’t able to guide the power from nature as a student. What you can pull off, however, is to harness the forces using yourself as the point of origin, thus forming an effective attack or defense. Once becoming a sorcerer by means of this Geocentric stone and the ley line, the two forces will be controlled at your will.”

Norris sipped at the Ilex tea with his dry lips and savored its bitterness.

When Glenn was done with his notes, he asked bitterly, “When this Geocentric stone is transplanted into my body, will my skin be split? And the damage to the skin will be irreparably fixed?”

Glenn had inquired about the exactly similar question three times.

When the stone was lodged into someone’s body, the host’s skin would bear semblance to Norris’. They split and fell off! Therefore, the skin had to be sutured back , thus resembling a shabbily seamed-up bag or ball.

“Humph! No pains, no gains!” Sorcerers were intent on seeking the truth! Their appearance came quite the secondary.

Norris seemed a little miffed at Glenn’s reactions, and he snorted.

“There! There…”

At this time, Garfield had jumped around Norris, licked its claws and afterward kept laughing.

“Young sorcerers do care for their appearances since they haven’t undergone years of baptism yet. I think you should get Glenn to start off with the Endless Eyes. His looks won’t change much.”

Norris grunted, and then threw the Geocentric stone to Glenn, saying unhappily, “It’s your decision to make.”

That being said, Norris left the laboratory.

Glenn himself was fine with a revolting exterior if it would mean further knowledge and power, but he had to take into account Lafite’s feelings about this.

“Shall I go with the Repulsive and Gravitational Forces Sorcery, and the Geocentric stone?”

It was really a tough choice for Glenn to make. Since his mentor, a level three sorcerer, was still suffering from his damaged skin permanently, then the side effect would certainly be real. Even with the Glenn Dissimilation Sorcery, the ruined skin could merely be concealed on a temporary basis.

“Oh! He’s getting angry. Glenn, you take care!”

The black cat cocked his butt and tail, stretched itself and jumped away.

In Glenn’s hand was a black stone covered with prickles. He studied it while running his fingers through his hair, with a terrible look.

What troubled Glenn was that he knew he would become upset if it was Lafite who would be disfigured.

“Take it off your mind for a moment. Why not delve into this sorcery further before making the final decision? Maybe it can be solved in some way. Besides, to figure out the calculations in order to wield the forces of repulsion and attraction would take me at least six months. It’s really a brain-boggling sorcery.”

Therefore, Glenn set aside this “nuisance” and focused his research on Fire Element Density Fire Shield Sorcery, alchemy, and also the passive evolution using his ten magic wands. Besides, he was also using the toxic radioactive stone more frequently, from a monthly basis to 1.5 months to two months. As his constitution and the anti-toxic property was enhancing rapidly, he had to inject some more potent potions.

Half a year later.

In Norris’ library, Glenn was sitting around, looking over books. Suddenly, an idea sparked into existence to him when he dwelled his eyes on a particular book!

It was called, Discussion on Classification of Blood in Mechanicals, a rudimentary book on mechanical engineering. It contained some creative insights, so Norris had collected it in the shelves.

In fact, Glenn was not that much fond of digging into mechanics. It was not that mechanics was not sufficiently powerful, but that he was just not sensitive to knowledge related to gears, energy conversion and applications, so he mostly ignored such type of books.

However, Glenn had been pestered by Norris with his request to ask Glenn to go for the possibly appearance-disfiguring sorcery, so he had started seriously considering on working on it. And this book he was reading gave him an inspiration.

Sorcerers on mechanics had a mechanical body, and another distinction that separated them from element sorcerers was the purification of artificial blood. The basic gist of which was to convert the practitioner’s blood into man-made blood to fit into the mechanically-powered transmission, creating kinetic energy.

The reason why the Geocentric stone was required to be implanted in the practitioner’s body was for the balance between attractive force and repulsive force. The role that the stone would have in the process was to serve as a “point of origin” with fixed coordinates–the central part of the body–to achieve that balance. The sorcery would then be generated after a series of calculations had been conducted.

Based on the book, Glenn had discovered that skin would drop only because they carried uneven weight and the reason was that a human body was not a sphere, and thus didn’t have an actual center. Therefore, the alternately functioning attractive force and repulsive force would result in the cracking of the skin. So they had to be seamed up like what Norris had done.

But now, Glenn had a probable solution.

If the Geocentric stone was ground into powder and mixed with the blood evenly, then the powder would be distributed throughout the body and wouldn’t change the original coordinates.

As a result, the skin would be stressed evenly, and those side effects would not come with the practice.

Glenn became excited about the idea and told it to Norris after he had trotted to him.

“Well, this sounds feasible, but to add ground Geocentric stone powder to artificial blood… Uh… I’m not quite sure about it since I’m not really into mechanics. I’ll visit an old friend of mine to ask whether we can create a neutral liquid or something.”

After having said that, Norris left the lab.

Two months later.

Glenn had obtained that liquid as he had wished, and excitement was all over his face.

Norris gave Glenn the liquid and sighed. “If I’ve done more thinking like you did when I was young, then I wouldn’t have to look like this now.”

“You can use this liquid to remove the attractive and repulsive forces, and you might restore your original face by using some advanced repair surgery or something.”

Glenn proposed this idea, yet he was not sure how.

Norris shook his head, and said, “After all these years, it has become a part of me.”

Glenn was taken aback at Norris’ response.

Time passed on.

Every day, Glenn immersed himself in the endless world of knowledge, and the more knowledge he obtained, the more he felt that his acquisition of it never was enough. His desire for more of it became stronger.

One year later.

Glenn had finally completed the learning of his fire shield sorcery. After tons of tests, he had developed some vision into it.

First of all, this sorcery was excellent at defending attacks that involved energy.

Due to his Body of Fire and Inextinguishable Flame properties, Glenn currently could absolutely keep off elemental attacks below 100 points, and could effectively weaken attacks with over 100 degrees. Glenn did not test out the exact maximum defensive power, but with the help of his Ashen mask, his defense was now perfect.

However, the fire shield’s defense against wind and soil elements was slightly weaker, only at 70 to 80 degrees.

But amazingly, the shield could protect Glenn from 150-degree water element attacks. However, once a water element attack ripped its defense, it would cause much more significant damage to him than other elements attacks in the same situation.

The second discovery about the fire shield concerned its defense against physical attacks. The fire shield could break under a 30-degree physical assault. But as the sorcery was based on the outburst of energy compressed in high concentration within a short period of time, its counterattack power was at least three times as much as his normal fire attack power, and the fire could not be put out.

Finally, it was about the inextinguishable attribute.

As mentioned above, the fire shield could work because it was condensed in a split second. Therefore, for most sorcerers, the fire element would dissipate under that pressure in a while. That didn’t apply to Glenn’s fire shield though because of its inextinguishable attribute, which meant that the magical force consumed in the process was very low. Thus, the fire shield could be sustained.

This advantage made fire shield a more powerful sorcery than Glenn’s Ashen mask.

Glenn was excited about this achievement. Furthermore, he could now concentrate more of his energy on Destructive Force of Fire Blast Sorcery, and study on water and radium elements should be put on higher agenda.

“I’ll crack on them after this mandatory task is over.” Glenn set his arrangement in his mind.

Suddenly, Glenn’s crystal ball received some soul information.

“Robinson, what’s up? You’re not gonna gossip with me through this, right?”

Glenn put down the semi-finished product (made through the magic of alchemy) in his hand, and joked to Robinson.

Glenn great mood was noticeable, because the sorcery of Repulsive and Gravitational forces had made initial progress, and other experimental studies had been progressing steadily, especially alchemy.

Soon, Glenn realized that something was wrong. Robinson seemed quite serious.

“What’s going on? Say something!” Glenn became irritated by Robinson’s hesitation.

Finally, Robinson replied, “Lafite just came back from the area and she was hurt!”

Glenn’s face became dark. Injury was not a big deal for sorcerers. But he could tell from Robinson’s anxious face that she had been injured seriously.

“Who did that to her?” Glenn sounded cold. All of his gaiety resulting from his research progress had been erased.

“It was Bionna!” Slowly, Robinson said it.