Chapter 255 Happy everyday

Half an hour later, Bella and James Grayson both fell asleep without taking a bath.

They were so tired that they didn’t have the strength to do anything else…

In the morning, Bella heard the birds chirping sound, opened her eyes, and the sky was bright.

She turned, but James was no longer there.

She took a look at the mobile phone at the bedside. It was only half-past five.

James got up so early.

She saw her suitcase next to the coffee table. She didn’t know when he put the suitcase in the room.

She got out of bed, opened the trunk, everything was there. She took her clothes and went into the bathroom.

He put a new GUERLAIN Paris women’s cosmetics on the sink. She remembered that the first set of cosmetics he gave her a long time ago was also of this brand. It seemed that he loved this international brand.

Bella smiled. When she took the bath and was ready to wash clothes, she found out that the clothes she changed yesterday were gone.

She went out.

“Good Morning.” The female attendant said respectfully.

Bella was embarrassed to ask her about her clothes.

“Where’s James Grayson?” Bella asked.

“The chief should be in the playground now. He will be back at six. If madam is hungry, you can have breakfast first.” The attendant said with a smile.


This word was originally strange, but it made her happy. “I’ll go out to look for him.”

When Bella stepped out of the door, she saw James Grayson coming, followed by Lieutenant Colonel Walker and two colonels.

Lieutenant Colonel Walker was reporting something. James Grayson listened with no expressions on his face and nodded from time to time.

She saw that he was busy. She didn’t disturb him, turned around and came back to the room.

James Grayson had also seen her, but he did not call her. He told Lieutenant Colonel Walker, “Cancel the meeting at eight in the morning. In addition, find a good wedding company and arrange a romantic wedding. I want to get married.”

“Ah? Is the chief getting married?” Lieutenant Colonel Walker was very surprised.

“You bastard, the chief is thirty-two years old. Can’t he get married?” Other Colonel interrupted.

“Yes, sure, why not, I’ll arrange everything.” Lieutenant Colonel Walker nodded.

“You all can leave.” James Grayson ordered and entered the room.

Bella was not in the living room.

“Where Is Madam?” James Grayson asked the attendant.

“Just returned to the room.” The attendant reported.

“Well, prepare breakfast.” James Grayson said and pushed the door in.

Bella was sitting on the sofa using her mobile phone. She saw him and stood up. “Have you finished your work?”

“Yes.” James Grayson put his arm around her waist. “You don’t have to hide.”

Bella smiled. “It’s better to stay away from the government. You are talking about military secrets. If something goes wrong, I’m an important suspect. It will be safest to not know anything.”

“It makes sense. There will be a document for you in a moment. It has been approved by your research institute.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella was confused. “Which document? What was approved by the research institute?”

“The case of Isaac Lewis and Stephan Lewis let me think that we need to strengthen the mental aspects of military personnel. You are an expert in this area. You have been directly employed by the special military region for three months. The specific plan will be discussed at a specific meeting in the afternoon.”

“Why I don’t know about it?”

“The documents are directly from the upper level. When you will go to your research institute in the morning you will be able to get them from Paul Watson.”

Bella, “…”

She felt that he had already arranged this thing.

“If I don’t accept your proposal, is this document still valid?” Bella asked suspiciously.

“Whether you accept my proposal or not, this document will be sent to you.” James Grayson said.

Bella looked at him, “You chased Scarlett before, or Scarlett chased you? You are too domineering.”

“You’re the only girl I’ve ever chased.” James Grayson explained.

Bella slightly raised the corner of her mouth and smiled brilliantly.

This satisfied her vanity as a woman.

James Grayson smiled at her and said. “Bella, one thing I want to tell you in advance is that the other side in the military marriage cannot file for divorce unless I have a major fault.”

“I know.” She knew it.

It came to her mind yesterday.

“Bella, it’s our matter. If my parents make trouble for you, you don’t need to pay attention. You have to live with me, not with them. In fact, I don’t meet them for a month now, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Bella nodded.

Bella understood his mind and way of doing things.

This Bella was not the former Bella, she was ruthless, rational and colder than the former Bella.

“The last thing, I want to ask about the wedding banquet, do you want to hold a grand ceremony or just a get together with your relatives?” James Grayson asked.

James Grayson asked her because he respected her opinion, but he was the chief in the special military region. If the wedding was not a grand one it won’t sound good, “As you like, I don’t mind.”

James Grayson smiled. “Then let’s have breakfast, after that we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

On the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau, Bella looked out of the window and felt uneasy as if everything was like a dream.

She was going to be James Grayson’s wife.

She thought a lot.

Especially about her child.

If she tells James Grayson, can he find him?

But if the child is dead, then? It will hurt his feeling.

If she told James Grayson about her child, she would also have to mention the incident six years ago when he forced her.

She was very ambivalent!

James Grayson’s mobile phone rang, and Bella looked at James Grayson.

James Grayson saw the caller ID, slightly raised his eyebrows, and answered the phone, “Mom, what’s up?”

“I hear that you are going to get married. Who are you going to marry?” Sierra Walker asked in surprise.

“You have heard it right. It’s Bella. You must know her.” James Grayson said, looking at the front with deep eyes, expressionless, he seemed colder and very mean.

“How could you marry her? How long have you known each other?” Sierra Walker was shocked.

“She and I know each other for a long time, and you also know it very well.” James Grayson said calmly, but his eyes were full of satire.

“Bella told you?” Sierra Walker was shocked and panicked.

“I have recovered some memories. Bella didn’t say anything. I’m busy now. I’ll contact you later. After our marriage, I’ll definitely bring her home to visit.”

“We don’t accept it.” Sierra Walker said definitely.

“It’s your business to accept or not. I’m just informing you.” James Grayson didn’t give Sierra Walker any room to talk more. He hung up.

Bella’s cell phone rang.

She saw Sierra Walker’s Caller ID and answered it.

“Bella, what the hell are you doing? You promised to leave James.” Sierra Walker asked angrily.

“Sorry, I take my words back.”

Sierra Walker, “…”

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