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Chapter 254 Happy life

A woman always has the softest heart.

They argue with boyfriends not because they want separation, but just because making him do what she wants him to.

They get angry with boyfriends, not to break up, but just to know if he has her in his hearts and how much he loves.

Bella was also the same.

She never cared whether the man has money, power, and status or not. If he looks handsome or not. Even if he didn’t have money and house, she was still willing to be with him.

She just wished that her man had her in his heart. In that situation, she could never feel aggrieved at any sacrifice. But if her man didn’t have her in his heart, she will be really aggrieved.

Bella wanted to give herself a chance, the last chance. It will also count as she did her best for her last love.

Her finger touched his heart. “Do I live here?”

“Yes.” James Grayson looked at her deeply, his voice was sonorous and powerful.

“Can I take the place of Scarlett in your heart?” Bella asked and looked into his eyes.

“Already doing it.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Okay. I’ll marry you and live with you in the future, as long as you want me, no matter how hard it is, I will stay with you.” Bella made a decision.

James Grayson knelt on the ground with one knee down. “Tomorrow, we will get married.”

Military marriage is inseparable. Once married, there is no option to regret it.

Bella had a moment of hesitation, there was a cold touch on her ring finger.

James Grayson put it on her, held her hand, bowed his head and kissed her on the forehead. “You have said yes, now never say anything like going away, I will also never say it.”

“Okay.” Bella answered with a choking voice, and tears continued to flow.

James Grayson kissed her tears and moved down to her soft lips.

Bella closed her eyes and kissed him back.

James Grayson’s breath became heavier and her breathing became disordered.

He put her on the long table, unbuttoned her jeans with his big palm, took off the jeans and her pants, and put them on the chair.

Bella felt his solid existence, very incisive, very deep, also very hot, she felt powerless.

James Grayson held her shoulders and supported her whole weight. He wasn’t in a hurry and did a very good job.

Bella’s eyes gradually became distracted, she held his arm tightly, she screamed and he kissed her on the lips, swallowed her voice, and kissed her fiercely.

Bella’s thoughts drifted to another space, and he was allowed to kiss.

Minutes later, he put her on the table and got indulged in his fantasy.

“Bella, give me a baby.” James Grayson said in a hoarse voice.

Bella eased her mind. She looked at him with no fading sensibility and enchantment.

She was still on medication and can’t have children. At least after quitting for three months, she can have a baby. But once she stopped taking medicine, can her insomnia be better?

In a trance, he was also coming. His abdomen was tight. His abdominal muscles were full of powerful explosive force. He did not rush out. He kissed her gently on her forehead. “Stay here tonight.”

“Okay,” Bella answered.

He draped his clothes on her. His clothes were so big that she can wear them as a skirt. He took her to his room, put her in the bathtub, and let her have a bath.

Bella thought of a question, “I can’t stay here today. My clothes are still in the hotel.”

James Grayson took a shower. “You don’t have to worry about this. I’ll ask someone to take your suitcase. Tomorrow, after getting married, I’ll buy a house near your workplace as our house. Tell me what kind of house do you want, which kind of decoration and furniture you like? I’ll accompany you to buy it when I’m free.”

Bella had some moist feelings in her heart.

James Grayson was still so careful and arranged everything in order.

“Buy a roughcast house. What style do you like to decorate it?” Bella asked earnestly.

James Grayson has finished washing and rinsing. He put on a bath towel and kissed Bella’s forehead. “As you like. Don’t soak too long. Be careful of catching a cold. I’ll ask someone to arrange a pillow.”

“Okay.” Bella answered and looked at James Grayson.

She looked at the ring on her finger. It was a 3-carat diamond, very bright and very shiny.

Her eyes were a little sore. She was finally going to marry James Grayson. She bowed her head and kissed the ring.

She got up from the bathtub and put on a towel.

She didn’t have her toiletries here, and she wanted to wash her mouth.

James Grayson came in. He has changed into his usual pajamas and gave her new toiletries and a black sweater.

Bella took it.

“Use this toiletries, and left them here. Later, you have to come here often. This sweatshirt is mine. It’s clean, use it as a nightshirt.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

“Okay.” After brushing teeth and washing face, Bella smelled the clothes given by James Grayson.

She changed and went out of the bathroom. James Grayson has arranged the pillow and quilt.

“At which side you want to sleep?” James Grayson asked.

She was used to sleeping alone, but when she slept with James Grayson a long time ago, she slept well.

“Anywhere.” Bella went to bed first and looked at the time. It was almost 12 o’clock. She put her mobile phone under the pillow.

James Grayson took away her mobile phone and put it on the bedside table. He explained, “Don’t put it here again, there is radiation in the mobile phone and it’s good for health.”

“Ok.” Bella answered, with her back to him.

James Grayson turned off the light.

She did not take the medicine, looked at the air dazed and heard James Grayson even breathe.

She forced herself to close her eyes, but she couldn’t sleep, she turned around and faced him.

He has closed his eyes, breathing very light, even while sleeping he looked so elegant and noble, like a prince.

James Grayson suddenly opened his eyes.

Bella was caught and she was nervous.

“Can’t sleep?” James Grayson asked in a hoarse voice, intoxicated by the night.

“Go to sleep, don’t bother.”

“I also can’t sleep. Do something else?” James Grayson asked.

“Haven’t we just did it?”

“Before, I just did once in a night?” James Grayson was curious.

“Actually, it was not the same. It was very difficult for me to meet you at that time. There were many other problems that needed to be handled. Besides, when you were in your twenties, I was your first woman.” Bella said softly.

“Now you are my only woman.” James Grayson said definitely.

Bella’s heart throbbed, she turned over and covered him. Looked at his resolute face, blushed and said, “Then…Let’s do something.”

James Grayson raised the corner of his mouth and kissed her lips. His hot palms lingered around her waist. He grasped her waist and pressed it down towards the abdomen.

After all, it was not the first time for Bella. She didn’t feel too hurt. Besides, she took the initiative and soon….

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