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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 252 Like

Bella’s mind was confused. She looked at James Grayson.

He was very self-restraint, eating slowly, he knew that Bella was looking at him and he looked up at Bella. Bella’s heart was a little guilty, and her eyes flickered away.

He took a piece of spareribs and put in into Bella’s plate.

“Eat more. You are too thin. It won’t be easy to have a baby.” James Grayson said solemnly.

Bella’s face turned red.


Amelia William looked suspiciously at James Grayson, and then at Bella, and then again at James Grayson.

He was looking at Bella, just like before, his gaze was the same. He had lost his memory but he still found Bella, isn’t this love?

“Chief, do you like Bella?” Amelia William thought about it and asked directly.

Bella was nervous. She held the chopsticks and lowered her head, pretending that she didn’t care about the answer.

She thought he would not answer, but he replied, “Yes.”

Bella’s hands were shaking.

Amelia William held Bella’s hand and looked at James Grayson. “What if your parents are against it? Your family is distinguished. We have nothing.”

“In my current position, marriage is only my right and my choice.” James Grayson promised.

Amelia William smiled and looked at Bella. She found that Bella looked upset, and she could not see any joy on her face.

“Then, when are you going to marry Bella? You have lost your memory Bella doesn’t. You talked about it before. Now, you have to be responsible for Bella.” Amelia William said.

“Amelia.” Bella interrupted Amelia William, “I don’t need anyone to be responsible for me.”

Amelia William noticed Bella’s anger and immediately closed her mouth.

“I will be responsible for her.” James Grayson promised Bella.

Bella smiled, with a very shallow smile, but there was a mystery in her eyes that he couldn’t see clearly. “Does chief Grayson think I can’t support myself well or that I can’t find a boyfriend? If yes then sorry to say but you are wrong. I don’t need you to be responsible. I can live a good life. I can also find a man who likes me. Responsibility is something that we take for the weak ones. I’m not weak.”

James Grayson’s eyes sank and his voice was very bad. “Who else do you want to find?”

Amelia William observed that James Grayson was going to be angry, and quickly jumped in, “Bella doesn’t mean to find any other man. She just said if the chief doesn’t want her, she can find a boyfriend.”

“When I said that I don’t want her?” James Grayson stared at Bella.

“But I don’t need it,” Bella replied.

“You just don’t want me, right?” James Grayson put down his chopsticks and left Amelia William’s place.

Amelia William looked at James Grayson leaving this way and looked at Bella. She was worried and said to Bella, “Bella, what are you doing? Everything was good. James Grayson is mean and resolute, but he says he will be responsible for you. Bella, I think it’s your fault.”

“Amelia, I know what I’m doing,” Bella said rationally.

“You’ll push him far.” Amelia William hurried to the window and saw James Grayson smoking under the street lamp. “Bella, she hasn’t left yet. You can go after him.”

“If a person can be pushed far because of pushing, do you think it can last long? Forget it. I am going to wash the dishes.” Bella took the dishes and went to the kitchen.

The phone rang.

It was Paul Watson, she answered, “Hello, what happened?”

“Did you have dinner?” Paul Watson asked.

“Just ate, I’m doing the dishes now. What’s the matter?” Bella didn’t understand.

“How about having supper together? Now there is crayfish on the market. I invite you to eat crayfish. Ha ha.” Paul Watson’s warm invitation.

“Come on, what is actually going on? There’s no need to beat around the bush between you and me.” Bella noticed his awkward behavior.

Paul Watson twisted his eyebrows and stated the real purpose, “My case has been stuck by someone who wants to invite you out through me.”

“Who is he?” Bella felt strange.

“Your ex-husband.” Paul Watson said.

Bella was stunned.

David Wilson took Paul Watson’s mobile phone and said, “Bella.”

“Threaten, inducements, forcing others, you haven’t changed at all over the years.” Bella raised her mouth and said sarcastically.

“I want to see you once. I’m afraid you won’t come out. I may have good news for you.” David Wilson said softly.

“If I don’t come out, will you block Paul?” Bella asked in a cold voice.

“Maybe my way is wrong, but I just want to see you.”

“Then don’t block him. It’s too late today. Tomorrow, I’ll treat you to lunch.” Bella said.

According to her understanding of David Wilson’s nature, she knew he was a person who didn’t give up until he reached his goal. Whenever he wants to meet her, he always met her.

It was just that she was a little tired and upset today, her thoughts were in turmoil. On the surface, she seems to have nothing. In fact, her heart was heavy, like something under pressure, such as misty rain and hazy.

“Okay. See you tomorrow. I’ll pick you up at the Institute. Good night.” David Wilson said softly.

Bella hung up the phone, put the bowl in the cupboard, and turned around.

Amelia William stood at the door and looked at her worriedly. “I’ll tell you what I think. David Wilson is the real example of the return of a prodigal son. In the three years when you were away, he was really clean. He was waiting for you to come back.

James Grayson is unattainable and can’t speak well. It’s quite dull. The main thing is that he has lost his memory. If he doesn’t lose his memory, maybe he’s a good choice. After all, his parents can’t control him now.”

Bella lowered her eyes.

He remembered what Bryan Damon said about David Wilson. She decided to ask him tomorrow.

“Let’s see. The plan can’t be changed so fast. The world is not how we want it. Take a step and cherish the scenery. The most important thing is to enjoy ourselves.” Bella smiled.

“Bella, I think you have really changed. You were so stubborn, you used to bash your head against a brick wall. But now you look open-minded and straightforward.” Amelia William adored.

“I am still stubborn because even if I know that it’s a brick wall, because my cognition is there, I can’t persuade myself to not bash my head again it or to stop struggling.” Bella shrugged. “I’m going to leave. If I don’t, it’s going to be late.”

Amelia William hugged Bella. “Bella move here and live with me. Don’t you think it’s expensive to live in a hotel alone?”

Bella pinched Amelia William’s nose. “You also stays in the military area. I will be lonely here alone. There are many people in the hotel, and it is close to the place where I work. There is no problem for me to stay in a hotel with my current salary.”

“Well, then I’ll go to your place to get a bed.”

“Okay,” Bella said with a smile.

She went out of the corridor and suddenly her arm was caught by another hand.

James Grayson took her away. She didn’t expect that James Grayson hasn’t left.

“What are you doing?” Bella didn’t understand.

“Come with me to a place, and you will know.” He took her to the car and quickly drove her away…

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