Chapter 251 Is it better to find chief for help or a boyfriend

Anna Wilson left, and Bella was in need to adjust her state.

She held up a cup of tea and stood at the window, watching the passers-by outside. Some people were smiling, some were sad, some were hiding emotions and looked indifferent.

There were all kinds of expressions, moods, and states.

Maybe this is life.

Everyone who comes to the world is lucky. God gives this opportunity to feel life to everyone.

Ups and downs, happiness, sadness, worry, and leisure are part of life.

People with low satisfaction feel happy when they eat meat bun.

People who are not easy to satisfy, even if they have a full meal, they still wonder that they are not happy because they lack a dish.

She should have no desire and no need so that she won’t be affected.

If she is willing to sacrifice.

She can get more from life.

If she stops looking James Grayson, maybe she can see another one, even good then him.

It is really time to give up!

Her cell phone rang.

She looked at it and answered it calmly.

“Bella, do you think it’s easy to call chief for handling your matters or to call a boyfriend for handling your matters?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

Bella was in a trance.

Because of this sentence, she almost lost her mind and the decision she just made was wavering.

She was silent for a while. “People should have self-knowledge. You and I are people from different worlds.”

“Then why you were calling me!” James Grayson hung up the phone unhappily.

Bella, “…”

It was wonderful that he hung up on his own, otherwise, her next words may not be pleasant to hear.

Bella put her mobile phone in her bag, went to the door of Paul Watson’s office, knocked on the door and pushed it in.

Paul Watson stood in front of the whiteboard, he was worried. He saw Bella coming in. He seemed to see a savior. “Come in, please help me to analyze it. Who is the person who killed Tony? Vice President Wilson asked me to solve the case in three days. How will I do it?”

Bella glanced at the whiteboard, “What about Anna Wilson? Is she suspected?”

“She has a motive for doing this crime because she was infected with syphilis by Tony’s, she ordered Tony that day and she also said she wanted to kill Tony but after that, she thought it was not worth thinking about, so she let Tony go.”

“What time did she let Tony go? At what time did Tony die? And who else asked for Tony in the middle?” Bella asked.

“The information from the forensic department hasn’t come out yet. Do you know Canyon Scenic apartments? Anna Wilson rented an apartment there for dating. Tony went there at 10 o’clock in the evening. Strangely, we didn’t see the video of Tony coming out of Anna Wilson’s room. Then, at 5 o’clock the next morning, he was found dead by the workers in the public toilet” Paul Watson doesn’t understand.

“Go to the room where Anna Wilson lives and see if there is any blood on the ground. Then ask Anna Wilson if she has seen Tony going out of the room? In addition, you should not stay in your own office. You should go to the police station. They will get the information of the forensic department as soon as possible and give you a detailed analysis, which will help you solve the case.” Bella said with a smile.

“I’ll go to the police station. I hope the forensic department should get results.” Paul Watson got a way.

“Well, Paul, I have something, I need to test DNA or fingerprints. Can you help me in this?” Bella asked.

“If I have any contact with them why would I still wait for the result from their department? I gave them an hour to deliver reports, but I am still waiting for a response.” Paul Watson said impatiently.

Bella thought about it. After all, this process needed to go through formal procedures, unless…

She thought of James Grayson again.

In a flash, Bella got an idea.

She went to find Amelia William.

Amelia William was playing a game. She saw Bella coming over. “Are you done? Wait for me. I am just finishing it.”

“Okay.” Bella sat on the sofa.

Her cell phone rang. It was James Grayson’s.

She hesitated for a moment, answered, but did not speak. James Grayson also didn’t speak.

Bella waited for a moment. “I’ll hang up if you have nothing to say.”

“In the evening, I can take out some time. Do you want to have a meal? You still owe me a meal.” James Grayson said in a deep voice.

Bella looked at Amelia William and said, “Do you know where Amelia William lives?”

“Yes, I know. What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

“I will cook the meal,” Bella said.

“Well, I’ll be there at about seven.”

Bella hung up the phone and looked up at Amelia William standing in front of her and smiling, “whom you invited to my place for dinner? New boyfriend?”

“James Grayson. Don’t go anywhere this time.” Bella stood up and looked at Amelia William. “Let’s go and report to the police station first. I will say that I have been forced. I will provide this proof and let the police go through normal procedures. The criminal should be found soon.”

Amelia William was completely stunned. “Are you involved with James Grayson again? In addition, this will affect your reputation if you report the case. No Bella, I can’t let you do it, forget it, I am just bitten by a dog. Anyway, it’s not the first time that I’m bitten by a dog.”

“I don’t care about my reputation. I can’t let criminals go unpunished.”

“Forget it. At that time, you can be charged for slandering, and you can go to jail. Leave it, it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble. I won’t say anything. It won’t affect my marriage. This matter can become worse, and I will become a laughingstock in the military area. It will also affect my parents. It’s better to forget it. Tell me about you and James Grayson. What’s going on?” Amelia William was worried.

“There is nothing between us. I just owe him a favor, so invited him to have a meal.” Bella said lightly.

“You have to think clearly. James Grayson’s family won’t accept you. You get this stable life after so many hardships. It’s not worth living if you want to fall in love again.” Amelia William reminded her.

“I know that. Don’t worry.” Bella said with a smile.

She went to buy winter melon, beans, shredded pork, tomatoes, eggs, peppers, and beef. She cooked beef steak, tomato and egg, shredded pork with beans, and bitter gourd pork ribs soup.

James Grayson arrived on time. He brought roses and red wine. Today, he wasn’t wearing his military uniform. He was wearing a black suit with a straight figure and looked elegant and graceful.

Amelia William saw James Grayson and she was still afraid. She stood up and said respectfully, “chief.”

James Grayson nodded, handed the rose to Bella and said in a deep voice, “After dinner, come to a place with me, and then tell me your final decision. No matter what your decision is, I will respect it.”

Bella was stunned.

How does he know every time that she wants to say anything to him?

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