Chapter 345 Were you ready, honey?

I was nervous to see them go, but Ming was more nervous than me.

Ming went straight to them and stopped them. He was smiling, but his tone was bad. “Sean, where are you going with my son?”

“Go to play.” Sean responded lightly.

Ming looked at Sean and said, “Sean, you’ve never looked after children. There are many people here. What if Lester has an accident when you don’t pay attention?”

“It won’t happen.”

“How do you know?”

They stood there and the atmosphere became tense again.

Ming took Lester away, so I went to him from Sean.

Now Ming wouldn’t let Sean take Lester.

At this time, Lester in Sean’s arms said, “Dad, you are busy. Don’t worry about us. I will take care of Uncle.”


Sean looked at Lester in his arms and suddenly laughed.

His words made the adults who were nervous just now laugh.

Even I couldn’t help laughing. I asked him helplessly, “how do you take care of Uncle?”

“If there’s a bad guy, I’ll hit him with the Kung Fu that Grandpa Moore taught me!”

Lester said and acted.

His two short arms looked more lovely.

James looked at him and laughs, “Okay, play. Don’t worry.”

“Thank you, grandpa!” Lester immediately put his hands on his mouth and gave James a kiss. Then he gave Ming a kiss, “Dad, don’t worry!”

Sean took Lester away.

Ming was speechless.

I sat there and felt relieved.

The engagement dinner lasted more than three hours. Sean didn’t bring Lester back near the end of it.

Ming was talking to others and I was finally worried.

I got up and went out to find them.

I asked a few waiters and someone saw Lester and Sean playing in the back garden of the tavern.

It was the end of January and the back garden was cold. What if Lester catched a cold?

What was more, how could the two of them spend so much time outside?

I was worried and put on my coat and went out.

I went to the back garden. Even at night, the back garden was full of lights and it was bright.

Before I saw Lester, I heard Lester’s laughter in the distance!

I followed the laughter. I thought they were playing interesting games, but I walked over and found that they were just playing in a maze.

It was only half a meter high.

Lester was running around and Sean was chasing him.

Lester was a kid and not as fast as Sean, but Sean slowed down every time he catched him and Lester continued to run.

I watched the real father and son from afar. They were playing very simple games but they were very happy.

I looked at Lester and was in a trance for a moment.

Lester was a kid with a lot of ideas. Sometimes he was arrogant, but sometimes he would take advantage of being a kid to do something.

But he seldom had such a good time.

I was upset.

I thought the engagement dinner was over. I didn’t want to disturb them, but I walked over and shouted, “Lester, let’s go home.”

“Mom!” Lester stopped running. He looked at me and his tone seemed a little disappointed.

“Is the engagement party over?” Sean stopped and asked me.

I nodded. “Yes, we’re going back. Thank you for playing with Lester.”

What I said made Sean’s expression obviously bad.

But Lester didn’t realize anything.

He took Sean’s hand. When I went there, he quickly took my hand.

He looked at me and said, “this is mom.”

He looked at Sean and said, “this is dad.”

I was stunned by his words.

I wanted to correct him, but Lester shook his head and said happily, “Lester has mom and dad. The children will never laugh at me again.”

His words hurt my heart.

I didn’t say what I wanted to say.

Sean listened to Lester. After a long time he said, “Dad will get you and mom back soon, OK?”

“OK!” Lester nodded desperately. “You can’t lie to me!”


Sean squatted down and his left hand was pulled by Lester. He held out his right hand and raised his little thumb.

Lester let go of my hand and held out his little thumb and hooked Sean’s. He said seriously, “you must keep your promise!”

“Dad promised you.” Sean patted Lester on the head.

Then he picked him up.

Lester hugged Sean tightly and leaned his head on his shoulder and asked, “are you leaving? When can I see you next time?”

“It won’t be long.”

Sean answered.

His voice was extremely gentle.

I never thought Sean would be like this as a father.

I looked back and saw a figure flashing around the corner. I didn’t see anything when I looked carefully.

I thought I was wrong.

I thought it was just a shadow of a branch.

Sean took Lester and went back to the ballroom with me. Many guests had gone. Several people were exchanging greetings with Ming. James and several of his children stood by to talk.

Ming looked at me as we got there.

I didn’t know if I was wrong. His eyes were a little depressed.

He saw us and said goodbye to the guests in front of him. He came up and said to Lester, “let’s go home.”

Lester saw that Ming wanted to hold him and he was very reluctant. But he was very sensible. He hesitated for a moment and said, “it’s OK. Dad, I can walk by myself.”

Children should walk more than be held.

But when he came out of Sean’s arms and wanted to walk, it was a bit awkward.

Sean put Lester on the ground, and Lester came and took my hand and yawned. We said goodbye to James and left.

On the way back, Lester fell asleep as soon as he got in the car.

I was holding him and a little tired. I wanted to lean on the back seat to have a rest.

At this time, Ming suddenly reached over and held my hand. His eyes were ambiguous and he asked me, “honey, are you ready?”

I was a little sleepy but my sleepiness disappeared after he finished.

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