Chapter 344 I just wanted you

“Are you crazy?” I froze and pushed Sean hard. “Let go of me, or I’ll shout!”

“OK. I want everyone to see us. I want to keep you from getting engaged. I want no man in the world to marry you! I want you to marry nobody but me!”

When Sean spoke, there was a fire in his eyes!

It vowed to burn me up.

“No, calm down.” I was scared! I looked at him and said, “no, if Lester has such a mother, he will be laughed at by everyone. Even if you don’t do it for me, you do it for Lester, OK?”

“For Lester?” Sean’s smile was furious. “You asked my son to call someone else dad! Do you know how I feel?”


“But I’m incompetent. I don’t have the ability. I can’t even deal with my uncle. Otherwise, how could it happen today…”

Sean’s tone was full of remorse.

He lowered his head and kissed me on the clavicle, which was very hot.

It made me shiver.

He began to kiss me. A second later I came to my senses and pushed him away. “Let me go. Ming and I are engaged. I’m already someone else’s wife. I…”

“No, you can only belong to me.” Sean touched my chest and muttered, “so I want you. I want you now.”

He continued his movements.

He tore my tattered dress!

He used his fingers first. When he felt my response, he took possession of me regardless of my fierce resistance!

“No!” I want to shout!

Sean leaned over and kissed me directly on the mouth. He took every inch of my mouth and it was like a fire.

It burned me up!

I felt conflicted and wanted more but I knew I couldn’t.

However, in front of Sean, my rationality was vulnerable, so I was slowly eroded by him.

I went to the top with him.

When it was over, I curled up on the sofa alone and wept silently.

What was I doing?

I had sex with another man in the lounge of my engagement party.

I looked at my ragged clothes and felt conflicted.

I got up and took out another dress in the bag beside me. I closed my eyes and said to Sean, “President Jessop, I’m begging you. This is the last time. You and I will never have another time.”

Sean came up and put his arms around my waist from behind. His thin lips pressed against my ears, “wait for me. I will take you back before you get married.”

“No, he…”

“Don’t refuse me. Even if you refuse, I will do it because…” Sean said, “I just want you.”

It shook my heart.

He just wanted me.

It was the best oath I had ever heard.

Even if it was a lie, my heart was very happy at this moment.

But in the end, I pushed his hand away and said lightly, “President Jessop, you will have someone suitable for you. I’m just a passer-by.”

With that, I went to the door and opened it gently. I whispered outside, “Jessie, help me make up.”

“OK.” Jessie came in and saw what was going on inside.

He took a look at Sean and said nothing.

Sean dressed and went out.

I changed clothes and Jessie made up for me.

It had been more than 40 minutes, but Ming didn’t come to me. It was very unusual.

After Jessie helped me put on my makeup again, I straightened out my clothes.

I went out and went to the banquet hall. I saw Ming walking out of the ballroom.

The moment I saw him, my mind was full of what had just happened and I felt guilty.

Ming came to me and looked at my clothes. He smiled lightly. “So you went to change your clothes.”

“Yes.” I nodded.

I felt guilty.

When I went back, there happened to be a popular female singer singing on the stage.

All the guests were listening to the music and not drinking.

Ming took my hand and walked to our place.

When we got there, the singer just finished singing.

Michelle looked at me and sneered, “you’ve been away too long. So you changed your clothes.”

“Mom looks good!”

Lester said as he ate his lollipop.

I smiled at him and noticed that Sean wasn’t here.

Lester had candy in front of him. James had a lot and seemed to be planning on giving it to him.

I couldn’t help worrying when I looked at these sweets. Lester was growing now. Too much sugar was bad for his teeth.

Although he would change his teeth, if the root was broken, the teeth would not grow well.

But James was happy, and I couldn’t say that.


As I watched Lester, Ming called Sean behind me.

I turned around.

I saw Sean coming from a distance.

The light was bright and he looked perfect.

When I was relieved, I heard Ming say, “Sean, what did you do? You have lipstick on your collar.”

His words made my heart thump!

I turned back suddenly.

Sure enough!

Sean had my lipstick on the collar!

I couldn’t help but want to feel my lips but I found that everyone was looking at my lips.

But soon they looked disappointed.

I remembered that I just changed clothes of different styles.

Jessie helped me change my lipstick when I changed my dress.

I felt relieved.

It was clear that Sean also found out about it and that he had regrets in his eyes.

Michelle quipped, “I thought it was Becky’s.”

This was Michelle’s first time calling me that.

But at a time like this.

Ming was nervous before, but now he was a little relaxed.

James listened to Michelle and glanced at her. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Lester saw Sean and was happy. He threw away the sugar and clapped his hands and said, “uncle, uncle, will you take me to play?”

The last thing I wanted to see was Lester following Sean. I was a little nervous. I pulled Lester and said, “Mom will take you to play.”

“No.” Lester pouted and said, “I want Uncle. I want to play with boys, which helps me grow.”


He said everything to play with Sean.

Sean listened to Lester and his cold eyes become tender. He came up to him and took him out of the baby chair and said, “OK, I’ll take you to play.”

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