Chapter 343 My nephew, what were you going to do?

I didn’t speak. Michelle couldn’t help saying, “Dad, why do you thank her? Don’t you know her? She’s with Ming for money. Now Ming is rich. Are you afraid of her escaping? She’ll be nice to Ming until she dies. After all, no one will leave a cash cow.”

Michelle and Monica hated me from the beginning.

After all, they knew all those things and thought I was not a good woman.

Now Ming had announced his property and they thought I wanted money.

Monica also said, “this woman is not simple. I think Ming was cheated by her.”

“Enough!” James was angry and stared at the two women. “If you are not here to bless them, you can not come. Now take back your dirty thoughts!”

“Dad! I’m your daughter and she’s an outsider!” Michelle, a powerful woman, refused to bow her head.

Monica was pulled by Simon and shut up.

James was very unhappy. “Since you are my daughter, you should see the essence through the phenomenon!”

“What? Her?” Michelle gave me an angry look.

Sean sat there and listened to Michelle and Monica. His face was getting worse and worse.

He suddenly stood up. When he wanted to talk, Ming beside me said, “if any of you don’t like my wife, you can leave now. If you make trouble here and speak rudely to my wife, I will naturally let him pay the price. Don’t blame me for being merciless then.”

Ming spoke slowly, but he was firm!

Michelle opened her mouth and said, “she’s just a fiancee.” Then she sat down.

Sean stood there and looked at Ming. His eyes were cold and hostile.

And then little Lester suddenly reached for Ming’s hand and naively said, “Dad, are you angry?”

This was the first time Lester called dad in front of the crowd.

Ming’s sharp look suddenly became gentle.

He leaned over slightly and patted Lester’s face. “No, dad is not angry. Dad just doesn’t want Mom to be bullied.”

“OK!” Lester’s eyes were round. “Dad is so nice.”

James heard Lester and laughed.

At this time, he didn’t care whose kid Lester was. He was happy as long as he was a child of Jessop Family.

After all, he was old. There was a little kid around to keep him alive.

People in Jessop Family respected James.

Michelle was not happy but dared not speak again.

After toasting this table, Ming and I went to other tables.

There were dozens of tables. Although Ming said that if I didn’t want to drink, I didn’t need to drink, I couldn’t tell who was the honored guest on such a day.

I didn’t want to make mistakes.

So I kept drinking.

I was a little dizzy after drinking.

Then two men came up and said to Ming, “President Jessop, congratulations.”

I was so dizzy that I said to Ming, “I’ll take a rest first and ask Jessie to make up for me.”

He asked me with concern, “do you need me to accompany you?”

I shook my head and left alone.

I got to the door and saw Jessie eating right by.

When he saw me, he immediately got up and went to the dressing room with me. In the dressing room, Jessie mended my makeup and said, “Miss Jones, we met many times and I made you up two or three times. We are predestined.”

“I know what you’re going to say. You don’t have to say that.”

Jessie’s tone let me know what he was going to say.

I looked down at the engagement ring in my hand.

I put on the engagement ring and I belonged to Ming now. I shouldn’t think of anything else about him.

“But you and Sean just made eye contact. You cheated others but can you cheat yourself?”

Even if I stopped, Jessie continued.

I cheated myself?

Of course I couldn’t cheat myself!

Jessie applied my eye makeup. I closed my eyes slightly and said sarcastically, “you’re wrong. I’ve never lied to myself.”

I knew who I loved and who I didn’t love.

But I knew better what was the most important thing for me.

Sean didn’t need my protection, but Lester was different. He was a kid and I couldn’t let him get hurt.


While Jessie was trying to persuade me, someone wanted to open the lounge door.

I thought Ming came to urge me. Jessie was still mending my eye makeup so I didn’t open my eyes and just said, “Ming, I’ll be fine in a minute.”

When I finished, the whole dressing room fell into silence.

No one responded to me.

Jessie, who was still masking my mascara, seemed to have stopped.

I felt a sense of oppression and realized that the man in the dressing room was not Ming.

I opened my eyes slightly but I didn’t look in the direction of the door. I just said, “President Jessop, I remember I said we didn’t welcome you to our engagement party.”

“But I didn’t promise not to come.”

Sean said lightly.

At this point, Jessie carefully inserted the eyelash brush into the mascara and stood up. With a smile on his face, he said, “you talk. I’ll wait at the door.”

I wanted to stop him, but Jessie was quick. He put down his mascara and went out.

The door was closed.

Sean and I were the only two people in the small lounge.

I stood up and wanted to go out.

But Sean came straight up and pinned me on the couch!

“My nephew, what are you going to do?” I said that on purpose.


I was married to Ming. Sean was my nephew.

Hearing the name, Sean had a sarcastic smile in his eyes and his expression became terrifying.

His thin pink lips were slightly open. “I haven’t had sex with my aunt yet.”

The danger spread throughout the lounge!

I was shaking!

His hand began to touch me!

Today, I was wearing a tight dress. I couldn’t stride. Now Sean couldn’t reach in.

When I thought he was going to give up, I heard the tearing of the cloth.

I felt my body was getting cold!

Next second his warm big palm touched my body!

“Ah! Let go of me!” I was scared.

Sean was pressing me and his black eyes were staring at me. He was like a small animal that wanted to eat people. He smiled and said, “let go of you? Auntie, I’ll eat you here until everyone finds out.”

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