Chapter 342 A pair of large and small versions

Ming wanted to stop it, but he didn’t succeed.

When Lester was in Ming’s arms, people didn’t feel it. But he was in Sean’s arms now and they both looked in the same direction.

Everyone suddenly found that they were just a pair of big and small versions!

The guests all gathered around.

They looked at Sean and Lester and didn’t talk.

But everyone had a guess in mind.

“Uncle, what’s your name?” Lester put his arm around Sean’s neck.

He seemed to hold Sean tighter than he had just held Ming.

“Lester, he’s your brother.”

Ming said it before Sean answered.

It was true that Sean should be Lester’s brother!

Lester frowned and pouted. “Why? How can there be such an old brother!”

As he spoke, he held Sean’s arm tight.

It seemed that he was afraid Ming would take him away.

This scene was more embarrassing than before.

James, who had been standing by, had been looking at Lester. He seemed to know that he had a grandson or great grandson.

He opened his arms and said to Lester, “your name is Lester, right? Let me hold you.”

I thought Lester would disagree, and I was trying to persuade him, but Lester said, “OK!”

Then he opened his arms and twisted directly to ask James for a hug.

“Dad, be careful.” Ming was a little nervous. He leaned over and tried to hold Lester.

After all, James was in his eighties. Lester was not tall, but he was nearly twenty kilograms.

“It’s OK.” James was confident and directly put Lester in his arms.

In fact, I was afraid that he could not hold Lester. I took a step forward and stood where I could catch Lester at once.

Lester was in James’ arms and blinked and naively asked, “Grandpa, am I heavy? Remember to put me down if you are tired.”

“You’re not heavy!” James didn’t seem to expect such a young child to be so sensible.

He laughed when he spoke!

And at this time, James said happily, “good, my family can hold you.”

He said casually, but in fact, he had solved the embarrassment of Sean holding Lester.

Lester put the little face next to James’s and kissed James’s face.

James froze at first, but he burst out laughing.

I watched and worried.

I knew my son.

Lester must have a purpose to do this!

Sure enough, then Lester looked at James innocently and said, “Grandpa, can you not let this uncle go? I like this uncle, too.”

He was referring to Sean.

James liked Lester very much. He could do anything Lester wanted.

James nodded. “OK, today is a good day. Everyone is here.”

I couldn’t help looking at Sean. His black eyes were looking at Lester and his eyes were complicated.

“Thank you, grandpa!” Lester listened and immediately laughed.

He kissed James in the face again.

James smiled more happily and said, “I’ll take you to eat delicious food!”

When I was staring at Lester, I was looking at Sean, too.

He kept looking at Lester and smiling.

He was standing there and handsome.

“Let’s go.” As I watched Sean, Ming came up and took my hand.

He grabbed my hand hard. My palm was pinched by his fingers and was numb for a moment.

I frowned a little and I said nothing.

I just followed in his footsteps and walked past Sean.

We followed James to the ballroom and sat at the innermost table.

After he sat down, all the guests began to find their own seats.

Just now everyone was standing in this huge banquet hall. I thought there would be a lot of seats available.

But when everyone sat down, I found that there was no vacancy.

Lester’s baby chair was next to James. After Lester sat on it, several servants took care of him.

At this time, Michelle, Simon and Monica came.

Ming and I went to the stage according to the host’s arrangement.

After all, it was our engagement dinner. We were the main characters.

The host told us about our process. When we were standing on the stage, the lights of the whole banquet hall were dimmed. Only a few lights were shining on the stage.

Ming and I were standing there and listening to the host say a specially tailored line for the engagement ceremony.

We exchanged rings with each other.

Then we poured the champagne tower.

We cut the engagement cake.

Everything was as planned.

It was common.

There was no accident.

Sean’s appearance before the engagement dinner was like an episode. It just slightly changed my mood.

Then everything went back to normal.

After all the ceremonies, the organizers invited some stars to perform on the stage.

Ming and I were going under the stage. I saw Lester sitting in the baby chair and talking to James happily.

They were very different in age, but they could talk happily.

James listened to him and laughed from time to time.

Ming and I got off the stage and went to toast the guests. We were going to give the first toast to Jessop Family.

There were only a few people from Jessop Family on this table and Sean was sitting here.

When we went to toast, James stopped talking to Lester. He picked up the glass in front of him and stood up.

As soon as he got up, everyone in Jessop Family next to him got up.

James looked at Ming and said, “Ming, I always thought you were the most important. Now you are finally married. I feel relieved. When you and Becky get married, I’ll be able to see your mother.”

“Dad, don’t talk nonsense. You’ll live a hundred years.”

Ming said.

James waved and looked at me. “Becky, I’ve given Ming to you. He didn’t get too much love from childhood, so I hope you can love him more and fill the hole in his heart with love.” He paused and added, “thank you.”

James took my hand and his eyes were full of supplication.

I was at a loss for a moment. I knew I couldn’t accept his thanks. But I couldn’t refuse at this moment.

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