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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 155 It Made Him Sick

She had the intention to ease the tension between her and her brother. Otherwise she wouldn’t spend her nearly half a year’s salary in ordering him an inflatable sex doll of Amy.

But he said it made him sick.

That was right. Even if the sex doll looked real, it was not as good as a real person. If it were not because of her, her brother wouldn’t have been forced to sacrifice Amy.

No wonder he was so mad at her…

Jessica looked at the closed door, bent down, and picked up the stuff on the floor with trembling hands. Then she went downstairs decadently.

The grandmother and the mother had come back. She watched Jessica come down from Ryan’s door with her own eyes, who looked sullen.

“You should keep your distance from your brother not only in front of others, but also in private. After all, you are not brother and sister, so you should avoid arousing suspicion.”

She had already gone to the blind date, and admitted that she had a ‘crush’ on Chris. Was grandma still so worried about her?

She bit her lip tightly. There was a lump in her throat and she could not speak.

The father was the grandmother’s natural son, so he didn’t have to consider so much like the mother. Seeing that, he said sullenly, “Mom, enough is enough. Jessica has promised to go on a blind date. What else do you want?”

Seeing the grandmother became livid gradually, she was worried that they would have a quarrel, so she said hurriedly, “Grandma is right. I have to keep my distance from my brother, otherwise even if grandma does not mind, my boyfriend will mind.”

When they heard her words, the three of them were surprised including the grandmother.

The mother blurted, “Boyfriend?”

“Yes.” Jessica suppressed her upset and pretended to be shy. “I have a crush on Chris. It just happened that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, so he agreed to try with me.”

After Ryan returned to the room, the thought of Jessica’s red eyes when he closed the door upset him. He came out and wanted to see if she was crying, but he didn’t expect that as soon as he came down he heard these words.

He looked at Jessica with a blank expression on his face. His fingers curled tightly together, and his heart seemed to be cut into pieces.

His gaze was so strong that it was difficult for Jessica not to notice it. She turned her head slowly, vacantly and nervously, and met his angry eyes. In a trance, she was suffocating as if her throat was squeezed, and fear swept over her.

And what the grandmother said next made her feel as if she were in the icehouse.

“Well, you are not glad that Jessica has a boyfriend, Ryan?” The grandmother asked sharply.

Ryan was ready to go back to his room, but he stopped when he heard that. He looked at the old lady with sullen eyes, whose voice seemed to be hardened with ice.

“Since when do you care if I’m happy? What if I’m happy or not? Are you going to kick me out of my family? Huh?”

His words were so provocative that the grandmother’s face darkened with anger. “Ryan, tell me the truth, do you like Jessica?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jessica’s heart was already in her mouth. Her face turned pale.

Especially after the grandmother asked this question, Ryan did not answer immediately, but looked at her. His gaze was like setting her on a fire.

Shouldn’t such questions be answered at once? Why did her brother have to think for so long? What was he trying to do?

Jessica held her breath and tried to minimize her presence.

However, the next second, Ryan’s answer focused everyone’s attention on her.

“Yes, I like Jessica very much. I think grandma have already guessed it.” His eyes were dark and he spoke very seriously.



The large living room became silent instantaneously, where you could hear a pin drop.

The deathly silence gripped Jessica’s heart. She swallowed hard and looked at her brother in disbelief.

Why did he say that when there was obviously no love between them?

Did he regret Amy’s matter, so he wanted to get back at her now? But Amy was fine now, and it was their ‘scandal’ flying.

Jessica’s mind was totally a mess.

The grandmother wasn’t better than her. She was even more emotional. She pointed at Ryan, whose body was shaking. “I, I knew it was like this!”

Beside them, their parents were shocked. They had no idea what was going on.

Why did their son suddenly say he liked their daughter?

“Ry…Ryan, don’t…don’t make a joke with us” Jessica’s voice was shaking from excessive panic.

Ryan, the man who caused a stir, was still the same as usual, as if he did not know what shocking words he had said, “I never joke.”

He looked at Jessica with an indifferent face, and when he saw the uneasiness and fear on her face, his heart melted uncontrollably.

“You’re my sister. You grew up with me. If I don’t like you, am I going to like someone else?” He asked, looking away.

When Jessica heard what he said, her face regained some color. She said, a tremble in her voice. “So, you said you like me…just because we are brother and sister, right?”

For sure!

Her brother hated her so much. How could he like her?

“…what do you think?” Ryan’s face was as usual, but his fists were clenched tightly. Was she so resistant to the fact that he liked her?

Jessica didn’t know what he was thinking, but she was greatly relieved and had the illusion of coming back from the gate of hell.

The appearance of her rebirth after the disaster stung Ryan. He turned to look at the grandmother who was still in a state of shock and sneered, “If you push me any further, I won’t be able to make sure it’s only brotherly love.”

After he finished, he gave a snort, paid no attention to anyone else, and strode away.

The living room was quiet again. No one spoke.

The grandmother seemed to be spooked by Ryan’s last remark. She didn’t say anything unpleasant, but just told Jessica to get along well with Chris.

She opened her mouth at the end, as if to say something, but she didn’t. Then she walked out without even saying goodbye.

The father and mother offered to give her a ride, but she refused, and finally they just arranged for a driver.

“Jessica, you need to go and have a rest. Never mind what your grandmother said. As for that Chris, if you like him, just be together. If you don’t like him, just break up. Don’t worry about grandma.” The mother comforted her.

Jessica was at sixes and sevens all night. And she was also mentally exhausted. So she did not refuse, nodded, and went back to the room.

When she was gone, the mother said, “What mom did this time is…not proper.”

The father said nothing and acquiesced.

Then the mother continued, “Mother can’t go on like this. But we’re juniors…”

“I’ll talk to dad about it and let him talk to mom.” The father interrupted her and offered.


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