Chapter 154 Could You Please Pretend to Be My Boyfriend


With a cold snort, he ignored her and kicked the small stones on the ground irritably.

But he didn’t even know why he was so fidgety.

As a saying goes, a woman’s heart is as deep as the ocean. But why her brother and the bully were so unpredictable? It should say that a man’s heart is as deep as the ocean.

Jessica complained inwardly. She broke the silence, “Bully, can I discuss something with you?”



Jessica ignored it and continued, “My grandma hopes I can get married soon, but I don’t want to get married so early. Could you please pretend to be my boyfriend?”

Chris stopped, and looked sidelong at her with his hands in his pockets. He felt weak and numb as if there was a subtle electric current running through his heart.

But pretend to be a boyfriend, just pretend to be…He was a little unhappy.

“I am a handsome and rich man. If I played your boyfriend, I would waste my time and my first love. I was crazy to agree with you!”

A real boyfriend more like it!

It was expected that she would be rejected. Jessica sighed deeply and didn’t think much of it. She muttered, “Forget it, I’ll find someone else.”

She was going to find someone else?

Chris paused for a moment. He pulled his hand out of his pocket, took a few steps up to her and seized her by the collar. “Come back, who allowed you to go and find someone else?”

“?” Jessica looked at him blankly.

He avoided her eyes uneasily, grabbed the hat of his white down jacket, and put it on her head. She always looking straight at him like that, trying to seduce him?

“Because…because my rabbit likes you, it’s not impossible to help you. But you must tell me how long it will last. If it lasts a lifetime, I will lose miserably.”

This problem was easy to solve!

Jessica took off her hat. Her eyes brightened. “Don’t worry, it can’t be a lifetime. You are so bad-tempered and self-righteous. I won’t make it real! You just have to help me for a while!”

“…” He knew he shouldn’t agree!

The trees cast dappled shadows through the window on Ryan’s fine and distant handsome face. He pressed his lips together, and had his foot to the floorboard. Almost all the cars on the road avoided him.

He arrived home soon.

The father had come back and was sitting on the sofa looking at the photos. When he saw someone coming back, he hastily put the photos away. “Is Ryan back?”

“Yes.” Ryan answered coolly. He was in a bad mood, so he did not notice the father’s unnatural look.

His dark and silent eyes fell on the father, who uneasily picked up the cup and took a sip. The father said, trying to make conversation, “I heard Jessica went on a blind date? How did the blind date go?”

“I don’t know.”

He smiled sarcastically with cold eyes. He casually took off his coat, threw it to a servant, and strode back to his room with a cold face.

Jessica said she had a thing for Chris, which made him feel fidgety and uncomfortable.

He took off his jacket, undid two buttons on his shirt, and rolled up his sleeves. After that, his uncomfortableness eased a little bit.

Ryan sat on the bed. When he saw the box beside him, he paused and his face softened. He swallowed, picked up the box, and opened it.

He recognized it was an inflatable sex doll at a glance, but he just frowned slightly. She had given him a number of outlandish gifts. Compared with those, this was nothing.

However, when he saw that the inflatable sex doll was a copy of Amy, his face suddenly fell.

Well, she did a good job!

With a sneer, Ryan threw the box onto the floor. A piece of card fell out.

“Ryan, are you very happy to receive this?

The inflatable sex doll doesn’t have a copy of Amy, and the more authentic it is, the more expensive it is.

I spent a large sum of money in customizing the best imitation sex doll of Amy. As a thank-you gift, I would like to thank you for your help during this period of time.

Hope you’ll be happy with it!



Ryan took a lighter, and burned the gift Jessica gave him.

After Jessica reached a consensus with Chris, she was relieved a lot. Humming a tuneless song, she took a taxi home.

“Jessica’s back?” The father was watching the military news. Seeing her back, he smiled and asked, “How was the blind date?”

“Not bad, grandma likes him.” Jessica gave a vague and cursory answer.

“It’s not just about whether your grandmother likes him or not, it’s about you. If you don’t like him, don’t force yourself. Your grandmother is not doing the right thing.”

“Well. I’ve known Chris for a while, and he’s ok. It would be all right if I married him.” Worrying that her father would be torn between her grandmother and her, Jessica lied with a smile.

Actually, she didn’t want to get married at all, at least not now. But she didn’t want to be kicked out of her family.

The father didn’t doubt. After chatting with her about some common things, he finally said, “I saw your brother was not happy when he came back. Why don’t you go up and see if he’s ok?”

“… OK.” Seeing the expectant look in his eyes, Jessica really could not say anything to refuse.

She kept encouraging herself and knocked on the door of Ryan’s room bravely.

A snap.

When the door opened, Ryan appeared at the door wearing only his bathrobe, which was not tied tight, revealing his tight and sexy chest muscles. His hair was still wet, and the water dripped down his handsome and angular face. Then it went down the collarbone and the chest and disappeared.

Ascetic temperament and sexy figure were very contradictory, but unexpectedly harmonious, which looked like tingeing with an aura of eroticism.

Somehow, Jessica felt thirsty and the temperature of her face rose. She actually dared not look at him again.

But in Ryan’s eyes, her amorous look was probably because she just had a date with Chris, and she was still shy and excited.

He lowered his eyes to look at her, suppressed his upset and said in a cold voice, “What’s up?”

It looked like her brother was still in a bad mood.

Jessica’s mind raced and she decided to start by talking about something he was pleased with. “Ryan, you haven’t opened the gift I gave you, have you?”

Ryan’s dark eyes stared at her. After a long while, he gave a grim laugh.

He must not have opened it because he was so unhappy. Jessica thought for a moment and proposed obsequiously and carefully, “Ryan, why don’t you open the gift now? That gift was a nice surprise for you!”

What a big ‘surprise’!

Ryan’s eyes darkened a little. He turned back to the room, and then threw a wad of stuff that was burned out in front of her.

“Don’t give me any of this crap anymore. It’ll make me sick.”

Without looking at her again, he slammed the door behind him.

Jessica looked down at the black mass on the ground. The temperature on her face had faded away, and she only looked pale now.

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