Chapter 153 Was the Attack on Intelligence Quotient Over the Top?

“…” Was the attack on intelligence quotient over the top?

Jessica wanted to curse him, but she still played a lady quietly when she caught a glimpse of her grandmother who was obviously unhappy.

Ryan gave a grim laugh and said, “Since Chris doesn’t like Jessica so much, you don’t have to force yourself.”

The grandmother’s bleary eyes suddenly became sharp and looked straight at him.

Since their entrance, Ryan had tried to ruin the blind date several times!

“It’s…It’s not forced. Anyway, neither she nor I have a crush, and we’ll both have to get married. Just scrape the barrel. I don’t ask for that much.” Chris still looked careless and rebellious, but the tips of his ears were reddish.

What…what did that mean? Why did he have to make do with her?

This was not the right direction!

Jessica was worried, but she did not dare to say anything to refuse. She just felt like sitting on pins and needles.

Ryan’s eyes darkened. His voice was icy, with almost obvious antagonism “How do you know Jessica doesn’t have a crush?”

“Ryan!” The grandmother pounded the table and shouted through gritted teeth.

Jessica shivered as she shouted, her eyelashes quivering. Not only the bully’s reaction was different from what she thought, but her brother was making trouble. Didn’t he know that the more he did so, the more grandmother would misunderstand?

However, at such a moment, Ryan still replied in a cool voice, “Why grandma called me? I just told the truth.”

What’s truth? When did she say she had a crush on someone?

Jessica licked her dry lip. “I…”

“What Ryan said is true.” She did not seem to be aware of the tense atmosphere between them, and said with a smile, “When Chris was not here just now. Jessica was still saying that she had a good impression of him. Is that right, Jessica?”

The little silly said she had a good impression of him? Chris only felt comfortable as if a small electric current flowed through his body.

She had said that she wasn’t interested in his type. It was actually an irony!

Chris turned to look at Jessica and gave a snort.

Jessica got goose bumps by his subtle look, but under the eager gaze of Mrs. Jones, she could only grit her teeth and nod, “…Yes.”

She would explain it to the bully when she got home.

Hearing her own admission, the corners of Chris’s mouth turned upwards wildly, but he forced it down again with an effort to pretend that he did not care. The little silly actually had a crush on him.

“Well, though I’m not very fond of your sort. But for the sake of you like me so much, let’s try.”

He stole a few glances in her direction as he spoke.

She looked like she was shock now. She must be so surprised!

Jessica was so surprised, “…”

She felt as if she had been struck by lightning. What was wrong with the bully?

Looking at the two of them exchanging amorous glances in front of him, Ryan’s eyes became dark gradually as if the storm was going to approach.

“He only made a perfunctory effort, but you are so happy about that. You are really a credit to our family! I’m busy. I need to leave.”

He didn’t look at anyone, picked up his coat and strode away with a sullen face.

The figure looked somewhat lonely.

They were hushed by his departure. You could hear a pin drop. There was embarrassment in the air.

Jessica’s face was mottled red and white and her eyes were blurred by the strong sense of embarrassment, but she dared not shed a tear. She forced the tears back into her eyes by opening her eyes hard.

Chris felt irritable when he looked at her like that. He grabbed a few pieces of tissues to cover her face. “If you get sand in your eyes, wipe your eyes. Otherwise, other people will think I bully you and make you cry.”

Her elder brother! Was there an elder brother like that?

Jessica knew that he did it out of kindness, but as soon as he did so, all the attention at the table fell on her. She hung her head, and she was so embarrassed that she wished she could vanish.

“As a girl, she’s just shy because her thought was exposed.” The mother was sorry for her daughter, so she made excuses for her.

Mrs. Jones answered, “Who hasn’t been young? We understand. It’s just what Ryan said is so hurtful.”

The mother said helplessly, “I will ask him to make an apology to Jessica when I get home.”

The atmosphere was not so awkward because the two of them made excuses for Jessica. But the grandmother basically said nothing and looked very angry.

Jessica also lowered her head to eat silently. Ryan’s words echoed in her ears and she felt a pang in her heart.

In her brother’s eyes, she was the kind of woman, who was anxious to throw herself at the man she met?

The meal finished in a subtle atmosphere. Mrs. Jones had intention to create opportunity for Jessica and Chris.

“We older generation prefer to sit down and talk. If we let you young people sit still, you can’t make it. So you can go wherever you want.”

“Then I’ll come and visit you some other day, grandma.” Chris saw that Jessica was uncomfortable, so he dragged her to go out.

Fuck, this woman’s hand was so soft.

When they had gone out, he let go of her hand in a feverish haste. And when he turned to look at her, he saw that her eyes were red and her tears were running down noiselessly.

Somehow, Chris felt uncomfortable and irritable suddenly. He took off his white down jacket and threw it over her roughly. “What are you crying for?”

“It’s too cold. I am crying with cold.” Jessica wiped her tears awkwardly and smiled inattentively.

It was fine that she just cried. But as she laughed and cried, Chris felt even worse. But obviously, she did not want to tell him why.

He pulled a long face. “You’re cold and you’re dressed like that? Do I still not know whether you are fat or thin, beautiful or ugly?”

While Chris was talking, he looked at her again, and then looked away uneasily.

But, she looked really pretty today.

For the sake of the child’s appearance, it was not bad that he sacrificed himself to make do with her. Well, he did it for the kids.

He just didn’t know whether their child would be more like him or more like her. He wanted a daughter like her.

Jessica did not know his complex ideas at all. She was not in the mood to talk nonsense with him today and said sadly, “Don’t take seriously what they said just now. I lied to them when I told them I liked you.”

Chris glared at her. He even thought of their child’s name, but she said it was all a lie.

But he pretended that he didn’t care. “Of course I didn’t take it seriously. It doesn’t matter whether you like me or not. Any one of my pursuers is better than you!”

“That’s good.” Jessica finally did not feel so guilty and she was a little relieved.

But Chris’s heart sank. That was it?

He was not happy! He was not happy inwardly!

“You have nothing more to say?” He could not help asking.

Jessica looked at him confusedly with tears still in her eyes. “What else do I need to say?”

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