Chapter 152 She Was Afraid That He Might Spoil Her Blind Date

But Mrs. Jones had a broad smile and said excitedly, “Is it true? Jessica, do you really have a thing for Chris?”

Ryan stared at Jessica, whose eyes were full of gloom.

“… Yes.”

The grandmother was watching beside them. Jessica was afraid that the long consideration might arouse her suspicion, so she gritted her teeth and admitted it.

However, in Ryan’s eyes, she was just shy, and embarrassed to be frank in front of so many people.

He glared at her coldly, gave a sniff, and was about to speak, when he saw that she was looking at him secretly, whose eyes were full of begging and expectation.

Was she afraid he might spoil her blind date?

Ryan’s knuckles were white as he clenched his fists, but he finally held his tongue and didn’t say anything, except that the cloud didn’t disappear from his handsome face.

Seeing this, Jessica finally breathed a sigh of relief. If her brother said anything more that led to their misunderstanding, she really didn’t know how to explain it.

Chris had not come, so Mrs. Jones continued to ask with high spirits, “My grandson doesn’t have any advantage except for his handsome face. And he has a bad temper. Why do you have a thing for him?”

Actually she was not the only one who thought so. Everyone thought that the bully didn’t have any advantage except for his handsome face.

Jessica complained inwardly, but she still racked her brains to think about why she had a crush on Chris.

“He…He’s actually kind. He helped me when I was being bullied on the set.”

“What else?” Mrs. Jones’s eyes were bright.

“…” Couldn’t she just say one?

They did not hear the answer after a long while, so her grandmother looked at her with a look of scrutiny.

Jessica could only bite the bullet, and said insincerely, “Chris…He is handsome, more handsome than my eldest brother and Ryan!”

Her words were followed by Ryan’s grim laugh. Was she blind?

His laugh gave Jessica the creeps. She could not help peeking at him with an ingratiating smile. At such a critical juncture, her brother would not make a fuss about it…right?

She was unsure.

But no matter how Ryan felt, the two old ladies were clearly in a good mood. Two old ladies talked and almost settled their marriage under this circumstance that Chris, one of the parties was not present.

Jessica was listening beside them, with butterflies in her stomach.

But she didn’t even have the right to object. She had just said she liked the bully. Wasn’t it a contradiction to object now?

Now, Chris was her last hope.

She could tell he must have no feeling for her. If he refused, her grandmother could not force him. By then, the blind date could only be cancelled.

“Chris said he was stuck in traffic. Come on, let’s sit down at dining-table. We shouldn’t go hungry because of him.” Mrs. Jones went to pull Jessica smilingly, who was very satisfied with her.

They moved to the dining room.

Mrs. Jones sat on Jessica’s right. Her grandmother wanted to sit on her left, but it was too late. Ryan had pulled out the chair and sat down.

The grandmother frowned. “Ryan?”

The grandmother signed to him to offer his seat to her.

But Ryan only pulled out the seat beside him. “Grandma, please sit here, so that I can serve you.”

Did the kid do it on purpose or not? The grandmother frowned more tightly.

But before she could say something, Mrs. Jones said enviously, “You are blessed with such a dutiful grandson. Unlike my grandson, in order not to date, he He’s been abroad for months and doesn’t contact me at all!”

“Artists like to be free, but isn’t he always submissive to you?” The grandmother praised him passingly and could only sit at Ryan’s side.

After Ryan sat beside Jessica, every cell of her body became tense. She even did not dare to breathe loudly.

Her brother was moody and she didn’t know how she provoked him again. She was frightened to see his sullen face.

At that moment, her mobile phone suddenly vibrated, which scared her.

Jessica did not dare to check because there were a table of elders, and her brother sat beside her. She did not have the courage.

“You have a message on your phone.” Ryan said in a cold voice.

“…I see.”

Jessica answered in a low voice, but she wasn’t going to check. But he kept staring at her, which made her hair stand on end.

What did her brother mean? Let her check her phone?

Jessica couldn’t figure out his meaning, but she dared not ignore him, so she could only take out the phone.

“…” It was her brother who sent the message. They were at most two fists apart. Was there something he couldn’t just say?

Jessica glanced at him with subtle feelings and looked down at her phone.

“Are you sure you don’t want anyone but the toy boy?”

She could imagine his cold tone through the text.

But objectively speaking, Alex was a toy boy. The bully was nothing like a toy boy.

Jessica thought about it carefully and was about to reply, but she heard the grandmother’s querulous voice suddenly. “What’s your bad habit of using your phone at the dinner table?”

“I’m sorry…” Jessica’s face flushed and she put the phone away quickly.

Ryan frowned invisibly and said indifferently, “She just check the message. Does she have to report to grandma?”

He spoke up for Jessica again. In order to speak up for Jessica, how many times did he contradict her?

The grandmother was sullen, and every wrinkle of her gave off bad feeling.

Jessica’s heart was in her mouth suddenly. She was really afraid that they would have a quarrel. At that time, a hurried footstep came, accompanied by Chris’s crisp voice, “Grandma…”

After that, the man came trotting in.

Dressed in a white down jacket and ripped jeans, he looked rebellious. And he was still wearing makeup, so he must have just knocked off.

Men wore makeup…Oh, why Jessica would take a fancy to him! Ryan sized him up with sharp eye. There was a hint of obvious sarcasm in his eyes.

Chris wanted to swear but he was held back by the thought that Ryan was Jessica’s brother.

“Why are you still sweating on your head? Did you come running here in a hurry to see the Jessica?” Mrs. Jones laughed and joked.

Chris glanced quickly at Jessica. A touch of embarrassment flashed across his face. “Who’s in a hurry to see her? I’m just punctual. I don’t want to keep my guests waiting, even if it’s someone else!”

The Brother Fat who followed him in just smiled but didn’t say anything.

He said as if he wasn’t the one keeping investors waiting for two hours!

Ryan raised the outer corner of his eye slightly and said in a cold voice, “Do you mean that Jessica is the same to you as anyone else?”

“How could she be the same? She’s such a little silly. Her IQ is a lot worse than everyone else, ok?” Chris didn’t try to hide his dislike of Jessica. Even he did not notice his intimate tone.

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