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Chapter 151 What Did She Do?


What did she do?

Grandma told her to keep distance from her brother and she did. When grandma told her to go on a blind date, she also dressed up seriously. Why did grandma still glare at her?

Jessica wrung her hands awkwardly, and she felt like crying.

The mother felt sorry for her daughter and said quickly, “Mom, Ryan insists on following, and it’s not because of Jessica. You shouldn’t blame Jessica for that, should you?”

So her grandmother glared at her because her brother also wanted to go. But as her mother said, it could not be her fault.

Jessica lowered her head and felt a little upset.

The grandmother didn’t think so. She took a deep look at Ryan who remained silent and Jessica, and said angrily, “If they don’t have any affair, will Ryan insist on following? In this occasion, he usually wouldn’t like to attend…”


The cup made a muffled sound as it collided with the table.

The grandmother was interrupted, so she turned to look at Ryan who made the sound.

“As a brother, I can’t even attend my sister’s blind date meeting?” Ryan’s eyes clouded over with anger. There was an irony smile on his face.

His attitude made the grandmother angrier. She banged the table with a rush and stood up. “What kind of attitude you treat me?”

“Then what is your attitude to Jessica?” Ryan was sitting upright on the sofa, and even so, he was still aggressive.


The atmosphere was tense and suffocating.

Jessica gasped, and not dares to say anything.

Even if she kept silent, her grandmother already did not like her. If she said anything, her grandmother would probably hate her even more.

How…how did it come to this?

The mother looked at this one, and then looked at that one. She tried to mediate between them. “You are overthinking, mom. Jessica is so beautifully dressed today, and it shows that she is interested in the blind date. If Jessica had any affair with Ryan, how could she be dressed up like that? Don’t you think so?”

Hearing that, Ryan’s eyes paused on Jessica and his expression grew colder. She was well groomed. Did she really have feelings for that Chris?

“I don’t know what she thinks. I’m not her.” The grandmother retorted, but her attitude softened.

Then she said, “Ryan, you can go, but when you get there, you should listen to me. If you make arbitrary decisions and spoil the good match. I’ll not let it drop. Do you hear me?”

The tone was obviously not as strong as when she said to Jessica.

Ryan gave a grim laugh, coolness filling his fine eyebrows and eyes, but he did not respond.

“What are you laughing at?” The grandmother said angrily.

“A good match? Why do I remember when we met Chris on the last blind date, you said this kind of people do not deserve Jessica, and Grandma Jones humiliates you deliberately. How long has it been? And you changed your mind.”

The grandmother choked with his words. And her face looked extremely sullen.

But Ryan ignored her completely and sneered as he wanted, “Or do you think you are the elder so you can arrange everything for us? If you have different idea every day, do we have to follow your idea?”

Seeing the grandmother’s expression changed, the mother said hurriedly, “Ryan, stop it!”

But the grandmother pointed at Ryan and said emotionally, “Just let him say! I’ll see what he will say!”

This tense atmosphere made Jessica feel frightened. She was afraid that her family would blame all these contradictions on her, and she would be thrown out of the family.

In addition to the Howard Family, she had no relatives in this world!

If she was thrown out, where did she go?

Jessica was breathing heavily with her mouth half open, like a fish in a dry pond.

It broke Ryan’s heart to see Jessica’s embarrassment. His face softened as he pressed his lips together. “I’m going to drive the car and go along with you.”

Anyway, he wouldn’t give anyone else a chance to steal her.

Ryan finished and left. He just informed them, not consulted them.

When the grandmother saw that, blue veins stood out on her neck because of anger. The mother hastened to hold her hand to comfort her, “It’s just that a brother attends his younger sister’s blind date. Don’t overthink.”

After she had pleaded with the grandmother in every way she could, the grandmother was persuaded finally. She cast a sidelong glance at Jessica coldly and went out with her bag.

It was her brother who was talking from beginning to end. How could grandmother vent her anger on her?

Jessica’s throat felt tight because of grievance and she felt like crying.

“Your grandmother didn’t mean that. Don’t you think she used to be nice to you? She just split hairs because she’s stimulated by Mrs. Miller’s matter. Don’t take it to heart.” The mother comforted her.


Jessica responded in a muffled voice and was pulled out of the door by her.

There was no conversation all the way.

It seemed the space inside the car was very cramped because of the deadlocked atmosphere between them.

Almost as soon as the car stopped, Jessica got out of the car in haste. She could hardly breathe.

But in Ryan’s eyes, it meant something completely different. It looked like she hadn’t seen that Chris for a while. Did she miss him so much?

He pulled out the car keys, and followed behind them into Mrs. Jones’ house with a sullen face.

Mrs. Jones was as warm as ever, even warmer than last time. She held Jessica’s hand, and looked her up and down carefully. Praising Jessica’s appearance, temperament and career, Mrs. Jones seemed to be satisfied with her future daughter-in-law.

The more Ryan listened, the colder he looked. After Mrs. Jones finally finished, he took a sip of tea and started speaking coldly. “As you said, Jessica is perfect, so…do you think your adopted grandson is worthy of her?”

This was really not pleasant to hear. The atmosphere in the living room suddenly became cold, and somewhat embarrassing.

Jessica looked at him secretly, not knowing what he was thinking. All she knew was that her heart almost jumped out from her mouth.

After Ryan made trouble, grandmother must had felt more than ever that he had an affair with her…How could they do about it?

The grandmother really thought so, and her face sank, but considering that they were not at home, she held her tongue.

Mrs. Jones was also a little angry. Even if her adopted grandson was not good, he was outstanding among the young.

Besides, their family had a good relationship with each other, he should talk seriously. Even Ryan disliked Chris, but he shouldn’t say those unpleasant things out of deference to her!

They were in a stalemate momentarily.

Actually, Jessica was afraid that this situation would happen when Ryan said he came together. Now that it happened, she was more nervous and frightened than anyone.

In desperation, she said, “Grandma Jones, please don’t misunderstand. It’s…It’s because I have a good feeling with Chris and he is more handsome than my brother. So my brother thinks I am partial towards Chris and he is jealous. That’s why he taunted Chris just now.”

“It was just a joke, don take it seriously.”

Jessica used acting skills, in case the two experienced old ladies found the hole.

When Ryan heard that she had a thing for Chris, he turned to look at her. Her amorous eyes widened open. There was sincerity and a little bit shyness in her eyes. She didn’t seem to lie.

His face fell all of a sudden. She was really interested in that Chris!

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