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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 155 One Year Later

“That’s just your explanation. The police want evidence. Do you think that if people around us saw that video, they would believe what you said?”

No one would believe her. She used to do anything to get Benjamin, and now even if she had given up, no one will believe her.

Molly compromised, “Okay, I promise you. After that, you will completely destroy that video.”


Molly asked him, “Do you still need a wedding?”

Chuck laughed meaningfully, “This must be.”

In fact, Chuck believed her, and the car accident was indeed an accident. As for why he used such a shameless handle to control her, he didn’t know.

When Chuck and Molly announced that they were about to get married, the friends first was surprised, and then they felt very reasonable, and they said nothing except blessings.

But this speed was completely unexpected by Janice. She was shocked and said that it was too fast. “What, the last time we met, you did not admit that you had not relationship with my brother. Now you are about to get married. Are you pregnant? ”

Chuck did not answer himself, but turned to ask Molly, who was sitting next to him, “are you?”

Molly frowned, why should he ask her?

“How do I know?” It was such a shame. It was estimated that she was brushed now.

Chuck looked up at his sister like a curious baby this time, “I will work hard to pass on the line to our family as soon as possible.”

Why didn’t she see him so badly before?

Molly was ashamed, so she gave him a hard blow to his thigh. The meaning was obvious. Let him shut up, but he pretended to be ignorant with her, “What are you doing to me?”

“… I’m strangling you.” She will never go out with him again.

Jim, Janice, and Alice couldn’t help laughing. The two of them who were usually boring, can be so funny together.

When leaving, Molly and Chuck left happily together. Jim and Janice left together. Alice was alone on the way home. It was not real if she didn’t feel sad, but she could still keep smiling.

When Chuck told Alice that Benjamin was receiving treatment in the UK, she just cursed, ‘To the hell with UK. ‘

He would come back if he wanted to, and never come back if he didn’t want to.

Alice told Joan about Benjamin’s situation, and gave her the address. After all, he was her own son. Joan couldn’t ignore it. She went to the prison to look at George, and went to England.

After Joan left, Alice really realized how hard it was to take care of a child. Even with the help of nanny during the day, she couldn’t sleep completely at night. In the matter of taking care of Pippi, Alice had always been grateful to Joan.

The wedding of Chuck and Molly was held very quickly, and they always felt that they were very low-profile people, but they had a high-profile wedding, luxury and romance.

Janice didn’t know why, such a perfect wedding seemed strange.

Janice couldn’t help saying, “Alice, why do you say my brother and Molly are married?”

Alice remembered what Molly had said before, and she would only marry love, “because of love.”

Janice shook her head. “No, don’t you think this wedding is too perfect, as if it was carefully performed script?”

“… You think too much.”

“I hope so.”

At a wedding scene, it’s easy to make people fantasize about love. Janice asked Alice, “You really don’t go to see Benjamin?”

“What’s good about him, and he doesn’t want to see me.” If she went to see him shamelessly, then she would really be cheap.

“But we feel that he just doesn’t want to drag you down.” Janice mentioned Benjamin, who may have been indoctrinated by Jim recently. She was a bit pitiful for Benjamin in a foreign country.

Alice smiled bitterly, “Just right, I can fulfill him.” If he left because he didn’t want to be a burden for her, then she will do as he wished.

At the end of the wedding, in the wedding room, Chuck was slightly drunk. Molly poured him a glass of honey water or him.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Chuck lifted his eyes and stared at Molly wearing a red dress. Only he knew what he was thinking.

He took the honey water and took a small sip. At this time, his stomach was very uncomfortable. He felt sick when he drank some water. He pouted and smiled, and sighed, “Do you know why I should approach you at the beginning?”

Molly sat quietly beside him. Of course, she knew that since he chose to have an open and honest talk tonight, she should also talk with him with relief, “Because of Alice. If you let me fall in love with you, I would not go interfering with Benjamin and Alice. ”

Chuck turned his head to look at the calm Molly. She didn’t look at him. The focus of his bright eyes was at a certain point, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

He chuckled, and the water glass was put on the European-style table and cabinet next to the bed. “But even without you, Benjamin and Alice are still not together, and you also gave up Benjamin, so why should I marry you?”

Molly looked at him. Under the warm light of orange, he had clear-cut facial features, and she smiled lightly, “You always need to marry a woman to fool those gossip.”

He’s not gay, he didn’t have sexual dysfunction, and he didn’t marry for life to protect his brother’s woman.

Chuck chuckled, “That’s the way it is.” But why it should be Molly?

Molly asked, “Otherwise?” She couldn’t think of other reasons.

Chuck’s hand was on the small waist of Molly. The hot breath was mixed with the mellow and intoxicating wine fragrance permeating her sexy neck. “I thought, I fell in love with your body.”

Molly frowned in disgust, but failed to stop his next action …Since she failed to stop him before the marriage, so she shouldn’t be arrogant after the marriage.

He said, “Let’s have a baby.”

She was in a hurry. “You have promised that the marriage relationship lasts only one year.”

He said, “Conceiving in ten months, one year is enough.”

She glared at him, “If you want to have a child, then you find other women to give birth for you. I will not.”

He laughed, “I only want our child.”

Molly’s red eyes stared straight at him. She did not dare to blink, she was afraid that tears would drip from her eyes, “It was you who decided to kill the child!”

He looked at her as if he could still feel her heartache, and he followed it inexplicably. “So I want to make up for it.”

“No, you don’t have to. One year later, you and I get divorced, and this would be my greatest wish.”

One year may change a lot of things.

One year later, the wedding anniversary was also the day when they said they would divorce. That night, Molly went back very late, and her mobile phone couldn’t work anymore. Chuck sat at the living room waiting for her back.

The two were sitting face to face, and the whole house was quiet.

He asked her, “Where have you been? Come back so late.”

Molly looked at him with a slight smile, “Today, it’s time to commemorate our first anniversary of marriage, or … to say happy divorce.”

Chuck was silent.

Molly smiled bitterly, took out the results of the examination that she got when she went to the hospital today from the bag, put it on the coffee table, and pushed it to Chuck. “Suddenly I don’t want to divorce, if you are willing to keep me.”

Chuck twisted his eyebrows. Molly looked down at the inspection report and smiled, “Just open it.”

Chuck lowered his eyes and stared at the report carefully, Molly , positive, seven weeks of pregnancy …

When he looked at her incredibly again, she smiled slightly, “So, do you want a divorce?”

Chuck laughed, and it was undeniable that at this moment, he was happy, and his heart was full of self-evident joy.

“The law stipulates that a man must not file a divorce while the woman is pregnant. What about you? Do you want to divorce?”

Molly shook her head. “I am going to give birth to your child, if I leave again, I should be able to share more property.”

Chuck laughed, “It’s all for you, as long as you have to accept me.”

“This … then I need to think about it.”

Looking at each other and laughing, a happy life is a perfect start

Those who worked hard for happiness were often those closest to happiness.

Over the course of a year, some things may change silently.

It was sunny the first day of October, the first day of the week, the first day of the small holiday.

Alice packed her suitcase for vacation and said to the baby boy who was always behind her, “Go ahead, baby.”

Pippi looked at his mother and then at himself, “Water.”

The word of the son, the mother will fully understand, almost forgot to bring his thermos bottle.

Alice bowed her head and said to the little guy, “Stop here and wait for me, we will start right away.”

She was afraid that this naughty little guy was running around again, and he liked to play hide and seek with her every time.

Pippi nodded obediently, “Yes, Mommy.”

The son’s happy and obedient smile swayed in Alice’s heart. The little child looked more and more like that person, and even seemed to laugh more and more.

Alice went to the restaurant to pour water in the glass, and the little guy was pushing the suitcase in the living room to play. The original warm and happy picture suddenly had changed into another one because the door was opened.

When Joan saw Pippi the first glance, she put down her luggage and ran without hesitation. She wasn’t afraid to scare the child. She hugged Pippi who didn’t know anything.

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