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Chapter 154 Let’s Get Married

A lot of effort was wasted. When he got the mobile phone, he was sweating and dialed the number of the attending physician, “At home.”

In about twenty minutes, several doctors in white coats appeared at Benjamin’s home and took him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Benjamin and Jane, who came to the hospital after learning about his condition, and Ben said, “Send me abroad.”

Jane hesitated, “Are you sure?”

“Help me arrange as soon as possible.”


When Alice heard that he was in the hospital, he was gone when he arrived. Alice asked the medical staff and their answer was, “The patient went abroad for treatment.”

Abroad? !!

Benjamin, this bastard, he just walked away, and not letting her know again.

The originally planned wedding was never held. Alice received the wedding dress from the bridal shop the night before the wedding. Benjamin, he is a bastard.

Even if this one was more expensive, and she liked it more, since he was gone, she no longer cherished it.

Alice was crazy. She cut the wedding dress to pieces. She swore that even if one day, Benjamin stood in front of her, she will only treat him as a stranger.

Janice and Molly accompanied Alice for dinner. Regarding to Benjamin, Alice said nothing. The two friends were distressed when they saw her, and Alice also smiled and comforted them.

“Don’t look at me pitifully. I’m fine. I’ve been arguing with him for so many years. I’m tired and used to it. I can live well if he is not around.”

Janice sighed, “What is love in this world? How can you just toss people like that?”

Molly said to Janice, “Don’t toss with Jim. Anyway, now that he knew that his child is not his, I think he also intends to be with you, seize the chance. ”

Janice looked at Molly, “In what capacity did you say this to me? You haven’t been my sister-in-law yet.”

Molly smiled helplessly, “The threshold of your home is too high. I have no ability to step in, and besides, I don’t want to be a member of your family.”

Janice didn’t agree with Molly’s words, “You can’t say that, but I saw with my own eyes that you have a relationship with my brother, don’t you deny it.”

Alice carefully looked at Molly, who had always been mysterious and secretive. “According to the truth, when did you and Chuck play the romantic game secretly?”

Would these two women be so straightforward in what they said, what kind of affair?

It was not Molly’s dishonesty, or that she did not want to admit the existence of that relationship, but that she had decided to end the relationship silently, so there was no need to let anyone know that it did, did.

“We haven’t. Stop thinking too much.”

Janice sneered, “Are you doubting my vision? Or are you denying my investigative power?”

Molly had no choice but to say, “Well, you can go back and ask your brother and hear what he said.”

“If I can ask it, will I talk to you?” Janice reveled that she didn’t see it. Her plan failed.

Alice shrugged helplessly. It seemed that to settle down the relationship between Molly and Chuck, more work was needed.

Both of them were calm and mysterious, unless they admitted it, it was really difficult for them to speak out.

Molly raised her wrists and glanced at the time, “I will not talk to you anymore. I have to work.”

The thief of Janice smiled and did not forget to make happiness for his own brother, “In fact, you can choose to sell yourself. I believe you only need to …”

A piece of cake was put into Janice’s mouth by Molly. “Eat your cake.”

Molly went away, and Alice and Janice smiled at each other. Who believed that there was nothing between them?

When Molly ran to the company, she was notified that the president wanted to see her. It was unlucky. She ran out to steal laziness and was caught alive.

Molly had stood at his big desk and waited almost 20 minutes. He was still in a video conference with a partner from France.

She couldn’t understand French anyway, so she didn’t have to think about what he said, just when she was impatient, and she was ready to speak quietly with him that she would come to him later.

She lifted her eyes, and he happened to look at her. The two of them collided with each other inadvertently. He smiled so much that even the Frenchman in the video laughed.

Did they say anything about her? Molly was confused and just wanted to speak. The meeting between Chuck and the other party was over.

Actually Molly wanted to ask, did he and the French talk about her just now, but she didn’t ask.

Chuck said first, “Where did you go?”

Molly honestly said, “I had afternoon tea with Janice and Alice.”

Chuck looked at her and nodded. “Did you look at the list of layoffs this period?”

Molly looked up at him who suddenly changed the subject, thinking that he would say a bunch of words that she used to go out for a walk around, or just talk about deducting her daily salary without justification.

Molly shook her head, “Not yet.” She did not look anyway. She wouldn’t en enlisted anyway. The one she liked will leave anyway, and the one she hated will stay.

Chuck folded his hands and asked her patiently, “If I let you choose this layoff list. Who do you want to leave?”

He wanted her to be a bad guy. What qualifications did she have to choose who should be laid off?

Answering him politely, “You.”

Chuck smiled without anger, “So coincident, we thought of the same.”

Molly didn’t quite understand the meaning of what he said, and frowned in confusion, asking, “What do you mean?” He really lay off himself?

If that’s the case, she would invite people from all over the company to drink coffee, and she can be happy if she went bankrupt.

However, many things were not as joyous as he imagined. For example, when he handed her the list of layoffs to her, a complete paper was written with only one name, “Molly.”

Molly held the paper and asked him, “What do you mean?”

Chuck calmly smiled calmly, “You are fired.”

“Just because I went out for an afternoon tea?” Or she couldn’t figure out where she did not do well enough.

Chuck shook his head, “For another reason.”

“What?” Any employee who was laid off innocently had the right to ask why.

“You don’t need to go to work.” Chuck answered calmly.

Molly still didn’t understand what he said, but she felt that she was laid off somehow, and she was very unhappy, “I want you to give me a reason.”

Chuck looked up at her, a pair of eyes glanced at her for a moment, before Molly ‘s patience was about to be exhausted, he said, “Let’s get married.”

Molly’s entire heart was stunned for a moment, thinking that she had heard it wrong, and she felt that she might have heard a joke. After a while, she stared at him stunned, speechless.

He laughed, smiling brighter than ever, “You heard me right, I hope you will say yes.”

It’s not right. This was not a marriage proposal. He didn’t even give a room for discussion. It doesn’t matter whether she nodded or shook her head.

Molly thought for a while, “If you are really going to fire me, then please follow the contract to subsidize my salary for the next three months. Although I am not very poor, I still don’t know if I can find a new job, as for … getting married, just forget it. ”

Chuck looked at Molly who rejected him. After a while, he got up and walked in front of her. “Now you give me a reason.”

Molly was puzzled. “What?”

“Why wouldn’t you marry me?” Chuck asked.

Molly smiled bitterly. “Do you still need a reason? You don’t love me, I don’t love you. There is no love between us. If you really get married, then you really are buried in the grave.”

She didn’t love him.

“Benjamin and Alice, they are in love, and their love for each other is even more unforgettable. Until now, they have not been together. Therefore, not all people in love can get married, and not all marriages are because of love. ”

Molly looked at him, he meant that she could marry him without love, and even if she married him, she was just a formal marriage.

Molly and his views were clearly different, “A marriage without love, what are you going to do?”

Chuck told Molly frankly, “If I still not get married, I will become the sinner of our family. Comparing with the blind date of various ladies every day, it is better to marry you.”

“But I will only marry love, you choose another beautiful lady.” Molly turned, and was ready to leave.

Chuck stopped her. He was determined. No matter she agreed or disagreed, she had to marry him. “The monthly salary is 100,000 dollars and the marriage period is one year.”

Molly thought this person was becoming more and more unreasonable. “Chuck, you’re really looking for the wrong person. With such conditions, you should find a girl who lacks money, and I am not.”

Chuck had already prepared, “Yes, you are not in want of money, then exchange the video of the car accident between Benjamin and Alice at that time, and what do you think?”

Molly’s face was paled, “Chuck, I explained it many times, the car accident was really an accident, it has nothing to do with me, I just happened to pass there because the truck turned on the headlights and I couldn’t see clearly the road ahead, so I turned on the headlights. I didn’t know that it was Benjamin’s car. I didn’t leave the scene intentionally without calling the police. ”

Such an explanation, Molly said many times, but he just listened to it every time. In his eyes, he had thought that the car accident was her premeditated, because she could not get Benjamin’s love, so she destroy them, no one would believe that it was really an accident, and she would appear there just by coincidence.

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