Chapter 153 One Person Suffers, but Two People Will Be Worse

Two other people were still in trouble. Alice was dragged along by Benjamin, and the pedestrians on the road couldn’t help but look back at the couple who were obviously fighting.

“Benjamin, why did you cancel my wedding? I tell you, if I can’t marry, I will rely on you forever.”

Benjamin finally stopped and looked back at Alice who was blaming him all the way. He was really angry, very angry.

He said, “You could remarry when I’m gone.”

Alice asked him angrily, “Where are you going? Are you going to die? .”

Alice shook his hand vigorously, “Benjamin, if you don’t marry me, don’t care who I marry with.”

Benjamin stood on the spot and stared at her back as she walked further and further. He accidentally saw her wedding invitation in the drawer of her room this afternoon. After opening it, he saw the name on it, and he suddenly realized. From the beginning, she was trying to lure him into the game. This wedding was arranged by her.

Groom, Benjamin.

Bride, Alice.

Whether it was that ring, or everything, it was related to him. He was pretty sure that they knew his concealment, so they did it.

He was very clear that Alice loved him, not alms and mercy, but he could not use her love for him and tied her up for life.

Molly heard the doorbell when she was home and was going to bed. It was so late. Who could it be? If it wasn’t for the cousin who happened to live with her tonight, she wouldn’t even open the door.

So when she saw the person on the video doorbell’s display, she had no other feelings except surprise.

The door didn’t open, only the voice-activated key was pressed, “Is there something wrong?”

She has a strong sense of defense, and may just be targeting him. Chuck standing outside the door directly ordered, “Open the door.”

Molly was not very obedient. She said, “It’s late. I’m going to sleep. If there’s anything, you can call me or talk about it tomorrow.”

Chuck frowned, already impatient, repeating what he said just now, “Open the door.”

She didn’t want to. He used the same method no matter what he solved, and today cousin Leon lived here with her, it was impossible for her to open the door.

Leon, who had just taken a bath, came out of the bathroom. “Who came in the middle of the night?”

Molly stopped Leon. He was so loud that Chuck outside must have heard it. Didn’t it cause her trouble?

Based on Molly’s timid expression, Leon guessed who was standing outside, just to revenge the gut outside with his cousin.

Chuck’s expression was somber and he asked coldly, “You live with him?”

“No, he is actually …” Before Molly’s explanation was finished, Leon opened the door.

His hair was still wet, and Chuck, who was weird standing at the door, said, “Oh, Sir, why are you here so late?”

Without saying anything, Molly pulled back Leon, and solemnly ordered, “Hurry back to sleep. It is none of your business here.”

“I’m waiting for you. I can’t sleep if you don’t sleep.”

Really furious, Molly directly and politely dragged Leon’s ear and dragged him into the room. “Shut up, if you dare to say one more word, you’ll sleep on the street tonight.”

A slammed shut of the door.

When she was about to go and close the door, and slept quietly, the person who was standing at the door had already walked in, and closed the door for her.

He was like entering his own house, and sat on the sofa, “I’m thirsty.”

Molly was speechless, “Go away.”

“Pour me a glass of water.” As if he did not hear her words.

“No.” Just coming from miles away for a drink?

Chuck then looked up at Molly, who was standing by the sofa, and remained silent for a while before he said, “I didn’t think you were so fierce before.”

Molly was blushed by him. She knew that he was referring to her rashness to Leon just now, and she said, “Yes, I was so fierce. This is my nature, and I will be fiercer in the future.”

Chuck raised his eyebrows meaningfully. “Then your little boyfriend will have a hard time in the future.”

“… It is none of your business.” Since he believed that Leon was her boyfriend, she had nothing to explain, and it had nothing to do with him anyway.

Chuck got up, Molly thought he was going to leave, so she walked quickly to the door, opened the door to him early, and saw off the guests.

The door opened for a long time without seeing his figure. Looking back, he was missing? Looking around, she found him in the restaurant, and he was pouring water and drinking water leisurely.

Molly stubbornly stood at the door and opened the door, waiting for him to drink the water, and left, and she closed the door to sleep.

She waited him for a long time.

Molly lost his patience, “Will you leave?”

Chuck put down the glass and pouted and smiled, “I didn’t say I was leaving.”

Molly reminded, “It’s late.” What did he want to do without leaving?

Chuck shrugged, turned and walked towards the bedroom. “So I don’t leave.”

He didn’t leave?!

Molly was standing at the door, so it was too late to stop him from entering her room. When Molly ran to her room and was ready to drive the man out of her room, everything was beyond her control.

He had long intended to imprison her. He pressed her against the closed door, and kissed her without giving her any chance to speak or refuse.

Molly could not shout now, only stamping her feet, but he also hugged her and made her lose the gravity.

At this time, what can she do as a woman? She just didn’t quite understand why a man like him would be an ascetic old virgin in the eyes of others!

“Don’t do this, Leon is still there.”

“A little boy. It is OK.”

“He is twenty-one.”

“Does he have girlfriend?”


“Then he doesn’t understand anything yet.”

“…” How could he not understand?

So, that bad guy came over and knocked on the door, “Sister, I can’t sleep hungry. You come out and make me supper.”

“…” Molly tried to push away Chuck. “Don’t make trouble, I beg you.”

Chuck took the opportunity to talk about the conditions. He is indeed a businessman, “How?”

Molly glanced at him, “Let you stay here tonight.”

Chuck smiled proudly, “I want you to go to work tomorrow.”

“My vacation is not over yet.” No, she just doesn’t want to see him every day. Now they are subordinates during the day and occasionally become sex partners at night. Others, she didn’t want to mix too much, he also warned her of not thinking too much.

“I must see you tomorrow.” Chuck’s attitude was not discussed.

Molly reluctantly compromised, “OK.”

After Molly went out, Chuck leaned on the bedside and closed his eyes and meditated. He always avoided thinking his current relationship with Molly, and he never even allowed himself to think deeply about this relationship.

But when he saw her and another man appear in the couple’s restaurant just now, he wanted to ignore the feeling in his heart, but he still appeared in her house somehow.

He was sure that the boy was not her so-called boyfriend, but he just was feeling bad.

He was not allowed to think of this, and he was forcing himself not to think.

Molly was helping Leon to make sandwiches in the kitchen. Leon followed her like a child and asked what was the relationship between her and that CEO?

Molly smiled bitterly. She couldn’t find the answer to this question herself. She couldn’t tell a 21-year-old boy who was full of longing for love, that she and Chuck could at best be considered as sex partners.

Molly was still dealing with Leon, and there was a familiar baritone in his ear, “I’m gone.”

Molly turned her head. He didn’t even look at her, and left.

Leon couldn’t help but groan, “Is that man ill? When did he come in? Why did he come out of your room?”

The sandwich was ready. Molly handed the plated sandwich to Leon, “Why do you care about so much with an asshole, finish it quickly and go to bed early.”

After that, Molly returned to the room.

Yes, that person was sick.

Molly leaned against the door, staring at the bed sheet that had been wrinkled because of the scene just now, angrily, and went over to tear off the bed sheet and dumped it into the trash.

As long as his taste and traces left on her bed, she would be completely destroyed, and he would not be allowed to leave any marks in her life.

It is said that when it comes to sad difficulties, as long as you close your eyes to sleep and then open your eyes the next day, it is a new beginning.

Last night, Benjamin thought a lot alone, standing on the cliff and making choices. Being alone would suffer, but being two would be worse.

And the moment he opened his eyes, he found that he really thought too much. As he was now, he was not qualified to think about that.

He was lying motionless on the bed, trying to scratch his head and reached for his mobile phone. Such a simple movement, he could hardly do that.

He smiled bitterly. See, he would only become a burden in Alice’s life. Instead of getting tired of his existence in the end, it would be better to leave now.

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