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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 152 Jealousy

Alice received a call from Chuck. Chuck said that he had dinner together and had important matters to discuss. Because Benjamin was sitting opposite her, she nodded happily and promised, “Okay, see you later.”

Chuck said, “I’ll pick you up.”


Alice glanced at Benjamin holding Pippi playing with building blocks and didn’t talk to him. Instead, she said to Pippi, “Pippi, mommy has to out. Enjoy your time.”

Joan secretly asked, “What about you two? He’s still stubborn?”

Alice nodded, “Well.”

Before the two said anything secretly, she heard someone questioning, “Where are you going?”

Alice looked at him. She had originally planned not to ask her godmother to tell him, since he had come, she told him directly “To have dinner with Chuck.”

“Don’t you meet in the afternoon?” And Chuck’s attitude was very bad. His performance made Benjamin very dissatisfied. Benjamin was considering whether to let Alice marry that guy.

Alice smiled, “What do you know? I’ll marry him after all. He and I will meet every day. Besides, we still have a lot of marriage details to discuss.”

“I’ll go with you too.” Then, without Alice’s consent, he had given Pippi to Joan, and was anxious to go.

“Hey, no, what are you going to do?” Alice was snickering.

“I’m asking him something.” Benjamin casually found a far-fetched reason.

“You can find him alone the next time. We will have candlelight dinner tonight, maybe …”

Benjamin interrupted Alice’s words, “Can’t you go?”

Alice looked down and wore the shoes he gave her, “Go.”

Ben walked ahead aggressively, as if Chuck owed him millions, and he was anxious to collect debts.

He walked over to the garage, followed Alice behind him and called him, “Benjamin, we don’t drive.”

Benjamin looked back at her, only to hear her say, “Chuck comes to pick me up.”

Benjamin was speechless and didn’t speak. Instead, he followed her behind. In the afternoon, weren’t they still arguing in the cafe? How could they meet now and be happy to have dinner.

What he said tonight he followed Alice, and never allowed Chuck to take advantage of her.

Chuck’s nagging dress was like attending a wedding. Benjamin sniffed his nose. Is it necessary to deliberately dress handsome?

Alice was still mad at him. “Benjamin, do you feel that Chuck is always handsome?

Benjamin retorted her, “I really didn’t see it.” In fact, he was jealous, and his jealous eyes were clearly jealous.

Chuck personally helped Alice open the door. Compared to the indifference in the afternoon, tonight was warm. “What did you two say? It was such a happy chat.”

Alice answered truthfully, “We praise you are handsome.”

Alice sat in the car. Benjamin looked expressionless, and watched indifferently. Chuck did not know whether it was intentional or unintentional. He gently touched Alice’s hair and closed the door.

Turning back to Benjamin, he said, “Thank you for sending her out. We will go first.”

Benjamin looked at Chuck, who turned around and was about to get on the car, who said that he had just sent her out alone, and he clearly wanted to follow along.

After Chuck got on the car, Benjamin also opened the door of the rear seat himself and got in the car.

Chuck looked back at Benjamin, who was expressionless, and looked at Alice, who was sitting beside. “Does he mean to hit the ride?”

Alice shook her head. “No, he said he had something for you.”

Chuck looked back at Benjamin, “Bro, is there anything important? Tonight Alice and I have something to say separately. If it is not very important, we will have a separate appointment tomorrow to talk?”

Chuck was already in the tone of negotiation, but Benjamin did not discuss it, “No.”

“Then what happens?” Chuck prepared to listen to him patiently.

As a result, Benjamin had more patience than him, “Dine together.”

Chuck and Alice winked at each other, and they liked to see Benjamin like this now, but he can’t do anything about them.

At the door of a couple’s restaurant, Chuck said, “I booked a seat here. It is an apartment, so add an extra chair.”

Benjamin frowned, and the couple still book a suite. If he didn’t follow, he may point out that something inappropriate for the child will happen.

Chuck went to open the door for Alice. What is wrong with her hands? Can she open herself?

Anyway, Benjamin was now looking at everything that was not pleasing to the eyes.

Obviously, gentleman Chuck helped Alice open the door, and warmly helped Alice put on a coat, gently blaming, “Why don’t wear more clothes when I go out, it’s not cold.”

Alice smiled like a flower, “You are here and I don’t want to care much about this.”

The two took him directly as air and walked in front of him. Alice held Chuck’s arm intimately.

Benjamin couldn’t stand it, strode after them, and unceremoniously separated the close ones and walked between them.

Alice and Chuck both stared at him in the middle. This person can be called shameless.

When eating, it was originally a couple, and the atmosphere was romantic and warm. As a result, a living person had to sit in between them.

Chuck couldn’t help but, “Are you here to make trouble?”

Benjamin did not blush, and admitted, “Yes.”

After eating a meal, Alice and Chuck, looking at a black face of Benjamin, asked “Do you still want to follow? We decided to go home.”

“Oh. Chuck, you go back by yourself, and I go back with Alice.” Benjamin waited for them to finish, and quickly separated them.

Chuck didn’t say anything. Alice said first, “No, you go back by yourself. I’m staying at Chuck’s tonight.”

Whatever was said was nonsense. He pulled Alice away, and gave Chuck a cold face, saying, “The wedding is canceled.”

Alice was unwilling to follow Benjamin, as if he really broke up her good marriage, “Benjamin, why do you decide whether my wedding will be canceled?”

“Just because I am Benjamin.” Such a bastard..

Chuck stood at the door of the private room and watched them leave. He was relieved. It seemed that the scene could be closed.

When he turned around, he saw Molly, who he hadn’t seen for a long time. She hadn’t gone to the company for a week. The personnel department said that she was on annual leave, and thought she was going out to relax, but didn’t expect to see her here.

As his secretary, it would be fine to tell him that she was on vacation, thinking that she was angry at him, but who was the man beside her? Isn’t this a couple’s restaurant?

Chuck and Molly looked at each other. The tall boy beside Molly could not help asking Molly, “You know him?”

Molly smiled and briefing the tall boy around him, “Well, the President of our company.”

The tall boy nodded and greeted proactively, “Hi, my name is Leon, Molly’s boyfriend.”

Boyfriend? !!

Gentleman Chuck shook his hand calmly, “Hello, Chuck.”

Tall boy Leon was very talkative, “I often heard Molly mentions you.”

“Is that right? She must be saying that I am demanding or something bad.” Otherwise, she could not imagine that Molly could say anything good about him.

The other smiled, “No, she often praises you and compares me to you every day. In her heart, the president is mighty, but my boyfriend is full of shortcomings.”

“Hey.” Molly winked embarrassingly at Leon next to her, but Leon lowered his eyes and smiled, “Why shy.”

Chuck mailed a complicated smile. The boy was not his opponents. Molly pulled the sleeve of Leon and said, “Let’s go.”

Molly pulled Leon, and slipped away from Chuck. Chuck watched calmly. After leaving the restaurant, Leon changed his attitude and said, “What? Afraid that I would bully him? ”

“No, I don’t want to see him.” Molly said.

Leon, “So you don’t even go to work, hide yourself at home?”

“No. I just have a lot of work pressure recently and take a break from home.”

“Don’t you think that you are staying by his side like this, and you bullying yourself?” Leon murmured for Molly.

Molly pulled Leon onto the bus. “Ah, you don’t understand.”

Leon was speechless as a child. “Yes, I don’t understand, but at least I can see that he is so bullying now.”

“He didn’t bully me.” Molly pulled the handle on the bus and lowered her head to herself, thinking in her mind now. Who is with Chuck just now?

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