Chapter 151 I Would Rather You Being Bad To Me

The woman he had been pampering since childhood, why did Chuck yell at her, thinking that the blue tendons on his forehead had risen, the fists on his legs had been clenched, and there was a fighting at any time.

Alice continued acting there, “Chuck, don’t be angry, OK, I know I’m wrong, I will cooperate with your work time and wait until you have free time to accompany me. If you don’t have time on your wedding day, it doesn’t matter, anyway. It’s all a form, as long as you have me in your heart. ”

Chuck felt that he couldn’t hold himself up. He shook Alice’s hand and stood up. “This is what you said. I really don’t have time on the wedding day.”

Ben suddenly stood up, standing in front of Chuck as if he would be transferred instantly, holding his collar against his brother’s affection, and gritting his teeth with anger, “You just treat her like this?”

The effect was achieved, and Chuck was relieved in his heart, but now he was a little worried that he would hit him with a fist, so he took off his hand holding his collar first, and said with ease, “How I treat my wife is none of your business. ”

Alice looked a little scared when they seemed to be about to fight. She stood up and squeezed between them, guarding Chuck behind her. “I don’t allow you to hit him.”

Benjamin’s eyebrows almost twisted together.

Chuck turned around and left, and then gave Alice a domineering look. “Go. Don’t lose face here.”

Alice followed Chuck, and she had no female dignity.

After leaving the coffee shop, Alice couldn’t help but smiled, her stomach hurt, and Chuck laughed inexplicably.

“Chuck, you will lose your temper, too?” The laughter couldn’t stop.

Chuck frowned. “I’m being forced by you, okay. Hurry up, I’m afraid Benjamin will come out and hit me later.”

Alice still couldn’t help laughing, and said to Chuck, “Let’s go, I’ll wait for him here.”

“Are you sure he will come out?”

With a petite expression, Alice said, “I can cure him.”

Chuck couldn’t help but lament, “My poor bro, you caught him this life.”

“This is his blessing.” Alice.

Chuck, “I hope so.”

“Well, you go back quickly, drive carefully on the road, and chase after Molly as soon as possible.”

Chuck’s expression was instantly expressionless, “She and I are not what you think.”

Alice intentionally teased the 30-year-old man, who was still in first love. “How do you know what we think? We didn’t think of anything.”

“… Believe it or not, I won’t help you.” Chuck threatened her.

Alice immediately pleased, “Okay, I was wrong, I changed. You must not abandon me.”

This remark was consistent with the previous conversation, even if it was a naughty joke of Alice, but being heard by Benjamin, who just came out of the cafe aggressively.

Chuck left first, and Alice sat pitifully on the steps in front of the cafe, thinking to herself, if Benjamin could not come out to comfort her, she rushed in to bully his fake little wife.

As she was thinking, a somber voice came from behind her, “Why sitting here like a fool?”

Sitting on the steps, Alice looked back suddenly, looked up at him who appeared behind her, smiled like a flower, and answered without a hint, “I am waiting for you.”

Benjamin’s face was even heavier. “Stand up. It’s cold on the steps.”

Alice stood up obediently, and stood face to face with him, knowing that he would not ignore her.

Alice looked around and asked, pretending to ask, “How about your rich young lady who is not married?”

Benjamin looked cold. Did she have to say so much each time? “Jane.”

Alice nodded, “Oh, I know her name, where is she going?”

“Why care about her, take care of yourself.” Benjamin didn’t answer her question and looked at her helplessly.

Alice looked at him angry face because of her obedience just now, and mischievously pointed her fingers at the corners of his tight lips. “Why so serious, smile a bit.”

How could he smile now? Chuck’s words showed he didn’t care much about the marriage.

Isn’t she unhappy? Choosing the right ring, choosing the wedding dress, and choosing every item used in the wedding, she carefully selected, but as a result, she could accept that there could be no groom at the wedding.

He really couldn’t laugh, stroking her head with big hands and caress, and said to her, “Well, go home together.”

Alice followed him sadly, “Okay, go home.”

He said, “Come up and I will carry you.”

She shook her head. “No, I’ll go by myself.”

She took his hand secretly. He didn’t shake it away, but held it tightly. Alice said, “Benjamin, it doesn’t matter if people all over the world don’t like me, as long as you like me. ”

He clenched the small hand in his, speechless all the way. He fell into his deep thoughts, and her words made him both distressed and sad.

“Alice …”


“Nothing, I just want to call you.”


After arriving home, Joan was very relieved to see the two of them coming back together, but their faces were not very good.

Alice first asked, “What about Pippi?”

Joan said, “He is sleeping.”

“Oh.” He answered without much spirit. “I’m a little tired. I’ll take a rest in the room.”

Joan nodded, watching her son’s gaze who always followed Alice, and could not help asking, “What happened to you?”

Benjamin retracted his gaze and was thinking, “It’s all right.”

It ‘s all right? Who believed it.

Joan really hated this indifferent son, hit him with a broom in his hand, “It’s okay, it’s okay. Then why Alice stays up all night,. It’s okay, why you seemed to be meeting difficulties all day? Hurry up Look at her. ”

Benjamin looked at his mother, no matter how old he was, in front of his mother, he always felt that he was a child, and he could not hide his grievances.

He hugged his mother like a child. “Mom, thank you.”

“Thank me, and then you have to be fine, don’t make your mother worry you all the time.” Joan complained.

“I went up to see her,” Benjamin said.

Joan nodded. “Go up.”

These two children, even experienced life and death together, should have a good result.

Benjamin went upstairs, Alice crawled on the bed without even changing her clothes, and heard his footsteps, Alice murmured tiredly and weakly, “I want to be alone. Don’t say anything. ”

He really didn’t say a word, but he didn’t leave, helped her take off her slippers, and helped her simply change the bedding, sitting on the edge of the bed, quietly caressing her hair.

Alice said stupidly, “Benjamin, sometimes I really want you to be a little worse for me, so I can forget you sooner.”

Benjamin was silent. Why didn’t he try it? He tried it and was a little worse for her, but every time he looked at her, even if she did nothing and said nothing, he wanted to do his best, to protect her, to pamper her. He can’t do anything with him, and he can’t do anything with her.

Alice turned to lie flat, opened her eyes and looked at him with her low eyes fixed, and his heart hurt. The grievances that have been humiliated in her heart these days have turned into tears, dripping down her eyes.

He frowned, thinking she was sad at Chuck’s marriage, helping her wipe the tears in the corner of her eyes, comforting her, “Don’t cry. Don’t marry Chuck.”

Yes, he had decided that Alice will never marry Chuck who didn’t know how to cherish.

Alice looked at him with tears in her eyes, and couldn’t help crying. This big fool, and a big bad guy.

Suddenly, while he was still thinking about his mind, she wrapped his neck around him, pulled his face close to herself, and kissed his lips strongly. Of course, he couldn’t accept it obediently, so she sniffed snugly. As if saying to him, ‘If you push me away, I will always cry. ‘

He lost, and under her tears he could only admit defeat.

She kissed him passionately, and he could not dodge without responding, until Alice’s neck was sore, and she didn’t know what to do next. Then she unwillingly let go of him and complained angrily, “I am a beautiful young woman who took the initiative to bring herself into your arms. Can’t you give a response? ”

Benjamin had a deep expression, “Who taught you this?”

Alice was still complacent, and felt that her kiss technique was still good. She gave him a small white eye, “I learned it by myself.”

He stooped, bowed his head, and deeply embraced her. Alice first blinked her eyes, surprisingly, and quickly closed her eyes and enjoyed his kiss.

Wow, this was considered to be highly skilled. She kissed him with all kinds of emotions and thoughts.

When the lips of the two were separated, Alice’s face turned red, her breathing became quicker.

Benjamin looked at her like an idiot who was dissatisfied, and she was really speechless. “Well, don’t keep looking at me, or I will fuck you.”

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