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Eye Turn Off

Chapter 75 Damn period

Charlie reaches out and strokes the bangs hanging down her forehead. His fingertips are delicate and gentle.

“Are you feeling better?”

He nods, “Much better.”

“Then, in the future, as long as you are in a bad mood, I will tell you a joke.”

“That’s good.”

This would be really good, because they have future.

He leans down and kisses her cherry-like lips without hesitation. The dense kiss softens her consciousness. She raises her head up and responds to him very warmly. The moist lips of the two entangled, which ignites his primitive desires.

“Will you stay tonight?”

He looks at her with expectation, the same expectation as Barry that night.

“Yes, but you can’t…”

Charlie stands up in amazement and frowns slightly, “Why not? Will you still refuse me?”

“No, I have my period…”

“I’ll take a bath.”

He is not a teenager with virginal affairs, and has experienced it many women, but for the first time his desire is so inflated.

The creator is lying right next to him, but he couldn’t touch her. The uncomfortable feeling is like being surrounded by countless ants.

After entering the bathroom, he unscrews the faucet, lets cold water drip from head to toe, until it extinguishes all the fire of his desire.

Karin arranges her clothes and covers her hot cheeks. She doesn’t know whether to stay or to leave.

While she is tangled, Charlie comes out.

“You almost kill me.”

He comes to her, and pinches her nose lightly.

“I have long wanted to tell you but you don’t give me a chance to say that.”

She explains innocently.

“You have long wanted to tell me?”

Charlie teases jokingly, “So, you always want to…”


As soon as she blushes, her tongue is knotted. She didn’t know how to say it. She just waves and says, “I’m back to school.”

She is pulled back by him when she turns around. And she falls into his arms. Her face leans against his strong chest. His heartbeat is so strong…

“You said you would stay.”

“But I’m inconvenient.”

He couldn’t help laughing and says, “Two people are together, besides doing that thing, there are many things they can do.”

Charlie goes to the bed and lies down, hooking his hands, “Come here.”

She goes obediently and lies down obediently.

This night, the two hug each other and sleep soundly.

Waking up early in the morning, Karin is a little flustered. For the first time, she stays in a man’s house and sleeps with a man in the same bed overnight. Does this indicate that she is his woman?

While Charlie is not awake, she quietly leaves his room.

Coming downstairs, she meets the complex but disdainful look of the housekeeper. She signs..

“Good morning.”

Still, she greets her politely.

“Congratulations, you finally succeed.”

“Succeed?” She raises an eyebrow, “I don’t understand what you mean.”

“You are the first woman to stay in my master’s room. Are you satisfied now?”


She smiles awkwardly, “You’re saying a lot. Two people are together, there is much more to do than that.”

Well, she admits that she borrows Charlie’s words very brazenly.

“The more you hide, the more you reveal!”

The housekeeper sneers sarcastically and shouts, “Nanny May, see her off!”

Karin signs and walks away without looking back.

In the evening, she receives a call from Barry, “Come out, I have something to tell you.”

The cold voice makes her have a bad hunch.

After leaving the school gate, Barry stands not far away, and she runs to him, “What is it?”

“Find a place to say.”

After twenty minutes of walking, the pace stops somewhere in the park.

On the way, the two don’t say a word.

“Karin, how did you and Charlie meet?”

Barry turns and asks her with sharp eyes.

“Why do you ask this?”

“I’m curious.”

“I have already said this. He is my part-time boss here.”

Trying to suppress the anxiety in her heart, she has realized that Barry must have known something.

“Where are you last night?”

Raising her eyes fiercely, her heart seems to miss a beat, and she never thinks he would ask this.

“At school, what’s wrong?”

Because of guilty conscience, self-confidence is insufficient.

“You still lie to me? You and Charlie really consider me as a fool?!”

He suddenly growls and startles Karin.

“What do you want to say in the end?”

“I know everything. Two years ago, in order to help him avoid a group of people, you don’t even care about your chastity. He is not your boss at all. Last night, did you sleep with him? You never even thinks of returning to China with me. You just want to delay time, and waits for the approval of the application. You just kick me away, right?! ”

Barry says more and he gets more excited. Karin stands on the spot and doesn’t understand how he suddenly knows everything, even the things last night, so quickly…

“Who tells you this?”

“You admit that I’m telling the truth?!”

Then there is no need to hide anything, she just nods slightly, “Since you know everything, I have nothing to say.”

Barry doesn’t expect that she doesn’t even explain a word, and suddenly he is completely out of control, “Are you a woman with a sense of shame? I can’t bear to touch you even with a finger, and you slept with someone you doesn’t know. How ridiculous! You say that you will not give up your loved one for money, to say that you are different from other women. It’s really a big joke, you are the most greedy vanity woman in the world, Hypocrisy, selfish, downright liar! ”


Karin screams out. Her face pales…

Nothing is more scary than others say she is a woman who admires vanity.

The most feared thing is that others say that in order to attach to rich people, she can even sell herself.

No one knows how much courage she would take to stay with Charlie. No one knows how much anxiety she has abandoned in order to be loyal to her heart, and what kind of pressure and grievances she has endured.

She has always known that love is not simply being together.

“Do you have any more explanations? Don’t you admit it all? I’ll call your dad. I’ll let him know what shameful things did his daughter do!”


Tears finally come out of control, “Whether you believe it or not, two years ago, I just saved him and don’t do anything.”

“Do you think I will still believe this now?”

“I don’t need you to believe it, I just want you to know that I am not the kind of woman you said. Yes, I am in love with Charlie, this is true, but I love him, I just love him, not because of who he is! ”

“Don’t say anything. If I still believe you, I’ll be a bitch!”

After speaking, he turns and leaves angrily. Without taking a few steps, he turns back to resentfully emphasizes, “I’d like to how you explain this in front of your parents!”

Barry’s figure drifts away. Karin finally couldn’t help but crouches on the ground and weeps.

She doesn’t know how long she has cried. And it occurred to her what Charlie has said, he would let Barry give up her.

Dry her tears, she couldn’t help thinking that it is Robert who told Barry this.

Except for Robert, no one person knows about the incident that happened on the boat two years ago, and it is impossible to be known so quickly by someone she was staying at his house last night.

She calls a taxi to his company, rushes to his office in anger, and pushes in.

Robert seems to be reporting to Charlie, and he hears the noise. The two are surprised at the same time toward the door. So far, no one has dared to break into the president’s office without knocking on the door.

After seeing her, the two are more surprised. Charlie stands up and says, “Karin.” He says in a very gentle tone.

She is so furious now, as if the man in front of her has committed such a heinous crime. Robert sees the situation is not right, and quickly leaves.

“Did you say something to Barry?” She asks, choking.

She originally wants to lose temper, but when she sees him, she suddenly couldn’t do it to him.

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