Chapter 74 Impassable worries

The night comes, and a fiery car parks in front of Charlie’s Mansion.

Mia comes down from the car and knocks straight on the door. The housekeeper opens the door and is very kind, “Miss Mia is here.”


“Master is bathing upstairs.”


After staying here for a few days, Charlie avoids meeting her, and goes to the company to find him, and the security also stops her from entering. It is because Nanny May who tells Mia that Charlie is back, so that Mia comes.

She runs upstairs and pushes open the door of his room. There is a rush of water in the bathroom.

Sitting on the edge of the bed and waiting for him to come out, she sees his wallet on the table, and flips it over. A photo suddenly appears in front of her, and she is furious.

When Charlie comes out, he finds the person lying on the bed, wondering, “Why are you here?”

Mia turns her back to him, and he couldn’t see her expression.

Seeing her silent, he takes two steps forward, “My decision will not change, can you stop being obsessed?”

She remains silent, but Charlie feels that something is wrong. He turns her shoulders and she looks pale, sweaty. He frowns, and quickly takes out a box of white medicine from the drawer and pours out a few in her mouth, and rubs her chest.

Her chest tightness breaks out regardless of the occasion and time, and even his house is equipped with her medicine.

Mia takes her medicine and finally relieves her breath. He looks at the man in front of him weakly and chokes, “Do you break the marriage because of her?”

Holding up the photo in her hand, her eyes are full of resentment.

Charlie glances calmly, “A photo cannot represent anything.”

“Don’t you admit that for fear I’m asking her for trouble?”

“If I admit it, will you be satisfied?”

She sneers desperately, “Did you know you force me to death?”

“Mia, stop tossing, okay?”

Charlie’s eyes show exhaustion, and there is no one-size-fits-all way, otherwise, he is most reluctant to hurt her.

“Do you think I want to toss? You are a man, you have no way to understand the mood of a woman. When I wait for several years for a happy ending, I end up with not wearing a white wedding dress, but the cancellation of marriage. Can you understand that?”

She closes her eyes, and two lines of tears slowly drop, “You won’t understand. In these years, I have asked myself countless times whether you love or bear responsibility for me, as long as we can be together, everything is fine. I don’t care that much.”

“Even if I marry you, this marriage may not last long. I hope you can let it go now.”

Mia pushes him angrily, “As early as ten years ago, you held my hand and said you will take care of me in this life. I can’t go back! ”

“There are many ways to look after, marriage is not the only one.”

“But that’s what I want!”

Ten years ago, to others, maybe just a few years. but to Charlie, it is hurdle that could never be crossed.

His mood suddenly becomes very bad. After Mia leaves, he takes out his mobile phone, calls Karin. He only says, “Come to my house.”

Karin returns to the dormitory. Billie says, “Your phone keeps ringing all the time. I’ll pick it up for you.”



“Is there anything wrong?” she asks anxiously

“He asks you to go to his house!”


“How do I know! Just say one sentence and hangs up the phone…”

Karin doesn’t even think about it too much, and runs out.

Hurrying to Charlie’s Mansion, the housekeeper suddenly disappointed when she sees Karin.

Mia just leaves crying, and she comes smilingly.

“What is Miss Karin here for?”

“I’m looking for Charlie.”

“You need to pay attention to the time. Do you know what time is it?”

The housekeeper has never been very kind to her.

“In fact, it is your master who asks me to come.” She looks at her firmly, “If you don’t believe you go upstairs and ask him.”

“He is not here.”

“Impossible, he really asks me to come!”

Karin tries to go upstairs, but is stopped by May, “Can you act like a lady? Our master has a fiancee. You should keep a distance with him.”

She doesn’t want to talk nonsense to her, with her neck stretches out and shouting, “Charlie, Charlie.”

“No shouting? Is this where you can yell?”

The housekeeper shouts, Charlie hears the sound coming out of the room, and says briefly, “Nanny May, you must not be ignorant of Miss Karin, I ask her to come over.”

“Why do you ask for me?”

“Come in and say.” He leads her into the room, closes the door, and pulls her into his arms.

“It’s stuffy and I want to talk to someone.”

She hears that his voice is a bit lonely, and she is suddenly stunned, and says softly, “Then I will be your trash can. What are you unhappy about, please tell me all.”


Charlie raises her face, “I won’t throw my troubles to you, just stay with me for a while.”

Karin nods, without asking why he is unhappy, not because she doesn’t care, but doesn’t want to deliberately enter his world.

The two stand at the window to enjoy the moon together. In order to create an atmosphere, she jokes, “How wonderful it would be if there are a few meteors.”


“It’s romantic.”

He grins, “Do you think I’m not romantic enough?”

“No, no, absolutely no.”

“Tell a joke and listen.”

“What joke?”

“Joke that makes me feel good.”

“Well. Here is one.” Telling a joke for her is a piece of cake.

“A priest is playing golf and a nun is watching. The first shot misses, and the priest curses, ” Shit, missed!” he hits again, and the priest scolds himself again, “Shit, misses it again!” Then the nun says, “You are as a priest, and God will punish you for saying dirty words. The voice just comes, and he hears only one thunder throws to the nun and she dies. The priest wonders, “Why does she die? It is I who curses,? At this time, he only hears the voice of God from the sky, “Shit, I also missed it!”

Charlie couldn’t help laughing out loud. Karin has a hint of gloom. At this moment, she feels that his eyes are extremely clear, and there seems to be a glorious light in them.

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