Chapter 73 I am happy because of you

Suddenly, she has an urge to see Charlie, and she struggles a little, and says quietly, “Where is he now?”

“Who? Charlie?”


Robert looks at the watch on his wrist, “At this time, he should be home now.”

As if he could see her mind, he asks inquiringly, “Should I take you there?”

“No. It’s midnight now…”

Before she finished speaking, Robert’s phone rings, “Hey? Mr Charlie… I’m back and I’m on my way… Okay.”

Karin’s heart trembled and he heard the words Mu.

“Yes, Miss Karin is in my car. Robert says deliberately.


He hangs up the phone and turns around and says, “Mr Charlie asks me to take you there.”

“Where?” She asks in confusion.

“The company.”

Billie shouts, “No, what time is it? Is he a Workaholic?”

The car turns around and drives to the Charlie’s building. There is only one light in the whole building, which is Charlie’s office.

“I’ll send Miss Billie back to school, and I’ll pick you up later.”


After getting out of the car, Karin raises his chin, stares at the light above her, takes a deep breath, and walks in.

The lobby is very dark, she gropes to move to the elevator. But she suddenly hits an unknown object, and is scared. She almost screams, trying to get the cell phone to light it up, but her arm is pulled hard, and the whole person lost the focus and falls into the warm arms.

Smelling the familiar perfume, her heart is at ease, and she says angrily, “Why not say anything? It scared me.”

Charlie smiles, “I will be responsible for your death on my place.”

“How can you be responsible?”

“Yes, it seems that I can only be responsible when you are alive.”

He takes her hand, enters the elevator, and closes the door. The hot breath sprays on her ears, the side of her neck, and she feels a numbness.

He turns his head, finds her lips, and kisses her tenderly and lingeringly.

It seems that he is a good kisser, and she is drowned in the kiss. For a moment, she even fantasies that how good it would if this kiss would last forever.

After a long and deep kiss, Charlie’s passion has been mobilized. He is trying to take further action, but Karin stops him, “I… I’m not ready yet.”

Even if she has promised to gamble once for him bravely, but she has not yet had the same courage, taking that step means that she could never go back.

He arranges her clothes, “Well, I don’t force you.”

That’s why Karin is so moved by him, and that’s the difference between Barry and him.

“Why haven’t you come home so late?”

She leans against his chest and asks softly.

Charlie signs and doesn’t hide from her, “Mia is waiting at my house.”

Looking up in surprise, she asks, “Why?”

“I am determined to dissolve the engagement, and she tries to change my decision.”

Entering his office, she is a little sad, “But you can’t stay here all the time?”

“How come, I have a lot of accommodations. Tonight I have something to deal with, so it’s a bit late.”

Charlie pulls her to the sofa and sits down, “How about you? How did you meet Robert?”

“I had dinner with my classmates, and happened to be in the same KTV with Robert.”

“Oh, I know. If I know he would meet you, I would go accompany the customers myself.”

He hugs her shoulders, “This guy is sometimes too lucky. He has eaten the dumplings in your house, but I haven’t even stepped in your door.”

Karin smiles bitterly, thinking of what Robert said at just now, and asks guiltily, “It’s very hard, right?”

“Well? What do you mean?”

“I have heard that your uncles have accused you of breaking the engagement.”

He shakes his head and replies solemnly, “No. I am happy because of you, really.”

She purses her lips. “I don’t believe it.”

It is not that she does not believe that he is happy because of her, but that he is not hard.

Charlie signs, “I am suck, why do you not believe what I say every time, and believe what Robert says?

The stars outside the window inlaid the whole sky, like the clear eyes of a child, twinkling.

“What happened to Barry?” asks Charlie.

“What else, he wants to take me back home.”

Charlie frowns, “This guy, it seems I have to find a way to make him give up you.”

“Don’t do it, I’ll solve it myself.”

The implication is that you can solve your problem.

“How do you solve it yourself?”

“He doesn’t agree to break up now. I won’t mention it for the time being. I’ll talk about it after graduation.”

“Stay here?”



She pouts and chuckles, “It depends.”

She doesn’t tell him about the application for her master’s degree, but she wants to wait for the approval and surprises him.

Charlie is slightly displeased, “What do you mean, the situation is not good, and you just go back with him?”


“Don’t you dare.”

“Why I don’t?”

“You say it again?”


She is pressed by him on the sofa, and she is almost breathless. Her body trembles, and her defenses are almost lost. By coincidence, the mobile phone on the desk rings. She pushes him away, struggling to answer the phone.

Charlie gets up in annoyance, “Who calls you at the critical time!”

She smiles, “He doesn’t know what you are doing…”

Robert calls her and says he is already outside the company.

Karin stands up and says, “I’m leaving now, and Robert is waiting to send me back.”

Charlie grabs her arm. His eyes are very nostalgic, “I’m very busy at this time, I don’t have much time to look for you, if you want to see me, come to the company at any time.”

She nods, “Yes.”

The next day, Karin receives another notice from the school director that someone wants to see her.

She doesn’t have to think more. It must be Milan who asks for her.

“Karin, what does this mean?”

Milan throws an application she has submitted the day before yesterday to the table.

She calmly replies, “It’s written clearly on the form.”

“Oh, you’re blatantly defying me. You won’t leave Zurich, and you are determined to stay with Charlie?”

Karin answers calmly, “Please pay attention to your words. I don’t want to entangle anyone. If two people love each other, no one can separate them.”

“Do you think I will approve your application?”

Milan sneers at it.

She smiles sweetly, “I never dared to think about it, but I will never compromise again.”

“What do you mean?”

“You have the ability to make my application unapproved, and you have the ability to leave me nowhere in Zurich. I believe all of this, but I also believe that Charlie can do the same of what you can do. I think you don’t want your brother to go head-to-head with his uncles for me, right?”

Milan’s eyes flash with surprise. She doesn’t expect that Karin would be so clear about the internal affairs of the Charlie family.

“I can’t see how thoughtful you are. It’s no wonder that Charlie is so fascinated at you. I knows you are the one who makes him so determined to break the marriage contract with Mia.!”

“Charlie is going to dissolve the marriage contract. Then you should go to him instead of me. It will not reverse the result but would speed up the process. If I have any problems, according to Charlie’s temper, do you think he will ignore me? ”

“You threaten me?” Milan frowns.

“I don’t dare to do this.”

“Oh, don’t say that I don’t remind you that Charlie would never get rid of Mia. Also, don’t have a daydream, thinking that once they break up the marriage, you can be his wife. Let me ask you, how much do you know about him? ”

Karin is a little lack of confidence, but still keeps calm, “I don’t need to tell you this.”

“Or do you not understand him at all?”

Milan sees her weakness and begins to press hard, “Do you know what Mia means to him?”

“Do you know how many people want his life?”

“Do you know what he wants to achieve most?”

“Do you know what he cares about most?”

She couldn’t answer a bunch of these questions.

“Why don’t you talk? Your tongue is knotted?”

Milan laughs ironically, “You don’t know anything, but you dare to be so arrogant. Don’t think you are young and don’t know how serious the things are. You will regret one day.”

Having said that, Milan strides out, and Karin suddenly calls her, “Wait a minute. Your marriage must be unhappy, right?”

Miss Mu turns back in anger, “Shut up, my business is not up to you to comment!”

“Because you can’t get your true heart, you will step on that of others.”

Karin straightens her back, “No matter who I will be with, but as long as I choose that person, I will have a lifetime to understand him! I don’t need to know from others’ mouth what I want to know.”

That whole afternoon, she has lost her mind. Charlie’s affectionate eyes, gentle and domineering kiss, the scenes all reappear in her mind.

Charlie, I love you, but I don’t want to know you. The more I know you, the farther I will be from you.

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